Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hah! Veteran, here I come!

Ok, so I'm not yet at level 9x, but dammit, I think my lifelong GE dream of reaching veteran may not be so far fetched after all.

Currently, my DeSanggria team in Caravaggio's in their mid-7x (Bernelli - 74, Emilia the Sage & Elementalist - 75). Not a far shot from the ultimate goal of 100, huh? And since Armeo's the only stock character I have on the team, he was the only one I can dress up to wear this:

Dammit, the Elementalist robes would've looked so pretty on a female one. T_T

Anyway, I'm happy to say that I finally have a Catherine card! I bought off most of the parts from the Market Manager and finally...I have her! I might have to add her to my barracks some other time as I'm very much eager to level the main team asap.

And I've finally gone to take Andre's final quest for the stupid Cockatrices. Originally, the quest can be done in Rion Prairie, but for some reason Gaylord Janzur wanted me to go to Bonavista River instead. Damn spawn rate of those birdies can make me doze off from my chair. I hate the guy already. =_=

As for a sidenote, most of my factionmates in †Legion† and I have been squadding for the past few days to help each other in level grinding. Here's one screenshot of my very first squad moments with our leader, Spardo. Note the uber sheexi Soho in the pic. Mwehehehe.

Weeeeee! Can't wait to get there! ^.^

P.S.: The 90 days of free gameplay ends today for some people. So what are your thoughts? Are you still going to play GE? I know I would. I'd invest my money on this game over and over if I have to. :p

Monday, November 26, 2007

Colony Wars (11/26/07): The longest two hours

Something was a bit amiss in this Sunday's war. But for starters, here's the perfunctory list of factions that declared war that night:

Revolution v. Symphony
AdeptasFraternas v. Symphony
Azyr v. AdeptasFraternas
Justice v. AdeptasFraternas
LiberatiFatali v. AdeptasFraternas
RedstarAvengers v. Justice
SupperClub™ v. EdeN
SupperClub™ v. RedstarAvengers
RedstarAvengers v. Ethereal
Revolution v. Ethereal
AdeptasFraternas v. Ethereal
BloodPact v. Justice
Eclipse v. AdeptasFraternas
EdeN v. Eclipse
†RêβïrTh† v. Eclipse
SupperClub™ v. Azyr

As I've said, this week's war was a lacked luster than the last. At the official start of CW, only AdeptasFraternas made a first conquest in Tetra Hill in the first few minutes, while the succeeding ones were met by a rather stunned silence in the world of Caravaggio as war declarations grew scarce.

The AF x Justice skirmish in Tetra Hill

Justice led by faction leader, Alexania, made an aggressive move to challenge the current owners that time of Tetra as they launched an attack on the said colony. However, this brave attempt failed at the arrival of the colony's defenders.

After the said skirmish I was able to witness, the silence throughout the whole server was uncanny: no faction was declaring war against another and colonies stayed virtually safe from unfriendlies. Such phenomenon carried out for almost an hour, prompting people to broad about the seemingly lackadaisical war.

Somewhere back in Tetra, however, other factions were currently settling their disputes. SupperClub™ and EdeN as well as Justice and RedstarAvengers were busy whacking each other while paying scant attention to the colony right before them.

Factions had a PvP of sorts while paying little attention to the colony ahead

I surmised that factions will start the ball rolling at the final minutes of the war. My speculation did not fail me because as soon as the 30 minute notice flashed before the UI, a deluge of war declarations were soon simultaneously announced.

Ethereal was yet again the target of most factions as they attempted to wrest colonies from Caravaggio's leading faction (based on their consistent hold of territories every week). Most of the people knew of Ethereal faction leader's absence this week, and so they've taken this as a golden opportunity to get some colonies for their own.

Ethereal's formidable defense in Rion Prairie

Seizing these colonies was no walk in the park though. Despite the absence of their leader, Ethereal put up a good stand against hostilities and even managed to grab a few more.

Revolution clashes with Ethereal in Topolo Durga

Meanwhile, these factions started getting into action by ending the long drought of takeovers during the timespan:

  • Scorching Plateau by EdeN
  • El Tejado Verde by Eclipse (but was seized by EdeN in the end)
  • Tetra Hill by Ethereal
  • El Canon Diabolica by EdeN (and later on by Eclipse)
  • Lago Celeste by Azyr (but was claimed by AF at the last minute)
  • Ferruccio Junction by Ethereal (in which Justice likewise took a shot of, but failed)
Saved by the bell: Revolution gets to keep Hermanas colony

Factions such as Revolution was saved by the bell as Ethereal made an attempt of their Hermanas colony. AF, meanwhile, was able to get a colony at the last minute as well.

