Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just a quick post...

The silence in this blog is so's freaking me out! XD

Anyway, if there are any Davao GE players reading this, I hope we could all meet on Friday, September 28! I'm going to join the team in the e-Games Evolution roadshow in SM City Davao. There's going to be a 5 on 5 PvP tournament, raffle, and other fun stuff. I'm not gonna be bringing Idge with me (haha), but I'll try to take a few seconds of stage time to announce a meet-up (hopefully).

See you there! ^0^

Before I forget, NineMoons will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow!!!! So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I shall try to be online to greet you in-game. :3

Friday, September 21, 2007

Colony Wars (9/16/07): The game of "tag"

DeSanggria boys reporting for duty!

Still in Caravaggio, the AdeptasFraternas faction has already made a bold statement in last week's war, branding the Granado Espada map with three colonies under their name. In this week's war, the boys have decided to wage an all-out war with ReBorn and their ally. With save points in Topolo Durga, Rio Albi, Old Port of Coimbra, El Tierra Blanco and El Canon de Diabolica, faction leader Welling had members save on only two locations.

A few minutes before the start of the war, people started going online, which was a good thing, for the Adeptas force grew to as much as 56 families participating in the war (except for me of course :p). And like the usual routine, valkyries were given out, squads were formed once again, and reminders on coordination were regularly noted.

Finally when the clock struck at 8pm, all three AF colonies were simulataneously attacked by opposing factions, prompting all squads to mobilize their forces in defense of these territories.

The AF peepz certainly strived to live up to the moniker as they once again made their first colony takeover in less than five minutes.

However, just as the boys were fast in getting a colony, two of their territories were likewise snatched in the same breath as they gained two more colonies. ReBorn's colonies were under heavy threat at this time, and it was kinda weird to see a few ReBorn families defending a colony under such threat. However, the guys were able to fend off reinforcements quite easily, as some were divided into battling enemies and whacking on the beacon. Great coordination, if I do say so myself.

All throughout the 2-hour war, AF colonies were under constant attack. Despite it all, the group was still able to get two additional colonies. At this time, the peepz resorted to an all-out defense of their 5 colonies, in which ReBorn took and AF retrieved for like 3 times (correct me if I'm wrong with this XD).

All opposing factions tried to sieze AF territories, but to no avail. Time got the better of their opponents, which was why at 1 minute before the end of the war, the boys were already elated with yet another victory. The Brotherhood has once again risen up to the challenge.

This Sunday's war, however, will be a different story altogether.

The Brotherhood mark on the New World

Thursday, September 20, 2007

GE Events: The tale of the long-delayed post

The 9-hour server maintenance today proved to be the right time for me to update this 'lil 'ol blog of mine. Anyway, most of you were either present in these events or have heard/read it from those who were. And since I was part of the team that organized these GE events, the following accounts are a bit subjective to some extent. Then again there's NineMoons' blog, Reclusion, and others who've blogged about these events.

GE Commercial Launch Party @ 1Esplanade

That morning was weird. For one, the weather seemed be uncooperative as it rained that time, prompting some of the folks to change the arrangement of the tents and the stage at the foyer. I arrived sometime at 12nn, and I already saw a handful of familiar faces and a long line awaiting the opening of the event. I was busy helping with the preparations, mainly in arranging the program script I wrote the previous night (huhuhu fried brains) as well as with pacifying the crowd when things started turning chaotic.

Sometime after we opened for registration (and when people started filing up to claim their angel wings), we heard a commotion coming from the crowd. Apparently our models have already gone out wearing their Scout uniforms, drawing attention from the predominantly male crowd. Meanwhile, everybody was busy flocking to the merchandise booth to get their hands on the much-coveted GE Limited Edition Box as well as other GE-related goodies.

'Bout some time that afternoon I morphed into Idge, while pCM Veya was dressed as Emilia the Sage. With a few perfunctory pictures (and a few remarks on how uber huge teh Castor Sword was), the program was in full swing. On my part, my attention was divided in making sure the program was going as planned and coordinating with my friends from the cosplay community.

And speaking of cosplays, there were only 3 GE cosplayers that day: a Brunie Etienne, a Female Elementalist and a cute little Catherine the Summoner. I'm actually hoping for more, but hopefully in the next GE events we'll have more great cosplays.

