Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An unexpected surprise

Ok, so I apparently missed a few. My eyes must be failing me.

My entry


Someone else's

Ah, well. At least I scored myself a few ABS. :D

Thanks, dudes from IAH. ;) Hope to see more mini-games like these.

Cirque du Soleil in June

RCM Hrin has recently blogged about the upcoming release of v.3.4.14, otherwise known as the circus patch. Ok, there's no official name for the patch just yet, so I just made that up XD.

The new patch looks promising, with new maps and a new RNPC to recruit. The cat pet will also be released in this patch, though I do hope it doesn't consume much pet food as Pigling does (still haven't got the pig luck's not really rubbing off).

One thing that got me salivating in Hrin's post was the update on the Premium Treasure Boxes! Every single item is worth something (especially those Constellation signs), so there's probably no better time to get that from the Item Shop (well, I'd be floored if they brought back the Phoenix wings though...I'd love to have that D:).

The patch is set to be rolled out in 18 June. I am somewhat excited about all this, in the sense that I'm assuming that this is going to be a more challenging map than Zeia. Speculations are already up and about, saying that the patch might herald the release of the Master Promotion Scrolls.

Gosh, the requirements just keep getting a lot more steep in every patch update.

Hrin is opening the doors to suggestions for the patch name for v.3.4.14, so if you happen to think up of something that would fit the circus-like theme, then do make those suggestions count!


In other news, a new GE server in Vietnam is currently up in the works. Based from what I understood in Hrin's post, Vietnam will have their own GE, although I think they're working closely with IAH. I'm not sure if I interpreted it as a new server, or whether Vietnam will play a distributor role for the SEA version of GE. Kindly correct me if ever I missed anything. :x

Nevertheless, I hope the GE community continues to grow, regardless of the server we all play in. ^^


Some stuff I picked up in the forums about jGE: They're getting seiyuus (or voice actors) for RNPC VOs!

For those who've watched a few anime shows and played a few videogames know how seiyuus can make or break the overall persona of a character. I, for one, have been a huge fan of the Japanese VOs for GE characters and I absolutely find their voices extremely suited for the role.

This blog particularly talks about the specific RNPCs that need some really kick-ass VOs. I've come across some familiar seiyuu names and needless to say, I would absolutely love to hear their voices in those characters!

And yes, jGE is getting their own RNPC by the name of Miyufu. They say she's a martial artist type, though she looks more like a samurai to me based on her costume.


Straight from the horse's mouth: Uncle Meepoktah tweets about plans for an upcoming GE tournament...Team Arena style!

Unfortunately, I suck at this, so I hope everyone else joins! Hehehe. This is going to be so much fun. I hope I can get to watch in the sidelines. XD


RANT: Does anyone read these days? I mean...seriously. There's another facepalm thread in the forums complaining about the re-scheduled maintenance. Yeah, yeah, another round of self-pwnt posts on why it wasn't properly announced. Kinda weird because I saw the web announcement early this week.

Get this: they say that not everyone checks the website and forums for updates like this. I nearly ROFLed.

Man, oh man...God save the world from pea-brained whiners. <_<

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Presenting...the Noble's Court!

If you've been spending a lot of time in the forums (like me XD), chances are, you've seen the Operation: N teaser that the IAH staff cooked up. Frankly speaking, the teaser worked wonders as it got everyone (well, most of the players who frequented the forums) abuzz with what the secrecy was all about.

Sir Lyndon unveils the mystery.

It was pretty mysterious back then, with speculations ranging from various things, that was, until someone cracked the seekretz with a preview done in other GE countries. Not that they had the same program, but rather the rewards itself.

Anyway, everything's all revealed now. Operation: N, or The Noble's Court, is actually some sort of reward system that gives stuff to players for reaching a certain family level.

I see an Ancient Shelter Pass listed there. Yay! :3

Players with family level 20 and who've completed the Vespanola's Ten Nobles Quest (Bahama series of quests) will get the consumables listed, plus a flag back costume. However, those who've finished the same quest but have family levels 25 and above will get an additional 30 day flag which gives DR+1.

According to Kaioujin, this includes your base family level plus the additional if you're part of a faction.

This also means that I will have to pick a side for my small faction (whether Royalist or Republican) if I will want to claim even the 30 day DR+1 flag.

Nevertheless, this is great news! There's going to be a lot of motivation for players to grind and promote their characters for additional family levels. Over the next few months, more Noble Ranks will be released, and I think the levels are going to be raised for that matter. I do hope the rewards are extra sweet for that. :D

Viscounts and Earls...sounds interesting.

Time to vet some characters then. *cracks knuckles*

Know more about The Noble's Court here!

Selva, the Knight Protector

Woooo! I gots teh goods! :3

Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting pwnt D:

First off, we haz new ABS loot! Yay!

