Wednesday, December 31, 2008

[v.3.0] RNPC voiceovers

So it turns out that this isn't my last post for the year. Hehehe. That's because RCM Hrin has posted these goody RNPC voiceovers for v.3.0 The Zeia!

Ania's voiceovers

Nar's voiceovers

And the most exciting voice of all...

Selva Norte's voiceovers

Excited DS is excited. ^^

Hanging out with Le Conquistador

For the past few weeks or so, I've been hanging out with Mahoney's troops from Le Conquistador, as I'm coming up with an article on one of their raids. I recall my first time squadding up with a few LC members back in those weeks when the Feso system was first implemented and Sun stones were acquired through the Super Fight maps.

By some stroke of luck, I was added to Maho's squad, who apparently were there for the purpose of taking down Gerero & Chimera, as well as for a good and clean PK trip. I was only there to farm for the stones, but was only able to get so few after someone started killing me despite my saying that I was only farming.

Needless to say, that first experience was the start of more happenings with this fun faction. Thanks to the gracious invitations of FL Mahoney, DFL Ichihara as well as Mulann, I was able to experience the Gate of Flame raid, along with NekoMiko Faction, headed by Patronum.

Open the geeetoo!

I'm still a noob when it comes to navigating through this raid, so basically I just followed them around, hit a few mobs here and there, and sometimes died in the process (lol). I was also disconnected from time to time, thanks to our reliable internet connection at home. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed this experience, though I still have to work my way around understanding GoF without dying all the time. XD

Lvl 90 mobs yet they hurt like crap!

Also this Sunday, my friend Trianna (and incidentally the only member in my faction XD) and I teamed up with LC as resuers for the Colony War.

It's been such a long time since I was in a faction engaging in massive PvP with other factions every CW, so this exercise was so much fun. Of course, running halfway around the entire map and encountering epic lag can be a bit of pain, but it was still fun.

One thing's for sure though. Eminence packs quite a punch. Imagine wiping out an entire squad in just one AOE skill of their Elementalists and Wizards...sheesh!

I'd like to thank the entire LC faction for indulging me and my persistent requests. ^^ More power to your fun faction!

But before that, here's a souvenir of last Sunday's CW escapades.

Agate & Lelldorin in their sexy-guys-with-hot-bods pose. XD

With that said, I'd like to end this last post for the year with a simple greeting.

May 2009 be as fun, exciting and eventful as the last.
Cheers to everyone! Happy New Year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Selva's skills

With another game content rollout looming in the horizon, we can safely say that RNPC Selva Norte is already on her way to being included in the following game patches. Recruiting Selva involves completing the Chaos Requiem quests, which are in itself, very tedious, given the fact that it involves an Expert level map.

Here's NineMoons' quest guide on how to recruit Selva

Not only will we have to complete said quests to recruit her, there's also the quest to get some of the ingredients for her armguard/armshield recipe. NineMoons previously posted in her blog that one of the ingredients needed to forge this is 50 Mystery Powders.

[edit] kooriyuki from the GE forums translated the ingredients for us.

lvl 80 Chain Bracer
20 Composite Steel
20 Cast Iron
20 Solvent
50 MP

Having said that, RCM Hrin was generous enough to provide a detailed description of Selva's skills that comes with the stance books you'll get upon receiving Selva's card.

Cauchemar Stance

Vampiric Session: Attack enemy and absorb HP
Insanity: Damage enemies with great power
Death Crest: Defeat enemy with powerful magic after six times’ attacks
Eternal Tempest: Defeat enemy with power magic after fast attack

Rapida Espada Stance

Espada de la rotation: Attack enemies during revolving.
Espada del Viento: Defeat enemy with powerful left hand after two attacks.
Dragante: Push the enemy with powerful left hand and attack enemy
Saltos de Ataques: Gather power on left hand and hit the ground powerfully
Rapida: Attack enemy fast and defeat it with powerful left hand.

Personal Skill: Destino
Increases Immunity by 20 for 180 seconds.
(Level 11 increases DEF Rating by 1)

Note: Skill names are subject to change.