Perhaps what was the highlight of this event was the much-anticipated Liberty's Wrath 5 on 5 PvP tournament. A few friends actually made it to the finals, which was really great. I met some of the GE Team PH from Cebu and Cagayan de Oro who were here last June. Watching the matches in itself was exhilirating, as I unceremoniously cheered for my friends and rejoiced in their successful matches.

The matches following the semi-finals was truly nerve wracking. Each time a pair of teams would sit opposite each other to compete, tension was apparent, and everyone would watch with bated breaths which team will be the last one standing.

For those who'd want to know about the breakdown of the matches and the winners, NineMoons has provided an entry dedicated to Liberty's Wrath. Do check it out. ;)

I'd just like to personally congratulate the winning group, the Cebu team, for a straight win from prelims all the way to the finals. You guys rock!

Special mention to Welling and the Adeptas boys for placing fourth.

That night though, was the perfect time for me to par-tay along with my good friend (and Brunie cosplayer), Ligaya. The Bigfish party was packed and bursting at the seams past midnight, so we did what we could and partied like there was no tomorrow.

Too bad the CARNAGE boys, save for a few, preferred the booze rather than dancing. Arc and the boys from Cebu needed a jolt as well. But yeah, generally we had a blast at the night party. Wooohooo! Already got home at almost 5am, so fun fun!

e-Games Evolution roadshow

This event was held the following day after the launch party, which was why I surmised that there would be less people attending, but I was floored with the sheer number of people flocking the GE booth. And yes, I saw a couple more familiar faces who were there the day before.

Part of the GE booth activity was the Triple X Triple PvP tourney, in which some friends participated in. Kupz, who recently joined the Adeptas group, was one of the guys who won in this tourney. As for other activities, GE Product Manager Ivee Feria gave away some angel wings and GE merchandise in a trivia contest after her presentation on what to expect on the upcoming game patches.

I didn't stay that much long in this event as I had to meet someone *ahem* and cover the week's Colony Wars over at Caravaggio. As for my report on that, I'll post the details tomorrow.

But for's browser killing time!

GE Launch Party Pics:

Hanging out with Team Cebu & Cagayan de Oro

Mr. Victor Ngo from Cyberworld Corporation-Vietnam is a big fan of teh Castor Sword.

Teh scouts

The Adeptas boys (amp nawala si Kryz sa peekchur! XD).
Their motto? Manalo, matalo cute pa rin kami! XD

DeSanggria with Lord Darrick of Casa Reclusion.

Hanging out with the peepz from CARNAGE

GE Cosplayers: Brunie, Idge, Catherine & Female Elementalist

The Idge Brigade

Liberty's Wrath Champions! Spot teh Arc in teh pic!

Dance boys, dance! XD

e-Games Evolution pics:

Kick-ass GE insignia

Officemates looking dangerous. :P

NineMoons and Nate Reclusion quizzed by Ivee.

Never mess with a Wiz in Le Blanc.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Zoned out..for now

As the title to this post says, I'm still zoned out from the activities last weekend (GE Launch Party & e-Games Evolution). I'll get back to posting this week when I've regained some of my SP & HP points. LOL.

On a side note, there was this conversation at NineMoons' chatbox, so I couldn't resist posting this:

Teh proof that we farking partied so bad!!! ^,...,^

That's me and Ligaya teh party animals during the Bigfish Night Party. Man, I've never gone bonkers for eons. I'm still feeling the after effects of it all, but 'twas fun nonetheless.

I'll be back for my take on those two events! But in the meantime...must. Rest.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Shopping craze + useful tidbit

Look who just got a makeover!

Discounts on female costumes (for Elementalist, Adelina Esperanza, Grace Bernelli, Emilia Guliano) end today! I'd probably be expecting a lot of these RNPCs decked in their pretty regalia. Monsieur Janzur's bound to be traipsing on his dreaaamzz and fantazzzieezz~!


Oh, I'm not sure if the contenders for this Saturday's PvP finals know about this little tidbit:

If you've been monitoring the sGE site, it was announced that our counterparts in Malaysia will also have their own launch party from Sept. 14-16! Whoever will emerge as the Philippine Champions in the Nationals will challenge the winning Malaysian team on the 15th!