My girls are loving it! :3 But I'd reaaaaallly want to get the Clivia Sprite costume for the Musketeer, Pigling and those 1-year wings! But I just burned 100ABS but got another Gold School Costume for Scout and a Star Knuckle. Looks like my luck is still in the works.

Anyway, I tried to have a crack at the new features of the latest patch. I joined the Joaquin Barrier Siege one afternoon, and I have to say that this one's a tougher nut to crack compared to the one generated by mission stones.

Gang laep tiemz!

I squadded up with a few AS peepz and other high tier players for this mission, but dang, the mobs pack quite a punch! I burned a few SCs, but we totally lost the mission. The mobs were just too many and there weren't that much of us in the squad to clear all obstructions. Still, the experience was quite something.

And that night, I PMed a few friends if they wanted to join the 8PM Team Arena just for kicks. I even broaded for good measure just to fill up the slot.

Together with fellow CC Blacksword, Falkenhausen, Pai Man Llavore and some new found friends. My DFL, Trianna, joined in some time before the mission started.

I have never played DoTA all my life, so I don't have a clue how the Team Arena works. So here's how everything looked like in the middle of the battle.

Blue team gets pwnt for what seems like forever.

I finally learned some valuable lessons after this failed mission.
  1. Kill some mobs, get coins. You and your teammates can farm coins and compile all these together to buy some useful buffs and debuffs for your team and against the enemies.
  2. You can never run all the way to the opponent's base, not unless you're on a suicide mission.
  3. Sure, they say that everyone's basically on the same AR & DR. But darnit, ELNs and Marlin Javelins hurt. A lot.
To cap off that night's session, here's a rather quotable quote from my musk:

Conversations when you're dead suddenly become meaningful. Teh lulz.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fuse me baby!

The GE Community Crew team is once again inviting everyone to participate in yet another forum screenshot event!

Remember this? This month's event has something to do with this image, and yes, it is doable in GE...screenshot wise, that is. :D

Fuse your characters together and see the results! We're looking for the real unique and quirky screenshot that would make us wonder how you ever got such a seamless picture that can pass for a new character altogether, or even an image that will make us laugh at the absurdity of it all.

It's up to you, folks! With so many characters, costumes and accessories (not to mention poses) available in the game, the possibilities are endless! To sweeten the deal, the CCrew (thanks to the generous people of IAHGames) will be giving away not just ABS, but a Lucifer Wings Package! That extra AR brought by the wings is surely worth the effort, so join now!

Contest ends on 30 April 2009! Get crackin'!

For more information & details on the mechanics, click here.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Domination III rules!

Late post is late. >_<
I’ve got about a dozen or so pics here about Domination III (pilfered from everyone else’s stash), so I’ll let the pictures do the talking. :D

All I can say is… Domination III rocked our socks off! It was great to meet some of the faces behind the family names!

For now, check out what vivid images. :p far as the eye can see...

There seems to be a lost soul...

Ah, there ya go.

CM Aethrin hosts the ABS Live activity. And no...there weren't watermelon skins, I swear!

CM Aethrin props up the stage for the PVP tournament.

Guess who wants to have an endless supply of watermelon skins. >:3

Ok, who wants a whole year's worth of Dried Maroon Grass?
I kid. This is teh trvia contest of doom.

But of course...Domination III wouldn't be complete without COSPLAYERS! GE had its fair share starting from those who just wanted to have fun on their own (or those who didn't join the cosplay contest)...

Yes. Cath's private stash of chocos was [this] big!

Cosplay. It. Be. Here.

Last year's Fire Elementalist got a wardrobe upgrade. the brave souls who mustered their courage to ramp up the stage!

Too bad Phoenix Wings were removed in the Premium Treaure Box. T_T
Still, the Fighter in Beachwear sizzles!

Sweet Leticia...who's manning the cash shop?

Just for teh lulz...

It's Cornholio cosplaying as Spongebob.

Hand over the!

Factions and friends alike had their own EBs.

The (incomplete) PH CCrew team. Yes, it's Hakkyu Kim in the house!
Wait, wut?

The lovely ladies of Les Faction.

After the event, everyone else either went home or stayed for a couple of drinks and late dinner.


The All Star Faction in an all star booze session. With them are a few Le Conquistador members.
(Patronum bullied me to edit this. LOL.)

Photo credits:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fresh blood & an invitation to D-Day!

Finally, the deliberations are over! I'd like to commend and congratulate the new batch of Community Crew!
  • Arc
  • Desmond
  • Eleanor
  • Glacie
  • Kelvinator
  • Larg
  • Miyu
  • Remnants
  • renn
  • Sigisvult the Goth
I look forward to a fruitful working experience with you guys! ^^

And before I's only but 3 days left until e-Games Domination III! I hope you've all pre-registered for the event, because it would surely suck if you just spend the entire day in the line, right? Please do attend, and I hope to see new and familiar faces!

See you all this Saturday! :3