Thursday, October 25, 2007

GE events + updates (at last!)

Ok, it's been a while since my last post. Things are getting really hectic here, so I'll try to poke the life out of my sleeping blog with a few updates, starting off with some GE PH related events.

GE @ Oktoberfest

Yep, it's the party to mark the end of Oktoberfest, the renowned beer-drinking fest here in the country. The event actually has its origins in Germany, so it's not exactly a local happening to begin with. But what the hey...Pinoys love booze, and what better way to get the fun started than by tying it up with our favorite game?

For those of you who can spare the time, drop by the Gamefrog i-Cafe in Metrowalk, Ortigas and join us for some cool GE activities. To know more about this event, click here for the pertinent info.

I'm extending the invitation to all GE fans. We open registration as early as 4pm...just make sure to bring a scratched or unscratched GVC to avail of the Php 50 entrance fee. Let's get wasted! WAHOOOOO!!!! Okay, I wasn't supposed to say that.

GE @ Station 168 2nd Anniversary

If anyone's familiar with the Station 168 line of i-Cafes, you'll know that this is one heck of a place to play GE. High-end PCs will make your GE gaming experience one hell of a smooth imagine what'd it be like engaging in a PvP match with seamless connection and great graphics? Since it's their anniversary, we're holding just that! 3on3 PvP matches plus other activities will get the adrenaline pumping in your veins. You may want to check out the details here, if you want to participate in the happenings. ^.~

There's gonna be a cash prize in one of the contests, I heard.

GE PH Bloggers Meeting

GE Bloggers and any interested GE players are welcome to join us as we discuss our roles as bloggers, players and citizens of the New World! That's happening on Saturday, Oct. 27 , at 1PM in McDonald's El Pueblo, Ortigas. NineMoons has a more detailed invite compared to mine, so do check it out here for more info. Hehehe.

Updates, updates

Waaaah! Our Colony Wars reports can already be seen at the sGE website! 'Gratz to my fellow war correspondents NineMoons for Cervantes and Reclusion for Caracci. Any interested people who may want to report on the war in Pachelbel and Vivaldi, do contact me here: desanggria at gmail dot com. We're also opening slots for those who may want to contribute for all servers be it gossips and other news we may have glossed over.

Reporting about the Colony Wars is always an exciting experience for me. I rarely miss the wars and I love to be updated about the cliques within factions. It's kind of akin to showbiz reporting if you may ask. Hehehe. Intrigues...ahlavvit! XD

Many thanks to RCM Hrin for giving us the opportunity to have this great project.

In other news, my babies in Caravaggio are finally getting their wings, courtesy of pCM Veya. Hahahaha! Ahlavvit!~

That's it for now. Imma blog about tomorrow's Oktoberfest event, so be there or be square!


Ligaya said...

I'm getting wasted with you tomorrow!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

DeSanggria said...

sis kulang na lang yung tugz tugz tuuugzzz!! hahaha! see ya!