I don't have an idea what weapon is needed to make use of Cauchemar, but judging from the skill descriptions for Rapida Espada, that armshield's going to pack quite a punch. This is all very interesting, though it would be nice to see the skills in action with videos. Anyway, let's see what further developments we'll have once IAH tells us more about this much-coveted RNPC.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas wish, granted!

I was already hoping for the worst because of my Internet connection at home. Thankfully, the forces of nature cooperated with me and I was able to hang out in the game...just in time to see Santa's quirky laugh all over the server notice.

And speaking of Santa...this one cracked a joke or two while delivering presents to the noteworthy players. I'd have laughed along with the rest, if not for the fact that I was anxious as hell. Santa called quite a number of players and I was already half-expecting that he'd go bye bye, along with my hopes of ever getting chosen.

And then there it was! My name was called! I broaded instantly, even without knowing what wish Santa was granting me. Then he said I got an MBB, which is quite cool really (although I did say I'd be happy to have the White Cristatus even more than the GP or IOTM haha!). I was finally able to breathe easy after that.

Well then, I'd be getting the codes on Monday since Santa's got no work on weekends. Anyway, I'm just happy as a pea on my comfortable pod. But before that, here's a list of winners of Rembrandt's Naughty or Nice Day 2! Sorry...I would've listed down the winners on yesterday's event, but crappy Internet is crappy.

Inanna - 70k GP
Zanhaart - 70k GP
* Revolucion
Visquante - Elite Skullic Bracelet
fizz - 70k GP
Jezardi - Elite Rescue Suit recipe
VaqueroZ - 70k GP
Segnir - White Cristatuis
* Souken
** Ziendemonium
Drakezion - Elite Bone Frame recipe
Nivnal - 100 ABS
SuperiOrity - Bracelet of Ziz (but at his insistence, Santa changed it to the Bracelet of Behemoth)
Claimore - MBB
Philistia - 70k GP
Atkasha - 100 ABS
*** Casafuego
Thallmann - 70k GP
Icarus - MBB
Milycius - 100 ABS
DeSanggria - MBB
PepperILU - MBB
DraclouZ - 70k GP
Nieve - Bracelet of Behemoth
Arconis - Elite Destruction of Steel
Niji - White Cristatus
TheDevFamily - White Cristatus

* names were called but were offline
** Santa joked about giving this dude an Elite Echo of Steel RECIPE! So I didn't know what Santa really gave him (told you Santa was on a joking mood that time).
*** Santa said this player was getting an evil bunny. Like, wth? Again, I didn't know what he really got.

Here's just a few observations/comments after the event:
  • I was really surprised to see so few people who joined. Last year, the pages were really very long, and the entries were really great. I was just wondering why there were only few entries.
  • There were no machinima/video entries. Majority of submissions were screenshot comics and poetry. *coughmyentrycough*
  • 90% of all wishes were 70k GPs. And Santa actually gave a whole damn lot of them.
  • So much for asking for ELNs! Hahaha. Good thinking though. :p
I just remembered that I also won in last year's event! I got an Elite Ringmail, back when I was in Caravaggio. My last year entry was a lot cuter too (took a bunch of pics of my stuffed toys and made a comic out of it LOL), but this year wasn't all that bad. I did get help, you know. Hehehe.

Congratulations to all winners! Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday greetings from the DeSanggria Family

It's Christmas Eve! I hope everyone's having a good time, both in-game and in real life. After Christmas, we're going to be counting down the days until the end of 2008, and it is my fervent wish that everyone is all happy, safe and in good spirits this holiday season.

The picture above is my entry to the Naught or Nice event, in which I wished for 70K GP, Item of the Month and the White Cristatus back costume. The image, made by my friend, was accompanied by a simple poem with which I hope the GE Santa will notice when he starts granting wishes on Christmas Day and on the 26th. But just between us...I wouldn't mind not getting the GP or the IOTM. The back costume will look absolutely splendid on my Elementalist. Hehe.

In truth, I had a hard time deciding what to wish for. Of course, I automatically thought of asking for GP, but at the same time, I wanted to have an Elite Dragon Coat & Elite La Ventisca for my Musketeer and Elementalist. When I reviewed the wish list, I was saddened to see that they're only going to give out the recipes for the elite 92 armors, not the item itself. I figured I will get to craft those items in due time and with patience, since I was able to craft an Elite Rescue Suit for my Scout on one lucky day. I hope my luck doesn't run out in the next few days though.

