Monday, June 30, 2008

[The Requiem Updates Part 2.5] Touring Chaos Requiem

Warning: Screenshot-heavy post ahead.

My thanks to pCM Veya and Team IAH for the privilege of touring Chaos Requiem in advance. This came in perfect timing for me as I do not have the audacity to venture into these dangerous lands given my family level.

Since the tour was done in the test servers, I was lucky enough to be provided with a test account with this lovely trio:

Elite Le Noirs...*le sigh*

Whie making my way in Auch, I was surprised to see Bai Hu standing near the staircase leading to Thueringen Lakeside. And boy, he was a sight for sore eyes. I can't wait to add him to my family!

The map was not yet included in the test server, so I was summoned to Chaos Requiem, with which I was introduced to the first dungeon level of the area: Cabeza de Bahia.

I first saw the this place in the promotional videos for v.2.6.3. Cabeza de Bahia is a place filled with stone crystals protruding from the ground. Here are some of the mobs I encountered along the way:

The second dungeon in the map is Corazon de Bahia, a dark, eerie vicinity. Outside that circle are a deluge of mobs waiting to pounce on you at any given chance.

Mobs found on this map are the following:

Last but not the least, Interna de Bahia is one zone filled with a hodgepodge of hard to light armored monsters that gave me one hell of a hard time.

More mobs found here are:

The tour was fun and exciting, albeit difficult to get around because of the high AR/DR of most mobs. Now that I've given you an idea on what monsters to expect, better stock up on equipments that have specific attributes to combat these critters.

Chaos Requiem will not yet be released on the July 3 patch, but hopefully this post will be of use to those who plan on visiting this forbidding place.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finally some farking justice!

Taking a break from The Requiem updates...

While researching for some information about the Chaos Requiem map, I thought of checking out GE Hanbiton for some updates, until I stumbled upon this...

Good Lord, finally the male Elementalist gets justice!

NineMoons and I were talking about stock character hairstyles in her recent blog update, and it was quite a perfect timing for me to encounter this.

I dunno if this was edited or what (ok, looks like he is edited), but it's not cruel to wish for a cleaner, more sophisticated look for the male Elementalist, yes?

God, he's bloody gorgeous. *drool*

And on a side note, kGE fans are having a roll on these alternate hairstyles.

Effeminate-looking Gavin, anyone? XD

male Elementalist look

Thursday, June 19, 2008

[The Requiem Updates Part 2]: The thing about raids

Welcome to part 2 of v.2.6.3: The Requiem updates! Part 1 is over here.

I hope this particular information would prove useful for some, especially those who are gung ho on boss raids.

Essentially, The Requiem patch will have new mini-bosses. Although they're not the usual big boss monsters that most people take the effort to monitor the spawn time, stock up on good equips and form formidable squad groups, these mini-bosses are not to be taken lightly.

These monsters are located in 3 high level maps, which are the following:

  • Toubkal Mines - Prairie Merman Eater
  • Bahama Swamps - Swamp Merman Eater
  • Katovic Snowfield - Ice Field Merman Eater
A fish out of water

Said monsters appear randomly on these maps, and will disappear automatically if no one takes a whack at them within a certain period of time.

Make your own raid

In The Requiem patch, you won't have to share with just about half the server just to get a piece of Vergo, or Diablo, or Gerero, or Lava Leaf or any other raid boss there is because now, you can do your own raids.

And the fun part is that you only need 8 families, and this can also work even if the said players are not in a squad.

Step into the circle

As far as I've learned, this feature takes place in Los Toldos (LOL mystery powders are gonna be selling like hotcakes I suppose XD), and there will be this "ability" that will release a particular effect.

Then when the effect is visible, the 8 families must step on the round circle on the floor at the same time (about 3 seconds), otherwise the boss monster summon will fail.

Have your own boss raid!

It's a little bit vague, I know. I do have a few questions about it myself, because apparently not everyone will have that ability to summon monsters. One of the things I'd like to ask is how does one get the summoning ability? What boss monster will be summoned?

Perhaps we'll get a more detailed explanation to this through the course of the hype for The Requiem.

Stay tuned for more! Up next will be the new items and new game functions for v.2.6.3!

Credits: pCM Veya & Team IAH

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

[Updates Part 1] v.2.6.3: The Requiem

I r back! Hahaha! And with my comeback is one juicy tidbit regarding our favorite game, Granado Espada.

The wait is over, folks! The latest patch for Granado Espada, v.2.6.3, also known as The Requiem, is finally on its way! I won't be revealing the exact day of its release (I leave it to our esteemed Community Managers and IAH staff to unveil the actual date), but I do have some interesting tidbits about the new patch, as graciously supplied by pCM Veya.

Venturing to the Land of Mysteries

The Domain of the Giants

As RCM Hrin announced in her blog a few months before, v.2.6.3 features the new map of Chaos Requiem, located between the Bahamas and the jungles of Ustiur. Mysteries and secrets surround the expanse of this new territory, and with the promise of the unknown comes with new opportunities for exploration!

Ugly mutated monsters in Chaos Requiem

Chaos Requiem holds new dungeons, monsters and even more colossal raid bosses (I can only imagine the weapons these bosses drop!).

So how does one venture into Chaos Requiem?

Decisions, decisions...

I can say that with my current family level, I won't be able to step on this forbidding land (that's for sure!), as it is a level 120-130 map. Experts and Master level families are sure to have a roll here though.

So now we know why it's been reiterated time and again that players should aim for Expert level at the very least. From this patch onwards, the Veteran level will soon become a thing of the past.

Anyway, back to the does one go into Chaos Requiem?

Not him again...

Defeat the Great Hill Giant, that's what. The question is, will it be the same GHG monster level as the one in the Faction Quest? And where is the exact location to challenge this hulking monster? That I have to find out...

In order to fully explore the mysteries in Chaos Requiem, one will have to complete the Bahamas Swamp Quests. NPCs such as Igorni, Sharon, Selva, Barons Kurt and Edward, as well as Viscount Montoro will be issuing new challenging quests.

As previously mentioned, The Requiem patch features new bosses, as well as a new raid area: Garim's Nest.

Inside the lair of Garim

So yeah, you guessed it right. The new raid boss' name is Garim. Little is known what kind of monster is this (or its stats for that matter), so stay tuned for updates (or until I found that out with a bit of research ^^).

Garim looking nasty

Watch out for part 2 of The Requiem updates! Up next: New Game Features in v.2.6.3!

credits: pCM Veya & Team IAH