I'm hoping that our local champs will give their opponents a hard time. Mwehehe. Good luck to all on Saturday! And yes, good luck to us.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Colony Wars (9/9/07): The brotherhood cometh + launch party microsite

Raquim DeSanggria: I'm too sexy for this server. XD

I decided to ditch the server hopping thingamajig in yesterday's Colony Wars in order to focus my sights on the war in Caravaggio, specifically for the newly-formed faction, AdeptasFraternas (Latin for Brotherhood of the Adept), headed by none other than Welling. The faction was a product of the merge of some Unholy and PasawayProphecy members who wanted to give ReBorn a run for their money.

And in this week's CW, they did just that. But then again, it wasn't going to be a walk in the park, since they were starting from scratch. And with a strong force such as ReBorn, it was definitely going to be a fight to the finish.

Although the DeSanggria boys were in no shape to join the war at that time, I nonetheless took them out of Al Quelt Moreza to focus more on what was happening in the faction's discussions. At that point, it was made clear that AF will try to take 6 colonies owned by ReBorn, which were in Rio Albi, El Canon de Diabolica, Porto Bello Quay, Desolate Cliff, Old Port of Coimbra and Katovic Snowfield. Save points were needed by each member who were to participate in the war.

An hour before the battle commenced, Welling was distributing high level valkyries as well as organizing squads and assigning members for each group. The Katovic plains was the first target, and with only a few minutes left before the official war starts, everyone was instructed to move to ch. 2 then wait for orders to go to ch. 1.

At precisely 8PM, the war notice sprang up all over Granado Espada, heralding the start of the colony wars. Contrary to NineMoon's observation in Cervantes, the war in Caravaggio saw a flurry of declaration notices as the first second of the war was announecd. The first 30 minutes of the action was rather "silent" in the sense that everyone had their focus on the colony target. A few moments thereafter, AF was successful in claiming Katovic, which then prompted the teams to head straight for Porto Bello Quay.

[On a funny note, someone broaded that colony takeovers took quite a long time, save for AF, who was the first to make a claim for more than 20 minutes after the war started.]

Checking out everyone's whereabouts, I noted that most of them have moved to the Cliff, which made me wonder if they've abandoned efforts in Quay. And all the while I was checking the map, I was surprised to find out that Katovic was once again reclaimed by ReBorn, although thankfully, the Deserted Cliff was branded by the AF name.

[And I've noticed once again that not many factions have become aggressive that day—everyone's apparently on a defensive position.]

Anyway, everyone in the group was just as shocked to have been KS-ed by Drow Faction who got Quay for themselves, thereby prompting Welling to declare war over their heads. At this time, the former tactic to overwhelm a particular location was changed. Squads took their places in various places to secure the sole colony as well as the other targeted territories.

ReBorn put up quite a fight as they once again reclaimed the Deserted Cliff, while AF suffered another KS in Rio Albi by the Zodiac Faction and in Quay by Ethereal.

Since I wasn't there to experience the action for myself, it was Welling who told me that the lag was completely and untolerably horrible. Faction and squad chats were delayed, which was probably the reason why I saw the faction scattering about in most places. And perhaps due to my stupidity, I missed the entire group's discussions as I was busy monitoring the System Notice, instead of the Faction Chat tab. *headdesk*

Nevertheless, AF was able to finally bring the Katovic colony, Diabolica and the Deserted Cliff under its wing. They made a rush to get to the Old Port of Coimbra and actually managed to leave 1/3 of damage before the end of the clock. When the excitement died down, AdeptasFraternas resounded all over GE with 3 colonies (27% HP boost), which was not so bad for a newly formed faction (who reached lvl 52 status on the same day the group was conceived!).

The Brotherhood on Caravaggio server.

Having said that, I have a feeling that Caravaggio will never be the same again.

Congratulations to everyone for a well-fought battle! And just for the record, here is the list of factions who declared war on that night:

TheUltimate v. Symphony
AdeptasFraternas v. ReBorn
AdeptasFraternas v. HeavyMachines
Zodiac v. ReBorn
YouWithWho v. Symphony
Ethereal v. Zodiac
Azyr v. Symphony
Exodus v. ReBorn
Rebirth v. Ethereal
Drow v. ReBorn
Eclipse v. Ethereal
Leviathan v. ReBorn
AdeptasFraternas v. Drow
Ethereal v. Drow
Justice v. Symphony
Eclipse v. Symphony
Exodus v. Symphony
Cynic v. Drow
Symphony v. DivineSociety
DivineSociety v. Eclipse
YouWithWho v. Eclipse
Cynic v. ReBorn
YouWithWho v. ReBorn


We've finally uploaded this really cool microsite for the launch party!

