Wednesday, August 1, 2007

CARNAGE grabs 4 colonies in 1st official Colony Wars

Last Sunday, July 29, marked the start of the official Colony Wars in-game event. No ad-hoc tests, no impromptu annoucements whatsoever...this was THE real thing.

Where was I? Doing the never ending chore of leveling, of course.

I, for one, did not pass up on this opportunity to witness the official war for the conquest of colonies. Albeit the fact that I did not actually sign up for the battle, I went online nonetheless to show support and take note of the event as they happened...from the faction chat and worldwide notice. XD Here are just some of the preparation the guys did prior to the start of the war:

7PM: Overseer was not to be found online, so Estradz took the helm and issued instructions to save warp points in El Lago de Tres Hermanas, El Tejado Verde and Porto Bello's Deserted Quay. with only 37 families online, there was no time to spare for idle banter.

7:30PM: Estradz once again called for a general meet-up in Port of Coimbra Ch. 1 near Jose Cortasar (Coimbra Nimrod Bridge).

7:55PM: All CARNAGE troops were ordered to warp to El Lago Celeste.

Within minutes after the Colony Wars started, the first Declaration of War announcements were soon broadcasted to the whole GE-world in Cervantes. And it was also at this time when the Yakisoba Faction made its first Colony conquest in Katovic Snowfield.

Seighart, one of the first families to arrive in El Tejado Verde reported sightings of less than five families lingering in the area. This prompted Estradz to order everyone to move to El Tejado immediately. At this time, Overseer finally makes an appearance, and further stressed the need for everyone to go to the said area in order to prevent any other Faction from laying siege on our intended target.

In the middle of everyone's haste to conquer El Tejado, I was just surprised to find an announcement that the said Colony was already seized by the LunaNoire Faction. This prompted Overseer to declare war on the said group in order to reclaim the Colony. With everyone's cooperation and immediate attention, the guys were able to pwn LunaNoire, thus declaring El Tejado Verde as the first CARNAGE territory.

Next in line was the Colony in El Lago de Tres Hermanas, where all Scouts were ordered to equip daggers for a swift attack on the Colony tower. Not long, the said territory fell into CARNAGE hands.

The seige in El Lago de Tres Hermanas

The next Colony to be targeted was Porto Bello's Deserted Quay, and Overseer once again mobilized everyone to move to the area immediately. Estradz, who was one of the first to arrive, noted the presence of the Norgard Faction, an ally of Yakisoba. Seeing the possible consequences that lay ahead, Estradz asked if it was practical for us to declare war on Norgard. However, such notice was already too late as Overseer already declared war on the said group.

Right in the middle of this conversation, everyone tuned in to the faction chat was alerted of the attacks placed upon our Colony in El Tejado. While everyone suddenly came to a panic, Overseer issued orders to split the troops in defending the El Tejado and in laying siege on Quay.

It turned out that there was nothing to be worried about as El Tejado was cleared off enemy Factions by the defending troops. Now, all eyes were firmly set on the Porto Bello Quay Colony.

Porto Bello Quay falls in CARNAGE hands

A lot of Factions have clearly taken a stand in joining the war as the guys saw quite a handful of new groups going aggressive in claiming Colonies of their own. And of course, we were not the only ones who had our sights set on the Quay Colony. Overseer saw the impending need for an immediate conquest, which prompted him to firmly instruct everyone to forego squadding and focus all means of firepower on breaking the Colony tower.

Norgard Faction made an attempt to join in the siege, but again, Overseer thwarted their usurping plans by having Estradz block such efforts. It was then announced that our Colony in El Tejado Verde was under attack once again, prompting more worried comments from the others. In order to resolve the tension, Overseer sent some troops to secure the defense of the said Colony, while everyone turned their focus on breaking the Quay Colony tower.

The Faction's resident "scout", Seighart, was already on the move toward Pradera de Ceniza, which was reportedly next in line. He however noted the overwhelming presence of the CloudNine Faction in the area, thus a change in plans. Then, in a sudden streak of brashness, everyone moved to Rion Praire to attempt a kill steal (KS) on the said Colony (as a rule, the Faction who makes the last hit on the tower are the ones accorded with the Colony ownership). But then again, the attack on our territories changed the course of plans once again.

Wag makulit, sumunod kay Lolo Seer!

Overseer sends a few "scouts" once more in order to look for other conquests. This time around, the King's Garden was next in the CARNAGE list. As the said area was occupied by XeNaTioN Faction, it was inevitable that Overseer declared war on the group in order to seize the Colony. CARNAGE took on a hostile takeover of King's Garden, decimating XeNaTioN members and attacking the tower at the same time.

With only a few minutes left before the war ends, Overseer gave his final instruction of foregoing all further territorial conquests and an all-out defense of all CARNAGE Colonies. After the dust has settled, everyone raised their fists high for a successful conquest of territories and victory over all war declarations.

The end of the first official Colony Wars gave 34% HP boost to all CARNAGE members for grabbing 4 Colonies: El Lago de Tres Hermanas, El Tejado Verde, Porto Bello's Deserted Quay and King's Garden.


Meanwhile, here's the list of Factions who declared war during the 2-hour event:

Vradical v. DarkCrusade
Norgard v. Dominion
Norgard v. CloudNine
CARNAGE v. Norgard
†n00b™† v. WrathOfGod
Vradical v. WrathOfGod
Anonymous v. GEnesis
CloudNine v. DrunkenMasters
Vradical v. †n00b™†.
CARNAGE v. ChaosLegion
†n00b™† v. BLackHoPE
ChaosLegion v. XeNaTioN
Anonymous v. BLackHoPE
CloudNine v. BLackHoPE
ChivalricOrder v. BLackHoPE
Anonymous v. †n00b™†
Death v. Anonymous
RavenLoft v. Yakisoba
†n00b™† v. CloudNine

Special thanks to Estradz for the war screencaps and Ogasawara for the world map image. ^_^


lothlorien said...

You guys were great, congrats once again :)

DeSanggria said...

@loth: thanks! well, they did most of the job, i did the reporting. LOL.