Monday, March 31, 2008

[Pluggage] DeSanggria writes about GE

I'd like to invite you guys here in the Philippines to go grab a copy of Playground Magazine's March issue. I recently wrote an article about Bahia Island and Tierra de los Muertos and I was just floored when I received my copy today (the all-nighter I pulled up finally paid off! T_T).

Zeh magazine cover

W00t! My family's screenies are there!

In other news, I just received word, straight from Mistress Hrin herself...our beloved Regional Community Manager is one of our distinguished guests in e-Games Domination II on April 6!!!

Holy beard of Ferruccio Espada!!!!

All the more reasons for you guys not to miss this great event! Woohoo!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

[Picspam] Girl gamers...not a myth!

And today's event was proof of that.

The Girl Gamer Gathering, spearheaded by pCM Veya, gathered the female GE gamers to a day of freeplay and chit chat. I am happy to say that the servers were well represented, well, except for Caravaggio which had no representatives.

Anyway, I saw some familiar faces there while enjoying the freeplay that time, not to mention the fact that I made new friends.

Among the familiar faces I saw was Riasa, known in-game as stormseeks from Vivaldi. I've known her for a long time in the cosplay community, and I think I dragooned her into playing GE back in the CBT days. Time does fly so fast and I was surprised to know that she was the one (and only) gamer in the group who reached Expert level just a week ago. In the course of our talk, she told me she just upgraded her PC and spent more than Php 30k just to put her stuff on a nice Quadcore processor, super nice video card, a huge memory, and a flatscreen monitor. And of course with a spazzy PC, she almost always never experiences the lag most of us grit our teeth over.

Moral lesson: get yourself a super high-end PC to enjoy (and actually kill people) during Colony Wars.

We had a raffle as well, and some lucky gahls went home with great prizes. NineMoons got herself a Le Blanc of her choice, Oliveoyl won for herself 500 Adelina's Booty searches, stormseeks got an Elite La Ventisca, and Sigrid bagged a Cumolonimbus shield.

A focus group discussion was also held to talk about player issues about the game. Among those discussed were the feedback about certain cash shop items that should be priced more reasonably, the ever-persistent issue on lag, bots and RMTers, and suggestions for improvement.

All in all, the event was was nice to hang around with fellow girl gamers, and yes, we're not a myth. Girl gamers do exist. ^_^

And now for some browser-killing pictures. >:)

Moi, NineMoons, Veya, Fetuccini

Girl gamers serious mode

What would be a girl gathering without teh pics? XD

FFA winners: NineMoons, Fetuccini & Mortreux

stormseeks of Vivaldi...the resident girl gamer mamaw XD
also known as the girl who only turns off her PC during maintenance

We love our GE shirts! Front view..

We love our GE shirts! Back view..

See you all in the next event! ^_^

Friday, March 28, 2008

Price hike on Mercenary License O.O

Just after this Thursday's (March 27) server maintenance, one of my faction mates noted the sudden increase of the price of the Mercenary License. From 11,000 Gpoints, the price was jacked up to 15,000 Gpoints. And of course, since most of the people spent equal amount of time in-game and in the forums, it was inevitable that somebody opened up the topic here.

Based from what I've read, here are the reasons why players are creating so much ruckus about this issue.
  1. It was not officially announced. Naturally, people will be outraged with this price hike without even consulting the players first.
  2. The 15k GP price is way too much. I can just imagine the burden this will be to the PH gamers because we don't have the 18k & up GP denomination. The current highest GVC value we have is only 12k GP, and 12k is not even enough to buy your essential stuff, not when you're always questing for Pure Otites, equipment enhancers and character promotions.
  3. IAH took quite long to give any semblance of response when this was such a hot topic in the forums.
Okay, so finally after 11 pages, RCM Hrin has finally broken the silence.

Ok ok guys, chill, chill.

It's not some major conspiracy or anything like that. Just that there was a miscommunication between the patch notes guy and myself. Usually I will be the one announcing any item mall releases and whatnots and patch notes guy will post patch notes for any changes to the existing system.

Just that this time around, there was a miscommunication between us in assuming that each of the other will post it since it is a fine line as to whether it is patch notes or item mall updates.

They certainly got it right when they say when it rains, it pours...

