Monday, August 6, 2007

Colony Wars (8/5/07): The stuff of dreams and fantazzzies + GE advisory

While choosing to revive my otherwise non-existent social life last night, I missed the greater part on what seemed like the biggest story of all time in the history of Cervantes' Colony Wars. I was able to log in with 45 minutes left in the clock, landing me smack in the middle of the CARNAGE faction chat without any clue of what transpired before.

As usual, everyone was in a buzz...organizing and mobilizing all troops for proper dispatch to defend the CARNAGE colonies. While still trying to reconnect myself from all the hoopla, NineMoons gave me a rather surprising news. I was only expecting to see the guys defend our 4 Colonies from last week, but when I popped in the world map...


Not too long after I was conversing with NineMoons did she once again alert me that CARNAGE got its 6th Colony that night. I very nearly jumped from my seat with this great news! Then i checked out how many people went online that night—54 families! W00t!

With only a few minutes left until the end of the war, I saw a server-wide broadcast urging all Factions to converge in Lago Celeste to attack Yakisoba's last standing Colony. And with that news, I did a double take.

Yakisoba's left with 1 Colony after last week's 10? What the eff happened?

NineMoons and I definitely agreed something was amiss with Yakisoba. And just now I checked their faction blog...I still couldn't figure out why there were only 44 families who joined CW, given the fact that they had a lot of Colonies to defend. Having 9 Factions gang up on you wasn't exactly easy to fend off as well.

Nevertheless, Yakisoba retained their last Colony with only 15% stamina left before the tower could collapse. Talk about being saved by the bell!

The end of this week saw CARNAGE bagging 6 Colonies all in all, giving everyone 45% max HP boost. Everyone agreed this was a war well fought.

Big congratulations to CARNAGE, as well as to our friends in Dominion for getting 5 colonies. Take a look at the world map to see the arrival of new faces in the war zone.

OWNED: El Canon de Diabolica, The Rion Praire, El Tejado Verde, El Lago de Tres Hermanas, Porto Bello's Deserted Quay & King's Garden

Yakisoba: The last stand
Screenshot c/o Overseer

I'd also like to take this opportunity to welcome the merging of Wetworks Faction (headed by GE Team PH member Arcleaumont) with CARNAGE. The added strength of Wetworks certainly worked magic for the Faction this week. Welcome to the CARNAGE family! ^0^


Granado Espada will have its weekly server maintenance tomorrow, August 7, instead of the usual Thursday schedule in observance of the Singapore National Day on August 9. And as such, the GE Team will extend the 2x EXP boost till tomorrow, 9AM (+8 GMT). The servers will be down from 9AM until August 8 at 1300.

Until then, grind like crazy, people!


lothlorien said...

Once again, my congratulations to CARNAGE! You guys certainly did a fantastic job of defending and gaining new maps ;)

DeSanggria said...

@loth: thanks! and gratz as well to domi!! ^0^

Leoz said...

T_T <- happy tears

i dunno what to say except CONGRATZ XD