But if Santa were to ask me what I really liked, I'd have asked for these:
  • Selva Norte RNPC with her armguard (not just the RNPC card & the armguard recipe haha)
  • Elite Le Noir for Musketeer
  • a pair of Intuition of Alrischa pistols (Constellation series)
A girl can dream, you know. ^_~

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the holidays! Be safe and have fun!

Merry Christmas from the DeSanggria Family!
Tala, Sidapa & Amihan

Friday, December 19, 2008

Trying my best to fill in your shoes

Sometime last April, I put this teaser up as a prelude to my next cosplay project. I was hoping to have it ready in the last Domination II event, but I judged too soon and the project wasn't able to push through. Now I'm happy to say that things are finally falling into place and that I can finally unveil this humble little project of mine.

Judging from the silhouette, I'm sure it's no secret that I'm planning to cosplay Selva Norte, the RNPC avatar of RCM Hrin. It seems pretty ambitious, but I'm going to great lengths to lessen the food intake so I wouldn't look like a blimp wearing this costume. I'm really excited to get this done, being the fact that Selva's costume involves a great deal of intricate details.

I originally planned to cosplay her character sans the arm guard, given the fact that it's too detailed. Ever since Doratomo closed its character image database, I've been having trouble looking for concrete pictures of the armor. And since I can't think of a way to conceal my real arm and go for the skeleton version of Selva's left forearm, so I thought it would be easier to adapt the bandaged version.

But then again, I had help from a good props maker, so he was able to come up with a different version of the arm guard.

I really like the cyborg fingers, which is actually just one half of a rough working glove sprayed with silver Pylox and accessorized with rubber stoppers to simulate the robotic armor. I can very well flex my fingers, but cannot readily grasp anything because of the rubber fingers. Bending my elbows is going to be next to impossible because of armor covering half of my arm. It's also made of rubber sheets glued together and sprayed with silver metallic Pylox to make it look like metal.

I thought well of a good weapon for the character. Given the dearth of images on the web, I chose the Glacial Eglanche ice series rapier.

Compared to my previous Idge cosplay where I was lugging around this huge Castor Sword GS, this cosplay prop is easier to carry around since it's lightweight and all. I'm particularly fond of the flower-like hilt and the vine-like detail surrounding the blade.

I'll be posting pictures soon about the rest of the costume's finished product. I'm still working on the additional accessories for the corset, necklace and boots. Can't wait to have a photo shoot with some of my GE cosplay friends!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Boss hunting and Spinelle Wars

It's been a busy Sunday for me ever since I found a way to play GE at home; one, being the fact that I was able to power level my main team in AT, and the other being able to witness today's Colony Wars yet again (it's been so long and I kinda miss the action).

I was just actually hoping to watch the war from the sidelines since I've been piqued for eons about the clamor against the use of spinelles during CW. But then, I got an invitation from Southernsky to join a few people in the Secret Temple. I happily obliged since I had a lot of time on my hands.

The ugly git staring right in front of me.

The whole activity was really fun, except the part where we waited for what seemed like forever for Chaos Boneless to appear. And when the fiend did, it just popped right out of my face, taking me off-guard. We weren't successful to take down Boneless since we were just a few, not to mention the fact that he monster had an abnormal HP regeneration ability.

And so, I was finally able to take a peek at some of the maps. When I got there, I had my first taste of the so-called Spinelle Wars.

Imagine the morbid, ugly faces of those mini-bosses coming at you in droves. I wasn't even halfway near the colony when I spotted these critters running around a few meters away. And like what was previously said, the lag took a swig out of my computer's processor and wrecked havoc. I was dead even before I could say "Thoracotomy". =_=

What a sight for sore eyes. Me being chased by Fallen Champions in the most noob of maps.

Southernsky and I just thought of cleaning the place from these critters, but then again, if you're fighting an entire mob, even those wearing elite 92s will get the most epic buttsecks of their lives. Either that or the abominable lag.

It's funny how some people whine and complain about the imbalance of using spinelles to defend a colony when in the truest sense of the word "war", everything will be dished out to the opponent, whether they fall into the "honorable" criteria or what. Yeah, yeah, who wants CW with endless lag and hordes of spinelles, right? I really don't have anything else to say since everyone said them already, but then again, that's the sad fact of war. It brings out the worst in people.