There are currently some login problems with the CMS (Content Management System) due to some changes in security measures. The tech team is fixing that and it should be resolved pretty soon. When I am able to log in, I will post it up on the GE website okie?

In the meantime, sorry about the bad timing and the previous miscommunication with you guys. - Hrin

And when someone asked if such price would be permanent, here is her reply:

Yup it will be permanent. It was a very last minute thing and we were reluctant to do so, but unfortunately, certain things are not entirely in our hands.

One of the reasons that I can disclose is also that there has been a lot of discussion by the management in regard to RMT and they wish to clam down further on it. 70% of the scam cases we are handling has to do with mercenary licenses and most of the RMT circle accounts have been linked to this as well.

There will be further action to clam down further on RMT in the weeks to come but at this point in time, a lot of things are unconfirmed and I am unable to disclose them for security reasons. - Hrin

And now for my input:
  • I never really understood what she meant in her first reply. [edit] Ok, from what I've understood (after careful reading), there was a miscommunication that happened between Hrin and the tech team who updates the patch notes in-game. Hrin is usually the one who announces any updates of anything related in-game, while their tech team is in charge of the technical side of these updates. Now that there seemed to be a problem in their website uploader program, Hrin can't post an official announcement until such problem gets fixed.
  • Hmm..wouldn't it be more prude to await the fixing of their website uploader tool before implementing anything in-game? I actually sympathize with the players because vital information on these things should be cascaded properly before actually implementing them.
  • I agree with polarbearz that passing the burden of the sins of the RMTers to legit players is a tad bit unfair. I believe there are other ways to clamp down on these illegal transactions, but to penalize those who've been playing clean and who've been spending honest money to enjoy the game is too much.
To RCM Hrin & the IAH management, I think it's best that a dialogue should be conducted between you and the players to address the many issues of this game. By involving your players in your decisions, you'll be able to mobilize them to actually be pro-active against those who violate the rules. I sincerely believe that GE is one of the best games out there, and I'd be saddened if it just turns out to be a game that does not listen to the voice of its consumers. I'd be happy to lend a hand for this to be made into a realization, and I'm pretty sure other concerned gamers would do the same.


Now that speech is over, I'm glad I haven't merc-ed any of my characters, nor would I plan to.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

This one weirded me out, but I srsly LOLed

I never thought you can actually sing an instrumental accompaniment, particularly the log in music (Granado Espada by Kubota Osamu). Onigiri from the sGE forums posted this, much to the people's delight.

While listening to this, I was wondering what the singer was actually saying, until I realized it was the Japanese Romanization of Granado Espada---Guranado Esupada.

Hmm..this gave me an idea...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The not-so-secret project

Soon to be seen on e-Games Domination II

Let's just hope I get it done on time.

My first l337 toy

I made a bold move to spend the remaining part of my salary to buy 12k Gpoints in order to work on farming for pure otites. With Amihan the Elementalist, my 4th veteran, finally joining the ranks some 2 weeks ago, I figured it would be best to start working on those 92 elites.

Perhaps the easiest bunch to create was the Elite Skullic Bracer, now that I've topped up my previous IOTM code. And so on that fateful Easter Sunday, I made my way to Tierra de los Muertos and started the gruelling task of killing undead uglies.

Needless to say, going to and fro this dark domain can be a bit boring, especially if the Gloomy Old Man happened to be in a foul disposition and only gives you 1 pure otite per visit. I thought I'd be doing the quest all day, that was until a party of PO farmers added me up to their squad, thus ending my long standing gripe about the stingy old man and the seemingly neverending quest of reaching the 30 PO mark.

Happy little girl with her l337 toy

That day truly was a good one for me, as I've finally earned Amihan's first 92 l337 toy.

Many thanks to my squadmates that Sunday. I hope to bump on you guys for my next PO farming. ^_^

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just for kicks...

I tried doing voice overs for Grace Bernelli and here's the result...

Good thing her original VOs are low pitched and suited my man-like voice. LOL. I hope Bernelli fans won't burn me to the ground. Hehehe. This is just something I did out of boredom.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Two times the charm

[begin award-like speech]

I've been blog-spotted once again! W00t! ^0^

I feel like this honor goes without saying that I am grateful to the following people:

  • Mistress Hrin, for the opportunity of blog-spotting me again;
  • My interviewees: Fetuccini, Reclusion, NineMoons and Fiksdotter, for the time in answering my questions;
  • The winning FFA participants not included in the interview: Weisswritter, Mortreux, iCez (my son LOL), Mena, Behringer and Artaxerxes;
  • The people who've expressed their warmest regards in this honor...