Although Ethereal made a formidable defense of their territories, EdeN certainly made a mark as they claimed the most colonies that day.

Eclipse - 3

AdeptasFraternas - 1
Ethereal - 5
SupperClub™ - 3
Revolution - 1
EdeN - 8

Congratulations to all factions who have successfully claimed and defended their colonies! Stay tuned for next week's war report!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I want one!!!

Ok, so NineMoons has one, and now Mena has one too. Am I the only loser in this world without a Catherine RNPC???


Christmas gift pweeeeese?? ^_^

Friday, November 23, 2007

Holy Crap!: v.2.4 updates and why it kinda sucks having RNPCs in your main team

That was quite a mouthful for a blog topic, huh? XD

Surprisingly, I was able to go home from work at a much earlier time, although I'm actually working from home as I speak. While browsing a few blogs and finally getting to the sGE site, my senses got tickled wih news from the upcoming Bahia Island patch (v.2.4).

One such feature is the Super Fight, as shown here.

Comments: It's good to know that the non-Veterans can enjoy what it's like to fight against raid bosses. GE is fast becoming a game for high levels and I'm excited to try out this feature that enables mid-levels like me to be a bit more daring not just with PvE, but with PvP as well.

Another thing worth looking forward to is Tropical Island, as shown here.

Comments: This is where the sucky part comes in. If you have an RNPC team, you're gonna miss half your life. I guess only my Elementalist can look hot, but not Bernelli and Emilia *le sigh*. Which brings me to a point that I have to revive my Cervantes girls. Hehe. Wouldn't want them to miss the action as well.

RCM Hrin has likewise put up a poll regarding the much-awaited RNPCs Karjalainen, Jameson brothers Edward and Gavin, Kurt Lyndon, Viki, Angie and Feng Ling.

Oh Gavin, my Gavin! *swoons*

Comments: Where are the freaking girl gamers of GE? I can't believe this low turnout of votes for Gavin Jameson. Well, for one this he's hot. Secondly, he's hot. And third, he's soooooo hot!!!! Hahaha. I just might erect a small shrine for this handsome dude. Too bad quests to get this hunk of an RNPC's going to be exclusive to Vets once again. *le sigh*.

And on a side note, GE Philippines is going to be at the Hero TV event happening on December 1 & 2 at the SMX Convention Center near the SM Mall of Asia. I'll be there dressed as Idge once again, so if there's anyone of you guys here in PH who wants a meet-up, lets! ^_^

DeSanggria's footnotes:

- I'd like to welcome the Yatsushiro family into the Vespanolan Times CW correspondent team! Yatsushiro will be reporting for Pachelbel! Yay! So we need one more brave soul for Vivaldi and our group is set! ^0^

- Just today, I got my first experience of being deleveled...and in the Forgotten Territories no less. Yep, not a pretty picture at all, and it's not even worth celebrating about. XD Now I've even got more reasons to get my @$$ to Veteran status. Mwehehe.

- Oh yeah, I'm in a new faction called †Legion†, under the leadership of Spardo. The group's a bit small right now, but despite that, all members are online almost every time I log in. It's been a great experience talking to these people and I'd like to thank Spardo for letting me in despite the faction's level requirements for members ^^. Hi and hello as well to my new faction mates!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One weird Sunday...

While covering last Sunday's Colony Wars, something weird happened to my Emilia the Sage...

I warped back to my save point in Coimbra and was surprised to see this. I thought for a moment a faction leader's character just blended into mine, but when I moved from my spot it was still there! I dunno how I got the shiny rubber ducky thingee, but DeSanggria as faction leader??? OMGWTFBBQSAUCE!!

But eventually, I lost the nice shiny rubber ducky and my Emilia the Sage went back to being Little Miss Ordinary. Hehehe.

That was one weird Sunday indeed.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Colony Wars (11/18/07): Win some, lose some

Taking a close look at this week's world map in Caravaggio and comparing it to the last, one can observe the fluctuating control of various factions of the colonies. Yet, despite this, it is encouraging to see the return of a few familiar groups as well as noting the growing strength of some.