Well, I guess it's just that and because no sane gamer and faction will pass up the chance to win those goodies they promised for War of the Factions III.

And I'm willing to bet on Montoro's ass that we won't be seeing any "gratz to all colony holders" posts in the CW threads after this. At least, nothing remotely sincere for that matter.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hearing carols and getting disconnected

Finally...some worthwhile reason for me to turn up the volume while playing GE. :D

For those who've been around after last Thursday's maintenance, it seems that RCM Hrin wasn't kidding when she dropped the idea of the IAHGames team singing a Christmas song to be inserted in the game. If you haven't turned on the music in your game client, I suggest now's the time to do so.

The barracks theme has been changed to feature the quadruple singers of team IAH, which had MeepokTah (who we all fondly call as uncle MPT), Hrin, GM Lorenza and another person they haven't told us yet (despite my incessant prodding to know who this singer was). I wouldn't have thought it was really them as I was looking for some accent of sorts, but I have to say that their singing is really good. I think it was Lorenza who carried the voice that added the harmony to the whole ensemble. Marvelous job!

I hope they put the song as the town theme though. I can't count the times I've been disconnected from the game after staying in the barracks too long just to hear the song go on repeat mode.

Thankfully, Lorenza posted the downloadable MP3.

Here's an accompanying video to the song which featured some of the snapshots the team took while being with the kids in Katong Special School (as posted by Hrin).


I embedded the music on my blog. ^^ 'Bout time I got into the Christmassy mood too. Hehe.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not really post-worthy...

...but I've been rolling my eyes for the nth time with this weird forumer. Dunno if the dude just has a lot of spare time, or he's got nothing else to do.

What's even funnier is that everyone else in the forums is encouraging his weirdness.

WTH. I should be reading more productive sites than frequenting the forums. Less headaches on my part.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas in the New World

RCM Hrin gives us a sneak peek of what's to come this Christmas in GE!

I don't know what they're called yet, but they sure do look cute! I especially want to get my hands on those angel head pieces for my girls! ^_^

Hrin also gives us something to look forward to by January 2009...the Fantazzztic Ads Awards!

As the title says, it's a different take from last year's Fantazzztic Film Awards, in which participants will have to craft their own advertisements using movie making tools and GE itself. Boy, oh boy, I can't wait for that!

In the meantime, I hope to hear the carols when I log into the game in the next weeks. At least there's going to be a reason for me to un-mute the sounds in the game. XD

Thursday, December 4, 2008

[Updates] Sales, promos & in-game content rollout

My apologies for the long and unannounced hiatus, but now I'm back with a vengeance! Here's a few recent updates that I've compiled about our favorite game for the past week. I'm sure some of you may have seen this in the forums or website, but just in case you haven't well then, good for me! Hehe.

1. Item Shop Sale: Cheaper Imperviums & Enhancement Boosters!

IAH has announced a major price slash in the sale of Imperviums and Enhancement Boosters! Time to start +5ing my noob lvl 100s and elite 92s! LOL. Good thing I haven't splurged all the GP I just recently bought.

2. Add-ons to Adelina's Booty Searches & IOTM

I'm sure that you've heard of the inclusion of elite 92 armor recipes in ABS, and more recently, 30Day Baphomet Horns with additional stats. But what is great to know is that they've added a few stuff like 100 ABS licenses & 5 Sun Stones apart from the 40 Boosters and 5.8k GP.

3. Broomy's launch

Broomy, the voodoo-like pet with healing powers will be launched this 18 December 2008, as announced in the forums. I'm definitely looking forward to have another cute pet in the ranks. But as far as summoning them, I think you can only use one pet at a time (please correct me if I'm wrong ^^).

4. Giovanni cometh

All systems are go as the 3rd server and the 2nd PK world in SEA/ANZ GE is set to be launched on 22 December 2008. From the opening day until the month after, a 2x EXP event will be implemented in the said server to boost everyone's levels, so that this baby will be in shape to go head-on-head with the older servers.