The DeSanggria Family gives their biggest, heartfelt thanks. It is because of you guys that I will continue to write about GE and the wonderful people that make this game worth my while. ^_^

[/end award-like speech]

Monday, March 17, 2008

*le sigh*

I just wanna get this out of my chest.

It seems that a well known b***** is now back in the game after paying the required fee to reinstate a permanently banned account.

This is one of these reasons why I'm getting more and more disappointed about this game. It goes to show that as long as you have the money, you can bend the rules.

I hate to say this, but that is so typical Pinoy.

It just feels so bloody unfair to those who play clean and follow the rules. What's even ironic is that those who follow the rules get their accounts suspended. Lahdifarkinghdah.

Oh yeah, the world is going to the dogs.

Friday, March 14, 2008

[Part2] Tete-a-Tete with the FFA grand winners

[Part1] Interview with 3rd place winners: Weisswritter, Fetuccini and Mortreux

As promised, here's my interview with Reclusion's Team. Also included in the interview are NineMoons and Fiksdotter, who were the scriptwriters for Not Another Love Story (1 & 2) and Le Blanc, respectively. Do also note that NineMoons and Fiksdotter were involved in both films as well (as voice actors & moral support cheering squad XD).

Not Another Love Story 2: Zee Musical!

Carracci/Cervantes Servers

Le Blanc (White)


Carracci Server

DeSanggria (DS): What was your initial reaction upon learning that you won the 2 top spots in the competition?

Reclusion (R): Stunned...tumbling in the air while doing cappoera, diablo, verticals and a split in the finale.

Not to be a braggart and all, but I did expect that one of my entries will land on any of the 3 spots, but the shocking thing was both of my entries landed first and second!

NineMoons (NM): Initial reaction was, of course, to punch the air. Couldn't help but feel giddy, buoyant, happy. I had been waiting for the announcement with not a little dread, so when we heard, it was a huge relief.

Fiksdotter (F): I was really surprised about the result because the final week was opened for new entries and there was the possibility that there will be changes in results.

DS: Where did you get the idea to create Le Blanc and Not Another Love Story (NALS)?

R: For Le Blanc, I just told Fiksdotter that I want a movie that will promote the game as a whole. So we decided to make a biographical movie about Andre Janzur. By involving Andre, it involved in-game fashion since we were making a movie about the game's couturier.

Another thing notable thing in Le Blanc is the dialogue. I wanted a movie ala Will Ferell, where you can appreciate their quotable quotes. Zoolander was also one of Fiksdotter's inspiration for Le Blanc.

For NALS, we just wanted an out of the box idea with regards to the streotyping of the Royalists and Republicans. The first thing that you'll upon hearing the word Royalist Vs. Republicans is war, right? But my team begged to differ. We wanted something different! Talk about a failed love story from the leaders and making the Republican head a gay dude! Special thanks to you for your wild idea during the first bloggers' meet! [DS notes: Was it me? I thought it was all of us who thought about it. Hehehe.]

The musical part was also borne out of the idea that we wanted to something different yet again. Hrin commented that one of the edges of Le Blanc was the voice overs. But we already did that, so we thought of something else...WE WILL SING! Obviously, the musical was inspired from Disney films.

NM: The initial idea for NALS came about from silly, funny, half-joking discussions we'd had among our group of friends. We wanted to do a unique story, and we also wanted to be funny - and that's where we realized that the screwball/romantic comedy approach would work. We also wanted to poke fun at Gabriella and Simon - they were the leaders of the political parties, but why the heck were they fighting? The answer to that became the initial seed for NALS.

F: As the scriptwriter of Le Blanc, I was greatly influenced by Western films and some films here
in the Philippines.

DS: What was your most enjoyable experience in making the videos?

R: Sleepless nights! Yeah it's hard, but I enjoyed it! The bonding moments with my team in the Mountains of Sierra Madre...and the sGE secret Bloggers-turned-my-team meeting!

NM: I was responsible for half the scripts of the two NALS movies; the other team members contributed more than half of the humor to the dialogue. It was fun for me because I wanted to see if I could write the way sitcom writers do.