This week, however, Ethereal was on the spotlight as almost all factions declared war on them. For a brief rundown, here's an incomplete list of factions who declared war:

Ethereal v. EdeN
Ethereal v. BloodPact
Ethereal v. Eclipse
Revolution v. SupperClub™
Symphony v. SupperClub™
RedstarAvengers v. Ethereal
AdeptasFraternas v. Ethereal
EdeN v. †Legion†
Justice v. RedstarAvengers
Symphony v. RedstarAvengers
AdeptasFraternas v. Symphony
Justice v. Symphony
EdeN v. AdeptasFraternas
Revolution v. Justice
ZONE v. Justice
*Justice v. Ethereal (as added by GraveBorn)

*Said list is incomplete because I had problems with my internet connection. Please feel free to let me know the declarations I've missed.

Revolution v. Ethereal in Pradera de Ceniza

Despite the predicament Ethereal faced, they nevertheless made the first conquest at Tetra Hill in less than 5 minutes. It did not take them long to claim their second colony in El Canon de Diabolica. At 45 minutes after the start of the war, Ethereal put on a good fight against the majority of factions going against them. They still continued to take a few territories, and one significant skirmish (which I gleaned from the forums), was their notable defense of Via Fluvial against SupperClub™ and Revolution. The said colony was also conquered by †RêβïrTh† for a certain time, though it was SupperClub™ who claimed the colony in the end, and such fight was deemed by many as a good one.

Other factions such as RedstarAvengers likewise engaged Ethereal to claim the Tetra colony, while Eclipse was able to wrest El Canon de Diabolica and Scorching Plateau. Ethereal was still on a roll as they managed to get Porto Bello's Deserted Quay, Pradera de Ceniza (from Revolution) and Diabolica (from Eclipse).

In most fights, one or two factions battled it out with Ethereal for domination. One such area that I was able to observe was in Pradera, wherein SupperClub™ and Azyr fought against its current owner, with the former finally claiming the territory.

The fight for Pradera: Ethereal v. Azyr and SupperClub™

Factions who were able to snatch Ethereal's colonies were likewise engaged in a constant battle to defend it. Ustiur Zona Dos in particular changed hands from Eclipse to Ethereal during the war. Other notable conquests were those of Azyr's (Deserted Quay), but they eventually yielded to Ethereal thereafter. Revolution as well as SupperClub™ made a bid to get the Old Port of Coimbra colony, with the intense fight later on yielding to SupperClub™ as its owner. It was quite noticeable to see 2 factions contending for a colony, and so each group's forces rained a lot of skills, valkyries and turrets to make the last hit on the beacon possible. Such scenarios were seen in Pradera and Ferruccio Junction to name a few.

Revolution makes a bid for the Old Port of Coimbra colony

Another brawl I was able to witness was that in Tetra Hill, which was currently under Justice faction that time. A few Symphony members made an attempt to get through their defenses but was neutralized. The victory was not yet celebrated as Justice's leader commanded his troops to stand by for defense as news of factions Commander and Revolution's impending attack became immiment. In the end, it was Symphony who eventually won the spot despite their earlier defeat.

Justice defends Tetra from Symphony

At the annoncement of the 5-minute notice before the end of the war, factions started trucing each other, showing a great deal of sportsmanship after a heated competition.

Ethereal - 3
EdeN - 7
Eclipse - 4
SupperClub™ - 3
AdeptasFraternas - 2
Revolution - 1
Symphony - 1

Congratulations to all for a battle well fought. Until next week!

Friday, November 16, 2007

And the winners are...

Congratulations to Southernsky [Outcasts Faction] from Caracci server for winning the fanfic contest! He wins a pair of divine angel wings and premium GE merchandise!

Running 2nd place is Melode [Apostles Faction] from Pachelbel server. She wins GE premium merchandise as well.

And since I am feeling a bit generous today, I'll be giving out special prizes to 2 notable entries...and these came from Xilx and MuZu [LesAmis Faction] from Pachelbel.

Congratulations to all who won! My thanks as well to those who have submitted their stories. It was truly fun reading all your creative works. Do stick around...I may just host another contest sometime soon. ^_~

Winners, please wait for the email I will send you to ask about details on how I will give you your prizes.

And for the curious ones, here's Southernsky's entry. Read on and enjoy!

By Southernsky

He was brave…He faced a hundred enemies and seized a thousand battles…

It had been a year now and yet it seemed like yesterday. Oh my Jed, when will you come back to me?

Jed is my fiancé. He was a brave man. He never feared anything, even his death. He was a son of a noble person who served the government for almost his lifetime. His mother died upon giving birth to him so he never experienced any motherly love at all.

I came from a family of gypsies. My great grandmother was feared because she was known to practice the dark arts. People wouldn’t even dare to speak her name. Upon her death, our family tried to make a resolve. They tried helping people using good magic but still, people would run away. Nobody really wants to get close to us up until now.