Trivia (taken from Wikipedia):

Giovanni Boccaccio was an Italian author and poet, a friend and correspondent of Petrarch, an important Renaissance humanist and the author of a number of notable works including the Decameron, On Famous Women, and his poetry in the Italian vernacular.


In other news, my girls are already halfway to Expert. The tireless chore of leveling them on a daily basis is getting to me, so one day, I decided that I wanted to have the blue rubber duhkeez. LOL.

Putting sunglasses to good use

Mucho thanks to the following for their time and effort:

Despite the rings, it can be quite lonely in the faction, since it's just me and my friend, Trianna, who just amuse ourselves by talking to each other. Hahaha. Oh well.

To infinity, and beyond!

Friday, November 7, 2008

[Update] The pains of farming

The lack of updates here is beginning to disturb me.

So despite my lackluster experience in the game right now, I feel the need to infuse some life back to this blog. Hehehe.

So what have I been up to? Not much. I'm just trying to farm for Fesos the slow way. One time I squadded with a bunch of All Stars people, and yeah, it's basically what the other players say: everybody else is farming inside. For once, I didn't feel threatened having to have my fingers on standby on the pots keys XD. The thing is, people are rarely killing inside the Super Fight maps here in Rembrandt (though I hear it's a total war zone in Bach), and people aren't even KS-ing!

Despite my efforts to gather as much as I can, I was only able to obtain a measly amount. With the lowest amount for pet food going at 10K Fesos for just one hour...I dunno...I feel like I'd rather concentrate on getting to Expert than farming just now.

There's also an uproar for the socketing materials going about. I hear that it's doing a lot of wonders for equipment stats, but again, I'm too preoccupied with leveling more than anything else. There's just so many things to do in the game right now...I don't even know which to work on first.

Oh, there's this really neat advice on getting 1 million Fesos over at the forums. It's a long shot, but worth a try. Anything but the endless farming. =_=

For those out there who are looking for other things to do, I believe CM Aethrin has a few events up his sleeve. Check these contests out here.

And another big news! EP cards for GP! Woooot!

That's it for the meantime. I'll try to poke around after something monumental happens (like when I finally turn Expert. HAHAHAHA. I wish!)

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARRICK!!! (aka the other half of Reclusion) We miss you in GE. ^_~

Friday, October 31, 2008

Feso farming 101

Like I mentioned in my previous post, there's really a need to farm for the 3rd currency called Fesos, if not for the pet food and the other neat goodies found in the Feso item shop. But how does one acquire this kind of in-game money anyway?

For a quick, basic rundown on how to obtain Fesos, here's a very informative article from the GE website.

Now as mentioned, you can get the Sun Stones, Moon Stones and Growth Stones at the various FT, AT and Super Fight maps. For the paid dungeon areas, you need to kill the rare spawning Treasure Mob found in random locations all over the area.

Treasure mobs in AT and FT

Take note that these mobs are more often than not invisible, meaning that they can't be normally killed by the melee and long-ranged character classes. You need to have the Elementalist or the Wizard ready with AOE skills to take down these invisible creatures. I haven't tried the Wizard for these farming sessions, so I'd recommend you bring the Elementalist in your team to cast the Elemental Strife skill to pin down the elusive vermin.

This also means that you should avoid AFK-ing for the meantime in AT or FT so you can stand by just in case these mobs appear in your spot.

As for the Super Fight maps, you can always hunt for the stones by killing the normal mobs. It's a rare drop, so better be alert for anything laid on the ground as well as for any hostile people as it is a PK enabled map.

Happy farming!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

OC turns one year!

If there was one place in GE where I felt most at home, it would have to be the non-PK server formerly known as Carracci. Contary to what most players would say about the "carebear server", there are tons of benefits in playing in a non-PK world, one of which involves cultivating meaningful friendships unencumbered by the competition aspect of the game.

This is why I feel really blessed to have been previously taken in by the Outcasts Faction, the hardcore PH gamers of the said server. Back then when I moved in, the group was headed by Obviar, and then later on, by †Bayushi†. Now under the leadership of Southernsky, the OC Faction is going stronger than ever.

Elite friendship over elite items. This is the core mantra of the group, and one of the reasons why it remains standing strong and proud to this day. Last October 25, OC celebrated its one year as a faction. Together with the PH members of Destiny, the guys organized an EB of sorts in Chinensis' house to commemorate one year of friendship. The celebration was also held in conjunction with some of OC's birthday celebrants, Chinensis and Device.