F: I should say doing voice over for the characters. This was really out of plan since we plotted the story for Le Blanc last November 2007.

DS: What was the most difficult experience in making both movies?

R: It's difficult to coordinate with your team especially when you're far away and the only means of communication is Yahoo Messenger and a telephone!

NM: The voice overs! Hands down! I was supposed to voice some of the minor female characters, but lost my recorder *grumble grumble*

F: Actually, I was really mixed up at first because as much as possible, there should be no external influence from other movies that I have watched. But thankfully, I made a good script out of it. In addition, the most difficult thing on writing Le Blanc's story is how to make a new character out of it.

DS: Who do you consider your biggest competitors in the FFA?

R: I admit I was shocked to see The Artist Society Team! Knowing that they are already "professionals in this kind of competition", they've already made movies such as 3D animations and real life movies. They're contest people in short.

NM: ...Ourselves? I mean, our director had three films in the competition, and every single one stood a more than decent chance of making the Grand Finale.

F: I found Fetuccini's team as a good competitor because their transitions were really good with clean feel on each scene, which made it outstanding.

DS: If you had the opportunity to create another GE flick, what theme would it be and why?

R: Let's try horror (I already did a test run to it!) and action-comedy. [DS notes: The horror film Reclusion's talking about is Circlo.]

NM: I want to try and do something like a kung fu movie! ...Maybe when Bai Hu comes out? I want him and Feng Ling to do something like my favorite Hong Kong action film, Hero! All nobility and flying swords and gorgeous cinematography!

F: I really would take the course of having a story about M'Boma.

DS: Do you plan to create more GE films in the future?

R: I'm planning to do a real-life-movie-meets-machinima this summer + teh sequel for Le Blanc. But for now, I don't even want to see a FRAPS watermark in my GE window!

NM: As scriptwriter, absolutely. As a movie maker myself, I think I owe it to myself to try my hand at it very soon.

F: If there will be an opportunity, why not!

DS: How are you going to spend your prize loot?

R: Me and Ace (Artaxerxes) are planning to go to Hong Kong to enjoy and relax this summer! Wanna come? [DS notes: Sure, as long as you provide teh moolah for the air fare. Bwahaha!]

NM: A nice day out with my BF, and buying lots of clothes. I've already got a shopping list in mind....

F: I would love to enroll myself for a crash course in computer multimedia as offered to me by an institution here in the Philippines.

DS: Any message to your teammates/FFA participants?

R: Three words: Boom we rock!

NM: Let's do this again! We must keep our banner flying! Remember - story first, video second, and friendship all the way!

F: To my teammates in FFA, it was really an honor to be with you guys working on this project. To the other participants, thanks for the competition and it was really worth competing with you guys.

Team Le Blanc (l-r): Artaxerxes (VO for Andres), Mena (VO for Andre/Andrew, La Stinka), Fiksdotter (scriptwriter, VO for La Passion), Behringer (subber, chocnut hoarder), DeSanggria (VO for 3 elem ladies), Reclusion (legendary director)

Team NALS (l-r): Artaxerxes (VO for Simon/Joseph), Reclusion (legendary director), Behringer (subber, VO for Jacobe), NineMoons (scriptwriter), DeSanggria (VO for Gabriella/Caridad/Graves)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

[Part1] Tete-a-tete with the FFA grand winners

As previously mentioned, the grand winners of the recently-concluded Fantazztic Film Awards all came from the Philippines! It's such a big honor indeed to be a GE PH gamer, with these people bagging the honor and glory for our country!

And as my way for honoring these fantazztic people, I took the liberty to interview them about their experience before and after the harrowing process of creating their films.

Without further ado, here's my interview with Fetuccini's team!


Cervantes Server

DeSanggria (DS): What was your reaction when you learned that you won 3rd place in the finals?

Fetuccini (F): Zaleski (a friend/factionmate) told me about the results but I ignored him at first cause he usually jokes about it, then when I checked IAH website...I was happy!

DS: What was your inspiration why you came out with the movie Perdonato? What does "Perdonato" mean, btw?

F: Perdonato is an Italian word means "forgiven". I was surfing that time looking for a good short story. Then I read Leo Tolstoy's "God Sees The Truth". I asked Mortreux to read it, then his reaction was..aww sad. Then I got this feeling that we should submit a different FFA entry since we already did a comedy film that won in IAH week. [FFA entries: Everybody Loves Viki and Mr. & Mrs. G]

DS: What was the contribution of each member in the making of the film?