When I was a child, I was often bullied. I never really got to have any friends.

“Oh look, there is that witch girl. Run!!!” shouted a boy playing on the street.
“No, please… I… I’m not a witch,” I grimaced.

Then I came home, mother was by the door, waiting for me.

“Why are you crying, my bundle of joy?” asked my mother.
“They don’t want to play with me. They run away whenever I get near them. Am I that horrible, mother?”
“No, Emily. But in their fairy tales, you are the bad witch that everyone would fear.” replied the mother.
“I don’t want to be that witch,” I answered.
“Don’t worry, for me, you are my princess.”

Ever since that day, I would just go to the woods of Rio Albi and play by myself. I grew up secluded from the society. Until one day, on the woods of Rio Albi, I met someone who would change my life forever.

“Mind if I join you,” said a man’s voice while I was sitting on the grass.

I never looked at him and all I said was, “Go ahead.”

“Know what? This place is beautiful. It makes me feel relaxed. And there are waterfalls there. Whenever I get near them, It feels like there’s a drizzle.” said the man.

I kept quiet. I was never used to talking with someone except for my mother.

“Hey missy, you seemed so troubled. C’mon, say something.” he said.

“I…” I was about to say something when he grabbed my hand as if he was shaking hands with me and gave me a sarcastic grin.

“Hi! My name’s Jed. What’s yours? Oh that’s a nice name!! You too. Where are you from? I’m from Cite de Reboldeaux. Nice meeting you, Jed,” as he pulled a soliloquy on me. I couldn’t help but smile since I found it funny. “There, there. Nice of you to be smiling missy. Seriously, what’s your name?” he continued.

“Emily,” I whispered.

And that day, I realized the reason as to why I was born.

Everyday, he would come to the same spot and there I was waiting. He would tell me about his daily acts of valour since he was an officer for the army. I get so excited to listen to his stories on how great the Princess Gabriella and I wished I was a princess too. We grew fond of each other until the day I heard the sweetest words.

“Hey, Emily, wanna go for a stroll?” he asked
“Ok with me.” I answered.

He took me to a spot and held me in his arms. My blood rushed all over my body giving me a warm feeling. I could even feel the veins on my head pumping so much blood. He stared at me and I accidentally crossed sight with him. I was nailed by his gaze. His breathe would touch my chin and give a ticklish sensation. It was a moment frozen in time. Suddenly, his lips started to move.

“Will you be my happily ever after?” he whispered to me.

It was like what I always wanted - A prince in my fairy tale dreams. I felt a sudden blood flush. It was cold and my palms are sweating. I didn’t know what to say. I just hugged him back and unconsciously said, “Jeff… I…” before I could even finish, his lips went their way through mine and started spit-swapping. That’s how we came to be.

One day, his deeds when honoured and I was so proud when he received his Hero’s Emblem as a sign of his bravery, only to find out that he would go…

“Do you really have to go?” I asked.
“This is for the new world. Please… Let me fight the Griffon.” he grimaced.
“I love you Jed. What if…” I answered back.
“Don’t worry… I’ll come back… We’ll have a family… We’ll eat together…”

I hugged him tight and bid him farewell. Then he left… And never returned.

Everyday, I come back to this place, waiting for him to come back, and wishing for my happy ending…

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Due to a small request...

...I'm extending the contest deadline to November 15 at 1800 (GMT +8), or at the end of the maintenance schedule.

So if you still haven't written your story...the time is now!

Sorry I just had to say that. Hehehe. ^_~

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Updates and reminders

I've been very much active lately in Caravaggio as I'm currently training my Bernelli (Riza), Emilia the Sage (Ehlana) and Elementalist (Armeo) with the hard-earned Combat & Tactics Manual I've purchased. The free Forgotten Territory passes given away a few weeks ago doubles my effort in pushing the DeSanggrias in this server to a much more decent level. And I'm happy to say I've accomplished in a much lesser time what I've spent 3 months of level grinding in Cervantes because now I have...

a levitating Ehlana/Emilia the Sage!!!! W000000t!!!!

Now I understand NineMoon's obsession over Wizards...these babies are really pretty once you get them flying around. Well, micro-managing is getting me in panic and all since I'm leveling her stances in time to get the really cool Photon Splash thingamajig. I can't wait!

In the meantime, I'm leveling Riza's shotgun stance to get to see what the Claymore skill looks like. As for Armeo, well, I find it funny seeing him in a croc suit with a pumpkin head. LOL.