Congratulations, Outcasts! Keep the flame burning for PH gamers!

Here are some pictures from their gathering. Thanks to Chinensis & Southernsky for the copies! ^^

Southernsky (left) gets a serious nosebleed from Reclusion's (middle) incessant English talk, while Santoss (right) attempts to look serious.

The new endorser for GE merch (thanks to CM Aethrin for sponsoring the goodies!).

Winners one and all! (l-r) Fiksdotter, Chinensis, Leonne, RyuHirohata, Mangyantribe, Southernsky, EldeonRose, Arkcraft, Zoldyack

Friends from Destiny: Fiksdotter (in white), Reclusion (in brown), EldeonRose (in yellow with his back turned XD), Zoldyack (in red) and the faction-less Leonne (in green, partly hidden)

Cheers to Outcasts! (l-r) Chinensis, Santoss, Fiksdotter, Southernsky, Leonne

Friday, October 24, 2008

Why we should all strive to earn those Fesos...

If you're drooling over these stance rings, well, you betcha I'm gonna earn those coveted Fesos! These rings come with 30 day deadlines, but still...who wouldn't want those stance rings?!?

The Feso price is rather steep though. >_<
There are a whole load of other useful stuff being sold for the said currency (like Calyce's vet skill book, Sagitta, pet food, portable ammo, etc.). I suggest you talk to the Feso merchant in every city to acquaint yourself with all the goodies you can get using this new currency.

For a rough info on how to acquire Fesos, click here.

In other news...

I've been failing miserably at this Pet Egg quest. I just dumped the entire thing altogether, bought 2 eggs from a good soul who was selling at Auch (and thanks to NineMoons as well), and now the egg is comfortably hatching at the Bahia Greenhouse. I'll have a pet Pilfurr pretty soon!

Exciting! ^_^

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eye candy stuff in v.3.0

This may be a bit too advanced to talk about, especially since I'm just waiting for the hours to pass by before the servers are officially up (and ultimately, for a sneak peek on v.2.9), but what they hey, I really need to kill time.

Among the things I'm looking forward in v.3.0 (aside from the kick-ass Aztec-looking RNPCs) are, of course, the costumes! Blame it on the fact that I like dressing up my characters (harharhar). Anyway, here's what I managed to scrimp off the Korean GE Hanbiton site:

Pretty little Elem in her fairy bob 'do

Female Wiz shows less skin, while the Female Musk bares all.

The Male Musk looking so 80s, with *gasp* a pet pig?!?

It seems like aside from Pilfurr (Grabbermon) and Broomy (the voodoo looking pet), there will also be a screaming pink pig pet! I do love pig characters, but her eyes in this picture looks kinda off. I dunno, maybe it's just me *shrugs*.

On another note, I'm loving the new non-PK server, Rembrandt. Merging with the Pachelbel people is the nicest thing to happen in-game.

Watching role-played dramu unfold in Coimbra.

Getting to know the friendly and charming people of Pachelbel is so much fun. I finally got to meet Alfender (FL of the all-girl faction, Les) and Bringston, who staged the Auch Police Drama RPG on the first day of the server merge. It's a refreshing thing to witness with all the emo drama happening in Carracci prior to the merge.

Anyway, that's just about my small updates for the meantime. I can't wait for v.2.9! I'm still deciding on whether to get a Pilfurr or Broomy for a pet. Hehehe. See ya then!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Out with the pink...

...and in with the more ancient feel. ^^

But, gah, my widgets were deleted. I managed to scrimp off the GE Bloggers list from my old template. If any of my co-bloggers don't see their names in the list, drop me a line so I can add you.

I'll continue updating the links in the morning. Must. Sleep.

DeSanggria hops away, a year older. =^_^=

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rembrandt's first CW

Now that I've gone solo, I'm trying to keep my Sunday's sacred, i.e., catching up on resting, family affairs and basically some real life fluff. But today counts for this family's return to the war zone as it's Rembrandt server's first Colony War.