View it here!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The tournament of surprises

As you may well all know, I went to Warzone i-Cafe to observe the GE tournament for the Nationals which will happen on Sept. 15. Needless to say, going there was a major pain because I nearly got myself lost and walking under the scorching heat of the afternoon sun wasn't my idea of fun.

But then again, I digress.

Anyway, I arrived late, but thankfully, the match hasn't started yet. There were a total of 6 teams that joined, including 2 teams from CARNAGE, and one of each for Spartan, Ventorealle, Ad Infinitum and PinoyAllStars.

The matches, which were held in Liberty Colosseum, sported the players in pre-made accounts which featured characters in level 100 status. With a given budget of Vis, they spent their money on purchasing the necessary items such as bullets, potions and buffs.

To give you an idea on the battles that were, here's my recap of the preliminary matches that transpired:

First Match: Spartan v. CARNAGE 2

The members from Spartan Faction thought of circling the area to try to get first dibs on their opponent's home base. But the initial clash in the middle of the colosseum left most of them at the mercy of the CARNAGE team who awaited them, spamming skills wherever they went.


Second Match: Ventorealle v. CARNAGE 1

This was probably one of the swiftest victories for CARNAGE. Ventorealle did put up a resistance against their opponents, but had to concede after taking up a heavy beating.


Third Match: Ad Infinitum v. PinoyAllStars

The initial meet-up at the middle of the colosseum was rather exciting to watch. Neither teams wanted to go down so easily, despite the fact that most of their members had already fallen back. PinoyAllStars was quick to resurrect their fallen comrades, thereby providing them with the much-needed force to counter Ad Infinitum's offense.

WINNER: PinoyAllStars

Qualifying Round

The winning teams drew lots to determine the wildcard team and the other pair who will battle it out before taking on the wildcard. The winner for this round would then challenge the winner over at Gamefrog i-Cafe to determine the finalist who will go to the Nationals.

CARNAGE 1 v. PinoyAllStars

Contrary to CARNAGE 1's early victory was a stark contrast to this match. A lot of mishaps happened, starting with the team member's actions to take down the beacons before wiping out their enemies. GE PH Team Philippine rep Overseer who was part of this group was engaging enemies single-handedly, which ultimately led to most of the party's early demise. Ino, who was also within the ranks, was the only one left alive. The opposing team split their forces to stand guard over the fallen CARNAGE members, making sure that the sole survivor did not come back to resurrect his teammates. The other half made way for the CARNAGE beacon, which they successfully conquered.

WINNER: PinoyAllStars

CARNAGE 2 v. PinoyAllStars

CARNAGE Vice Faction Leader Infernalz led the second contingent of the team, going in for an aggressive strategy. Since this was a best of three match, everyone was in their high spirits when the matches took place. The first match saw to CARNAGE 2's victory, but the succeeding ones were won over by PinoyAllStars, who were quick to spam skills and take down their opponents.


Final Match: PinoyAllStars v. Renaissance (Gamefrog)

This best of three match saw the skills of these factions who belonged to the non-PK servers of Pachelbel and Carracci respectively. PinoyAllStars was aggressive from the very beginning, winning the first match with ease. However on the 2nd one, Renaissance changes strategies by not going directly to the middle of the colosseum, but instead went straight to the enemy base. PinoyAllStars, however, was quick to counter their plans. A few Renaissance members appeared in the middle of the place, where PinoyAllStars waited. Skills rained all over, but the Pachelbel team was quick to resu their fallen, thereby suppressing the attacks.


Having watched all matches, I only have one thing to say, and that's to ALWAYS be careful in buying your stuff. Most of the errors were done at this early stage, with some players mistakenly buying rifle bullets instead of those for pistols, while others erroneously alloted mana potions to their hot keys instead of healing potions. Heck, I'm no expert in PVPs, but as they say, it always pays to double check on your plans and strategies before heading off.

Veya and I had a roll teasing the CARNAGE guys over this minor episode though. Hehe.

And because I was busy covering the matches, I was only able to take a few minutes peek at the Vergo event. Well, the peek was quite long for some of the summoned bosses to kill my girls with much ease. Harhar. If ever Harbin gets to read this, I apologize for unceremoniously disappearing at the height of the event.