The DeSanggrias in Cervantes are currently in hiatus, although I bought Alaena the Fighter a nice Sunset Striped Suit (which cost me a lot, actually T_T). I was planning to buy a Torsche dress for Verdandi the Elementalist, but was dismayed at the price. When I checked the price in Caravaggio, I was even more astonished to find the item below a million vis, contrary to the Cervantes tag of 2 million. @_@ Cervantes doesn't love me anymore.

Luckily, NineMoons lent me hers. Hehe. Now I only have to level grind Verdandi so she can wear the little black dress. XD


I'm pretty much sure you've seen this in NineMoons' and the Reclusion blog...

Yes, we are joining the Fantazzztic Film Awards! And I'm particularly loving this 2nd teaser made by our equally fantazzztic teammate, Darrick.

Watch out for our entry this December! v^_^v


Don't forget to join my mini-contest! Deadline of entries is already tomorrow, November 14, at 11:59PM (GMT +8). I will announce the winner the next day during the usual maintenance schedule.

Good luck to all who joined! ^_^

Colony Wars (11/11/07): The spy in our midst

This week's colony wars proved to be a lot more challenging, especially to the AdeptasFraternas Faction. The group's tenacity was put to the test as they had to contend with several circumstances that inevitably rocked the scale of balance in the world map of Caravaggio.

But before that, here's a semi-incomplete list of the factions that declared war on each other. I had difficulties logging in the game after the first hour of the war.

Ethereal v. Eclipse
SupperClub™ v. Eclipse
EdeN v. AdeptasFraternas
Onslaught v. Eclipse
EdeN v. RedstarAvengers
Azyr v. Eclipse
SupperClub™ v. AdeptasFraternas
Ethereal v. Azyr
SupperClub™ v. †Reβírth†
Azyr v. SupperClub™
†Reβírth† v. Azyr
iRreSistibLe v. Etherea;
EdeN v. Azyr
Azyr v. Ethereal
EdeN v. Eclipse
†Reβírth† v. SupperClub™
SupperClub™ v. Ethereal
Ethereal v. †Reβírth†

With only 28-33 people online that night, AF already had an impending dilemma on their hands, which was the defense of their 5 colonies. It was pretty much evident that AF was going to have a difficult CW up ahead as tension filled the air.

Some factions who do not have colonies banded together to make their line more solid in the attempt to break through the defense of those defending their territories. EdeN was the first to launch an attack on the AF colony in Katovic Snowfield. Revolution followed suit as it lay siege on Topolo Durga. Both of these factions were able to claim these colonies for their own as AF was unable to put up a stand to the overwhelming deluge of adversaries.

AdeptasFraternas & †Reβírth† battle it out for the Tetra colony

Meanwhile in Pradera de Ceniza, SupperClub™ was quite aggressive in attacking the said AF territory, thereby causing alarm from the members. Faction leader Welling was keen in ordering a full force attack on EdeN's Hermanas colony and to just retake their lost territories once they've succeeded in claiming this particular target. Things worked out well in the beginning, as AF was slowly able to fend off the defenders from their attempt, but were inevitably pushed back by EdeN at the latter part of the assault. They were thus forced to abandon their seige in Hermanas.

By the middle of the war, AF had lost all of its colonies as they were deluged by simulataneous attacks. The guys made an effort to reclaim their colonies by attacking Tetra Hill and El Lago de Tres Hermanas. However on both these attempts, they were always thwarted by the defending factions holding these territories. It was at this moment when people speculated the presence of a spy within the faction.

AF gets a clear shot of the colony

With the clock ticking to the last minute, Welling advised everyone to move to their last stand in Katovic Snowfield in an effort to reclaim their "true" colony. The spy theory was further confirmed when a team of EdeN faction members awaited AF within the colony pillars to engage them in a heated battle.

Azyr makes an attempt to conquer Tetra Hill

And so on that Colony War night, AF was colony-less for the second time. Yet I'm pretty much sure these guys are coming back next week with much, much vengeance.

Congratulations to all factions! Great war indeed!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Contest! ZOMG!

Yes, it's an early game maintenance today and I have decided to host a small contest for my readers who continue to visit my blog despite my infrequent updates. Hehe.

