Thursday, July 2, 2009

Grind till you drop: The race to Master level

IAH announces the arrival of the Master Promotion Scroll to the Cash Shop, as well as the in-game event for the race to Master level.

This is good news to those who've practically known no other place in GE but those paid dungeons. LOL. I know a few people who have already reached Expert Lvl. 10 (100%), so it's just a matter of buying those scrolls and promoting their characters.

As for me...well...I'm going to be realistic in saying that I can't possibly boost my mains in just a month to Master. But this doesn't mean that it will totally be a far-fetched idea. I remember saying before that I may not probably reach Expert level, but look where I am now. My main team's Expert, plus I have 2 additional characters waiting to be promoted. I'm thinking that I may probably reach Master level, but not within the month. I have priorities too, and that includes beefing up my team and equipping them with the right armors and weapons.

Although I couldn't help but wish that IAH can help the players power level by giving us a 2x EXP event, or perhaps opening another dungeon similar to the Ancient Shelter now that more players have access to the Premium Buff.

I'm guessing that sGE won't be able to access future game content if a considerable number in the player population have reached the level requirements. This happened previously as one patch got delayed a couple of times because only a small percentage of the players have reached Expert level. If IAH manages to get IMC's approval for a 2x EXP and a new dungeon, it's going to be a win-win situation in terms of item sales & player numbers. But of course I'm not an expert on this, nor do I know the set-up between IAH and IMC. Nevertheless, I hope they can do something about the EXP rate for those leveling to Master.