Anyway, enough with formalities...let's get on with the pic spammage!

That's CARNAGE's Sprikitik's mop of unruly hair. He was probably one of the loudest bunch during the matches. And incidentally, his lineup composed of a Musketeer, but he didn't buy bullets for the pistols during the first match. Genius, I say! XD

No serious moments for Seighart of CARNAGE. XP

Spot teh CARNAGE peepz: Ino, Overseer, Seighart, Infernalz, AquinoYap, Spirikitik & IIZordicII

The Champs: PinoyAllStars

Friday, September 7, 2007

Family update + National tournament

Two angels and a bear

Many thanks to RCM Hrin once again! Alaena is now a proud owner of a nice pair of Divine Angel Wings!


In other news, today marks the start of the National PvP Tournament. As we speak, the tournaments in Mindanao and in NCR have begun. But there are more tournament venues and schedules up next, so if you plan to join, there's still time!

Café Name/ Venue




Rommel Bldg., Lower Bonifacio St.,

Baguio City (Pending new café address)


Malolos, Bulacan


Gamefrog/ Warzone2020

Metrowalk, Pasig City/ Leon Guinto, Vito Cruz


Stargate Cyber Hub

Shopwise Sucat, Paranaque


K2 Phoenix

Ortigas Extension, Cainta, Rizal


Gol's Internet Café

Talamban (USC Talamban Campus), Cebu


Big bozz icafe

Pabayo, Hayes, Cagayan de Oro


Roxas Ave. Davao City


Take note that the winners for these areas will have their final face-off on September 15's Commercial Launch Party in One Esplanade! As for me, I'll be going to the Warzone i-Cafe to cover the event there. NineMoons, on the other hand, did say she was going to the Gamefrog i-Cafe to watch the happenings there.

And don't forget the Vergo Part 2 event! See ya!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I awoke with a start this 4AM when I read a text message from NineMoons saying that my site was blogspotted!

And true enough, my previous fanfic entry about the Vergo in-game event was featured in the sGE website with NineMoons' entry about the same topic!

And here I thought we both got the thumbs up sign because of our secret little PvP before. Harharhar.

To the new visitors of this blog, the DeSanggrias welcome you!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Return of Vergo the Cursed (part 2): Off to war!

It was almost daybreak when Cyradis stirred from her fitful slumber. Pulling back the covers, she yawned and stretched, then proceeded to go about her morning duties of scouting the area for any news and updates. She was already late for she could hear the stirrings beneath the Prancing Pony Inn where they spent the night in Cite de Reboldoeux.

She was already assembling her equipment of potions and healing pots when she noticed the faint rustle of the curtains from the corner of her eye. She quickly spun, drawing her dagger and assuming a defensive position.

“Oh, it’s just you, Alaena. You scared me! What are you doing there by the window?”

Her sister, Alaena, sat by the huge windowsill, observing the activities below. “Something’s up and about today,” she motioned Cyradis to come over and pointed at the cluster of people gathered at the city’s notice board. “Someone just put up an announcement just now. Wake Verdandi. We must know what this is all about.”

Cyradis knew the urgency to her elder sister’s tone, so she moved to Verdandi’s bedside and shook her quite thoroughly. It took her a good minute before her sister finally stirred and opened her eyes. “Wut?” Verdandi groggily mumbled.

“We have to go. Now.” It was Alaena.

Even Verdandi, who was notorious for her catty disposition, did not try to argue with her sister. Grumbling under her breath, she tossed the covers and marched to the bathroom, stomping her feet while at it.

“I need 10 minutes to fix my hair,” she hollered from the bathroom.

Alaena was already strapping the polearm to her back with Cyradis’ assistance. “Now,” she stressed.

They heard a strangled moan from the small room and the ruckus of Verdandi’s movements.

A few minutes after, the girls were down the square, easing their way from the already crowded area where everyone was busy with talks of the recently-posted announcement.

“The Dark Lord? I thought we finished him a few months ago!” A Fighter with burnished steel armor exclaimed.

“No matter. I shall personally see to it that this wretched creature is sent back to the bowels of hell with which he came from,” said a Musketeer.

“We’re going to rain photon splashes on that ‘tard, you’ll see,” a group of Wizards said smugly.