Here's the thing. I will post 6 in-game screenshots and you will be tasked to write a story using all pictures. There's no limit to the number of words, so you can explore as much as you want. The most creatively written fanfic will win these goodies:

1st: GE premium poster, postcard, ballpen, pin, a pair of Divine Angel Wings
2nd: GE premium poster, postcard, ballpen, pin

This contest is open to all GE players of all servers in all countries. :D (Yes, I will shoot myself in the foot as I will personally mail your prizes if you are outside the Philippines or Metro Manila. Mwehehehe).

And here are the screenshots:

Deadline of entries is next week, November 14 at 11:59PM (GMT +8). I will announce the winner the following day here in my blog of course. ^.~ Email your entries in desanggria at gmail dot com with the following information:

Real Name:
GE Family Name:
Faction (if applicable):

Once the winner is declared, I will get in touch with him/her to know their mailing address (if in case the winner resides outside the Philippines or Metro Manila), or for a possible date and venue for a meet-up (in case the winner resides in Metro Manila).

Join now!!! Special thanks to my sponsor, pCM Veya, for the goodies. Mwehehehe.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Colony Wars (11/04/07): Slowly, but surely

The days prior to the Sunday war in Caravaggio was steeped with drama as AF's leader, Welling, expressed his desire to step down from his position due to a lot of reasons. Thankfully, he has decided to stay on to lead this formidable group. Having said that, let me now proceed with this week's event recap, starting off with the factions that declared war:

Onslaught v. EdeN
Onslaught v. SupperClub™
Onslaught v. AdeptasFraternas
Onslaught v. Revolution
Ethereal v. Eclipse
Ethereal v. Revolution
Azyr v. Ethereal
SupperClub™ v. Ethereal
EdeN v. Ethereal
RedstarAvengers v. Eclipse
VietnamIdols v. SupperClub™
SupperClub™ v. RedstarAvengers
Eclipse v. Azyr
AdeptasFraternas v. SupperClub™
EdeN v. AdeptasFraternas
Ethereal v. RedstarAvengers
Revolution v. AdeptasFraternas
Symphony v. SupperClub™
Justice v. SupperClub™
LiberatiFatali v. EdeN
VietnamIdols v. Revolution
Symphony v. AdeptasFraternas
ReBirth v. AdeptasFraternas

That's quite a number of war declarations compared to the previous wars. And from what I've heard, there were plans of various factions to gang up on Ethereal in order to decimate its hold on majority of the colonies.

True enough, several groups declared war on Caravaggio's leading faction. Onslaught, for one, started declaring war to four factions simultaneously, and within minutes before the actual start of war. Meanwhile, AF has decided on an attack at SupperClub™'s Pradera and Tetra Hill colonies at the last hour of the war, all while standing by to defend their 2 colonies in the Desolate Cliff and Katovic Snowfield.

At the first hour of the war, Caravaggio was surprised with the first conquest that night: Ferruccio Junction colony by the ReBirth Faction. The said group has been active in the previous wars, having occupied at least one territory, but only to lose it in the end to another faction. In this particular skirmish, ReBirth was unable to defend their lone colony and, yes, they did lose it eventually to Ethereal.

Meanwhile, the plan to attack Ethereal was slowly taking place. In the Deserted Quay, Revolution took up the challenge to attack one of Ethereal's territories with the use of rotating blades and a barrage of skills. Surprisingly, there was little or no resistance from Ethereal, and Revolution was able to claim the colony for their own.

Revolution attacks Ethereal's Quay colony

Other interesting skirmishes I was able to witness was the one in Tetra Hill, where VietnamIdols tried to attack the SupperClub™ colony, only to be overwlemed by the impenetrable defense of its owner. And similar to ReBirth, RedstarAvengers was only able to claim the Diabolica colony for a short time, only to be defeated by Eclipse.

AdeptasFraternas takes a whack out of SupperClub™'s Pradera colony

AF made true its plans to attack SupperClub™'s two colonies, as well as an additional one. There were also outsider attacks on their colonies, such as its previous owners wanting to take back what was previously theirs, only to be backtracked by AF's concerted and well-organized defensive strategies.

SupperClub™ goes head to head with AdeptasFraternas

The war took its toll on Ethereal as it succeedingly lost majority of its colonies during the first hour and a half from various factions. This struck a blow on the morale of the group members, after being regarded as one of the factions to reckon with. However, Ethereal managed to get back on its feet as it was able to reclaim half of what was lost to them.

After the two-hour war, most of Caravaggio's players agreed that this was one of those action-packed colony wars that deserved an appreciative nod. Hopefully, next week will be just as much exciting...or even better.

Congratulations to Ethereal, Eclipse, AdeptasFraternas, EdeN and Revolution for acquiring/defending colonies!