F: Mortreux did the shots/video editing. I arranged the story and the sound editing, and mostly did the finishing touches. Weisswritter did most of the morale support, since he was busy with his school. XD And yeah, he always suggested to use his fave character, Jack, to be the star.

DS: How long did it take you to make the movie?

F: Two weeks ><. We actually planned to get it with voice overs but Mortreux got busy with his masteral.

What was the most enjoyable stuff that you experiened while making the video?

F: When we were almost done doing the video, we were all laughing cause Weiss was joking about the ending, suggesting a different way Jack died. But when I got the sounds done, we were like silent for a monent. We were touched by the story + music.

DS: What were some of the difficulties you encountered while making the video?

F: Shooting was the hard part. First, my HDD was goin full, then we had to adjust and plan when to shoot cause we have to borrow Gyges (Cervantes) and Familier (Cervantes) accounts for the Grandice and other characters. We almost ran out of ideas on how to shoot every scene. XD

DS: Do you have plans to make any more films now that FFA is over?

F: Yea.. but not too soon.. just waiting for an insipration and good ideas..

DS: How are you guys going to split the loot? >:)

F: I think it's already by "Possesion of a prior Family" option already. :D Though my mom was asking my bro (Weisswritter) that they split his share of the prize money.

DS: Do you guys have plans of joining the next FFA?

F: YEA!!

DS: Any message to your teammates/other FFA participants?

F: Congrats to all~ Everyone did a good job! Continue making movies and get inspired. We are all winners.. Gpts FTW~

(l-r) Weisswritter, Fetuccini & Mortreux


Due to the length of the interviews, my next post will include the interview with Reclusion's team, who bagged the first and second top spots!

Stay tuned, Pioneers! ^_~

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The mother of all epic wins

The FFA results are in! And I'm very happy and proud to say that the Philippines bagged the awards in the entire competition!!

1st Place:
Not Another Love Story 2: Zee Musical!

2nd Place:
Le Blanc
Carracci Server

3rd Place:
Cervantes Server

Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics @ - Image hosted by

All the hard work, sleepless nights and long conversations finally paid off! Kudos to all of you for a job well done!

Just look at what these lucky dudes won for themselves:

Grand Master (1st Prize)
Team will walk away with USD1200.
Each team member will be allocated US$400.

Expert (2nd Prize)
Team Mates will walk away with USD900.
Each team member will be allocated US$300.

Veteran (3rd Prize)
Team Mates will walk away with USD600.
Each team member will be allocated US$200.

Not only that, all those who participated in the FFA will be given 70k G-Points each!

Again, my heartfelt congratulations to all of you, most especially to the GE bloggers who won! Tumbling na 'to sabay split sa ere! BOHAHAHAHAHA!

Balato naman dyan, amf.

Monday, March 10, 2008

De-stressing in the mountains

Staying awake for 24 hours wasn't exactly my idea of de-stressing after a week's load of work, but it was certainly worth it if you're with the crazy bunch of NineMoons, Rosso, the Reclusions, Fiksdotter and Artaxerxes.

We all met that Saturday night and spent the entire time talking, eating and drinking atop the hills of Antipolo, specifically in Cloud 9. It was a perpetual, backbreaking climb to get there but the chilly air of the night compensated for the hot weather down the polluted streets of Manila. Hehehe.


The blinking skyline view in Cloud 9 was absolutely breathtaking as we watched the city go to sleep. Meanwhile, we feasted on sisig, grilled squid and several bottles of San Mig Light (NineMoons and I shared the margarita drink..squeee!) while talking about GE and the community.

It somehow seemed like another unofficial bloggers meet as we discussed our woes about some particular peepz riding on the following issues:

  • FFA
  • the Republican Alliance (this particular subject got me peeved to a point where I neatly downed all the beer I can probably drink)

Reclusion did lay crumbs along the way, so if you're the curious kid, good luck in finding out who those so-called Gothasaurus (a term coined by the Reclusions). Although I would always say that I'm up for a PvP session with these turds anytime (and I'd be willing to dish up a few tricks here and there just to shut their bloody traps), but I guess I'll just have to wait and see if these guys will grow brains to realize they're a huge nuisance to the community as a whole.