Ignoring the discussions around, the girls found their way in front of the notice board with other pioneering families. The wooden board was quite cluttered with advertisements from merchants and other traders within the city, but they did not find any difficulty looking for the notice in question for it was prominently placed…and written in bold, red letters:

Heroes, it’s time to put your training to good use! Let’s unite and fight against the evil forces of Dark Lord. The time is now! Join me in the good fight in Ferruccio Junction Channel 2 on the 8th of September in 1700 hours.

Pioneers, if you are up to the task, sign your family names on the attached sheet. Fame and recognition awaits those who will stand by the city’s defense.

For Queen and country!


Lady Doriane
1st Infantry Battalion

Cyradis saw the glint in Alaena’s eyes when she read the word “fame” in the notice. Seeing such a public issue of challenge would stir the warrior instinct in her sister. Without a word, she glanced at Verdandi and nodded. It seemed that they were thinking about the same thing.

Grabbing a quill from a flustered Elementalist wearing a Rosa Matrimonio dress, Verdandi quickly scribbled their names on the parchment paper.

We humbly pledge our allegiance to this noble quest. We shall aid the city’s defenses to the best of our abilities in order to rid the world of the foul stench of this accursed Dark Lord.

We are Alaena, Verdandi and Cyradis of the noble house of DeSanggrias and we give our oath of fidelity to Her Majesty, the Queen of Vespanola!

“That’s a trifle overdone, Verdandi,” notes Cyradis.

Verdandi tossed her blonde, curly locks over her shoulder. “Well, everyone else is going suicidal on this mission, so why not join the bandwagon?”

And for the first time since they arrived in Granado Espada, Alaena smiled. “Come on, we have some training to do…”


It's Vergo and he's back! See the reason to this hurriedly-written fanfic in this upcoming event!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Colony Wars (9/2/07): Rise of the new factions + GE launch party news

Yesterday's Colony Wars was a big change for me. First, this was the first CW of the commercial phase of the game, hence, factions who managed to grab some colonies made their first marks in the history of GE. Second, Ravenloft decided not to participate in the war as the faction leader was AFK leveling around that time, and third, it was the most quiet CW coverage I ever had.

Reporting about the war has never been difficult, unless your faction decides not to join in the muck for the meantime. But since this particular CW was all about claiming territories first, the action would be saved until next week for the defense of these colonies (in my opinion, that's where the real action kicks in).

Surprisingly, a lot of people were offline that night. Many were unsure if there was any war at all, seeing that no prior announcement was made. I checked the sGE site today and the announcement was there, but I do swear I looked into it last night and there was nary a word about the event. But of course, those who thought otherwise stuck it out and true enough, CW pushed through.

In spite of Ravenloft's non-participation in the event, I managed to sneak a peek at CARNAGE, who was busy organizing members to get the colonies in Pradera de Ceniza, Porto Bello's Deserted Quay, El Lago de Tres Hermanas, El Tejado Verde and El Canon de Diabolica. I heard that they had about 40+ people online that night (which wasn't so bad), and managed to get 3 out of 5 colonies that they earlier planned.

Meanwhile, Dominion has tipped the scales by conquering 8 COLONIES! O_O Meanwhile, the Cervantes map has produced new faces in the war zone in the names of Fenrir, WrathOfGod and DarkCrusade factions! I'm expecting more and more factions to emerge on the map now that everyone's gaining strength and showing more force when it comes to faction-on-faction wars.

Surprisingly though, ChocoPoring, the new faction where former Yakisoba junkies moved into after Tsubaki stepped down, had an initial colony before being wiped out at the end of the 2-hour war. I'm also expecting these guys to make a comeback in the future.

Anyway, congratulations to all factions who won their own colonies! See you all in next week's war!


More news about the upcoming GE PH Commercial Launch Party...

We're giving away FREE tickets to the Big Fish Night Party to the 1st 100 people who can present their e-Gamer Loyalty Cards! For those who don't have their own cards, fear not! You can apply for your own during the event itself! Remember, only the first 100 people to present/sign up for the Loyalty Cards will have their free entrance to this exciting Night Party!


This just in. The Big Fish Night Party tickets are pegged at Php 600. GE cosplayers and the 1st 100 people to present/sign up for the e-Gamer Loyalty Card get the tickets for free! Note that tickets can only be claimed strictly at 10PM.

P.S.: Don't mind the typo. XD I didn't make that banner. Hehe.