I didn't want to just observe and bore myself to tears, so I lent a helping hand to some friends who needed my services. And so, with my trusty Scout & Vicente Rio, I headed off to save some warp points at the designated areas. But that was before I nearly tore my hair out trying to log and relog because for some reason, I was always shifting in and out of the log in screen every time I moved to a new map or tried to enter channel 1. Good thing I didn't give up easily and my perseverance finally paid off.

I didn't finish the task of saving in all the area required maps, though good thing I was able to allot some space for the more crucial locations. At this time, the connection was being cooperative so I didn't waste time ressing my squadmates here and there.

Needless to say, I nearly ran out of resu pots reviving the others. Eminence, CarpeDiem, Osiris, BlackReaper and other Carracci/Pachelbel Factions came from all sides in Tetra Hill and were really duking it all out on the red dots. Thank God I wasn't in a PK server otherwise my cleric purpose in the squad would be of little use.

Despite being busy with the task of resurrecting the fallen ones, I was just bowled over with the tenacity and persistence of some former Pachelbelian factions who really showed their mettle out there in the battlefield. I never really did underestimate Pachelbelians despite the fact that Carracci was the senior one in terms of existence in the game. There really is no reason why Carracci factions should think differently of these groups because in all honesty, these guys can unseat any faction with a colony right now.

I mean, jeeesaas, look at Osiris with 4 colonies. O_O

Now this is gonna look interesting with regards to the faction alliance. *rubs hands eagerly*

On another note, I'm slightly peeved the way the broads were churning out that time. I mean, can't people stop talking about Carracci vs. Pachelbel beee-es? Those servers are long gone. It's about time factions started carving out new faces in this new server. Let it rest, jeez.

I'm happy to say that we did a good job, my squadmates and I (along with their faction). The fight was intense, that I must say, but exciting nonetheless. Man, at that point, I missed having a faction. Hehe.

Gratz to all colony holders for the week and here's to a more interesting CW for Rembrandt!

Sorry if there are no visuals to accompany this post. I was in a LAN shop and I was lazy to take screenshots with all the excitement going about. ^^

Post Script: Woooot~! The drama takes over Rembrandt! A former superpower in Pachelbel gets their first taste of defeat in the new server, thanks to their former allies.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The art of dressing up

Cosplay is rather big here in the Philippines. Every year, there are more than 5 events that include or feature cosplay activities. This particular fandom to dress up as one's favorite anime, game or movie character has brought about a vibrant community that has been around since 2000.

Just yesterday, some of my friends who happen to be the staunchest pillars of the local cosplay community, successful staged the first ever cosplay-centric event. Dubbed as CosplayMania 2008, the event was flooded with TONS of cosplay enthusiasts and other fandom otakus. And because it's a cosplay event, you can never get around the place without seeing people flashing their cameras like the persistent paparazzi.

What I like about cosplaying and the community in general is that people tend to come out of their shy corners to personify the characters they're cosplaying. They're also quite game to have their photos taken with anyone who asks.

I didn't take the liberty to go inside the event hall (mainly because I'm scrimping on cash for next week's dreaded D-Day), so I just hung around outside, taking pictures of some of the cosplayers who were game enough to indulge the rabid crowd of photographers. Kinda felt intimidating with all the DSLR cameras flashing around.

Lemme just say that the costumes were as diverse as the people's fandoms. Among the characters I got photos of were...

[A bit of warning from hereon...massive photos up ahead!]

Evangelion's Asuka Sohryu Langley

Avatar: The Last Airbender characters

...and a few crossdressers >_<

colorful little elves (the green one looks a lot like Link, yes?)

a somber looking .hack// character

furious-looking Hiei from YuYu Hakusho

don't anybody mess with a suicidal Joker XD

Quistis Trepe in her SeeD uniform

Sora's awesome-looking keyblades

While going around the area, I wouldn't have thought to see these cosplayers...

Wizard in a maid uniform (or could also pass as Helena XD)


Ahoy thar, Pirate Adelina Esperanza!

I also learned that these two ladies are denizens of Pachelbel server, mostly new blood who have just started exploring the GE world. Looks like I'll be seeing more of them in Rembrandt then. ^^

I'm beat. The event was a blast, and I heard the tickets were sold out! Gratz to the peepz and here's to seeing more GE cosplays!