Friday, November 7, 2008

[Update] The pains of farming

The lack of updates here is beginning to disturb me.

So despite my lackluster experience in the game right now, I feel the need to infuse some life back to this blog. Hehehe.

So what have I been up to? Not much. I'm just trying to farm for Fesos the slow way. One time I squadded with a bunch of All Stars people, and yeah, it's basically what the other players say: everybody else is farming inside. For once, I didn't feel threatened having to have my fingers on standby on the pots keys XD. The thing is, people are rarely killing inside the Super Fight maps here in Rembrandt (though I hear it's a total war zone in Bach), and people aren't even KS-ing!

Despite my efforts to gather as much as I can, I was only able to obtain a measly amount. With the lowest amount for pet food going at 10K Fesos for just one hour...I dunno...I feel like I'd rather concentrate on getting to Expert than farming just now.

There's also an uproar for the socketing materials going about. I hear that it's doing a lot of wonders for equipment stats, but again, I'm too preoccupied with leveling more than anything else. There's just so many things to do in the game right now...I don't even know which to work on first.

Oh, there's this really neat advice on getting 1 million Fesos over at the forums. It's a long shot, but worth a try. Anything but the endless farming. =_=

For those out there who are looking for other things to do, I believe CM Aethrin has a few events up his sleeve. Check these contests out here.

And another big news! EP cards for GP! Woooot!

That's it for the meantime. I'll try to poke around after something monumental happens (like when I finally turn Expert. HAHAHAHA. I wish!)

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARRICK!!! (aka the other half of Reclusion) We miss you in GE. ^_~