Ok, enough with the harangue.

The only group pic I had...and it's blurred! T_T

Anyway, we did enjoy ourselves that time. We enjoyed so much that we ended up talking until 5AM! I can't believe there was so much to talk about in those hours. Our get-together sort of served as a celebration as well for NineMoon's blog anniversary, so lemme just take this opportunity for a late greeting. Hehehe.

Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics @ - Image hosted by

That's it for now. Until next time!

Read about their exploits about this meeting here:

Sunday, March 9, 2008

An interview with the Republican President

The beginning of the month saw through the election of the Royalist Duke and the Republican President. We can all say that Colony Wars from this point in time will be fought with much ferocity and ardor, now that the stakes have been drawn and the challenge has been issued. But do you really know your Duke and President?

In this entry, I interviewed the first Republican President of Carracci, †Bayushi†, faction leader of Outcasts. Read on to know more of his plans as the leader of the Republicans, his efforts to mobilize the Alliance, and how his being President has shaped the way he leads his faction as a whole.

Family Name: †Bayushi†
Faction: Outcasts
Family Level: 24
Main Team: Actually this depends on the situation since I intentionally made a lot of characters which will best suit the faction’s activity. I have 2 Claude Baudez (LordClaude and Lord Oliver), 2 fighters (Hitomi no and Empress Kachiko), 2 Catherine’s (LadyKatherine and LadyCatherine), Emilia the Sage (Megumi no) and an Elementalist (Karina no).

DeSanggria (DS): You won the President seat by a landslide. Why did the Republican factions agree to let you take the helm without so much a competition?

†Bayushi† (B): The Republicans placed their trust in Outcasts Faction since we are always active every CW. Also, the Outcasts displayed good showmanship when it comes to every aspect of the game. Being the faction’s leader, the Republicans entrusted the task of the Presidency to me as they believed I can lead them all into battle with the Royalists.

DS: What are your plans as the President of the Republicans?

B: Gearing up the Alliance is the first task that we are doing right now. We all want to give the Royalists a good fight and to make a stand as Republicans, and so we want to equip ourselves with the right ammunition, armors and weapons-wise, as well as battle tactics. But I believe the Republicans go beyond the concept of winning the war. We want to be a united Alliance. As the Republican President, my main goal is to mobilize the Alliance to move as one, to win as one, even to lose as one. Winning and losing is part of the game, but I’d rather have us lose as one team, than to achieve victory as separate factions.

DeSanggria poses with Mr. President

DS: If given the opportunity to be the Chancellor, how will you distribute the tax among your members and the Republicans?

B: This is a very hard task since every Republican faction has varying numbers of attendance every CW. I think the best way to do this is to have a weekly attendance per faction to be submitted to the Alliance auditor, then sum it up, divide the tax by the total number of members present during that CW in order for all players to have an equal share in their hard work.

DS: How has the Presidency changed the way you run Outcasts as its Faction Leader?

B: Some of my members keep on calling me Mr. President, His Excellency and a lot more, but generally speaking, the faction management hasn’t changed since the elections.

DS: How will you mobilize the Republicans into a strong, solid Alliance?

B: For now, all I can do is to educate each faction leader about the appropriate attitude which best suits the situation of the Republicans here in Carracci and to bring it down to their subordinates. An alliance must always have faith and trust within the group in order for us to achieve our goal. Also, since it is hard for us to gain a colony because of the dominating presence of the Royalists here in Caracci, we must always do our part and avoid pointing fingers every time we fail. This will lessen misunderstandings and unwanted debates which happened with the old Republican Alliance.

†Bayushi† and his l337 toys

DS: The Royalists have dominated the Carracci map for a long time. How will the Republican Alliance change this?

B: As of now, the real issue here is about numbers. The ratio of the Royalists versus the active Republicans is 3:1 or even 4:1. We are trying hard to have more active members in order to increase the population of the Republican Army.

“We may not win this war, but we will meet them in battle nonetheless.” – Theoden, Lord of the Rings Two Towers and Return of the King

DS: What can you say about the Royalist Duke, Chan (FL of Destiny)?

B: Chan is a good friend of mine and I know he will be a responsible Duke and Chancellor. He speaks rarely but is very friendly.

†Bayushi† wearing the Sword of Freedom

DS: What's the best thing about being the Republican President?

B: More work, no pay. Just kidding ^_^. Popularity and respect is what I earned from being the President of the Republicans. I am enjoying it, but I really am not used to being addressed as Mr. President because I prefer being called by my name, Riko.

DS: Any message for the Republicans and the Royalists?

B: Faith is all it takes for us to achieve our goals. Trust is what we need to have a solid foundation with the people who share the same vision. We are the Republicans of Caracci! Through faith and trust, we will move on to survive as one!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Just to show how messy I really am...'s a screenshot of what my desktop looks like, as tagged by NineMoons.

By now you're probably going to ask...why don't I have a GE wallpaper in my desktop?

Well, aside from my obvious obsession about GE, I'm also psyched to play Hellgate: London. In fact, I have a level 7 Marksman character by the name of Yldera. Yeah, she's still a noob, but I'll soon get back to leveling her (once I've depleted the combat manuals I'm using in Carracci right now hehe). Since I have this certain bias for long ranged characters, I chose to play the Hunter class in HGL.

As you can see, I haven't gone to clean my desktop with all the JPEG files cluttered out there. It just goes to show what a lazy bum I am (hehe), not to mention the zipped files that I haven't sorted out.

The only games I got installed aside from HGL and GE is RAN Online, one of our published games...and a competitor's game title (muahahaha!). I haven't gotten to play the latter game as there seems to be something wrong with their validation page.

Anyway, that's just about that. Now as part of the cycle of this meme, I'm tagging a few of my friends as well:

CM Veya

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The White Baron cometh

It was this week's maintenance when I realized how frustrating it was to wait for the 5PM mark before the servers went up. I had a magazine article deadline to beat, and the frickin' maintenance schedule got in the way of my plans.

So I counted each excruciating hour, and finally when the servers were opened, I quickly logged in, put on the Wheel of Destiny on my Wizard and sprayed otite perfume on all my 3 characters. Then I pestered Reclusion to lemme borrow his extra Le Blanc and headed off to Porto Bello Quay.

Welcome to the Dark Side.

Having a walkthrough for the baron quest proved to be quite useful as I didn't have to bungle my way looking for the location of the quest requirements. But being the natural klutz that I was, I nearly wasted my mystery powders with these stupid mistakes:

  • I sometimes forgot to activate the quest for pure otites from the Gloomy Old Man. The walkthrough did warn me about it, but what the was late, I was sleepy and I was feeling cranky with the deadline hanging over my head.

Undead ghouls = m0ar otites!

  • My stupid internet connection almost always gave up on me...right when I was watching the e-drama with Kurt, Edward and Sir Lyndon. Talk about major cliffhangers. Alas, more wasted mystery powders.
  • I couldn't kill the lvl 106 boss undead Fighter in the quest. You should've seen me hacking furiously at my keyboard pumping in those pots XD. Good thing a faction mate was there to lend a hand.
At the end of the quest, I was asked to choose which baron I should aid. Since I've noticed a sudden deluge of Kurt Lydons populating Carracci, I opted to help the other baron, Edward Jameson.

Let me tell you that I actually hesitated to choose Edward because I may have a hard time getting his card as I heard that I have to defeat Kurt (unlike in getting Kurt's card where you can get it even if you lose to Edward).

And you know what? The funniest thing happened to me while I was battling Kurt. First off, my Scout died (naturally..since she only had 49 DR >.<). Then my Musketeer tanked Kurt, who eventually died (stupid connection didn't get the pots in time, dammit!). When I saw Kurt hacking stupidly on my levitating Wizard, I knew this fight was in the bag. Bwahahaha!

I actually killed a lvl 115 enemy! *tears of joy*

And so, I'm very happy to add Tybalt Candore into the DeSanggria family barracks. ^_^

Some few photo ops:

Time for some Brokeback: My Edward with Reclusion's Edward

White Grim Reaper! Squeee! :3

I actually got his name from the anime Romeo x Juliet. I actually wanted to name him Romeo Candore (after the main character, Romeo Candore Van de Montague), but it sounded flaky and lame so I chose a supporting character's name, Tybalt, instead.

Now that I got that aside, 92 elites here I come! *goes to hunt for m0ar pure otites*

Many thanks to the ff. people:
Tjia of Friends Faction