Monday, November 26, 2007

Colony Wars (11/26/07): The longest two hours

Something was a bit amiss in this Sunday's war. But for starters, here's the perfunctory list of factions that declared war that night:

Revolution v. Symphony
AdeptasFraternas v. Symphony
Azyr v. AdeptasFraternas
Justice v. AdeptasFraternas
LiberatiFatali v. AdeptasFraternas
RedstarAvengers v. Justice
SupperClub™ v. EdeN
SupperClub™ v. RedstarAvengers
RedstarAvengers v. Ethereal
Revolution v. Ethereal
AdeptasFraternas v. Ethereal
BloodPact v. Justice
Eclipse v. AdeptasFraternas
EdeN v. Eclipse
†RêβïrTh† v. Eclipse
SupperClub™ v. Azyr

As I've said, this week's war was a lacked luster than the last. At the official start of CW, only AdeptasFraternas made a first conquest in Tetra Hill in the first few minutes, while the succeeding ones were met by a rather stunned silence in the world of Caravaggio as war declarations grew scarce.

The AF x Justice skirmish in Tetra Hill

Justice led by faction leader, Alexania, made an aggressive move to challenge the current owners that time of Tetra as they launched an attack on the said colony. However, this brave attempt failed at the arrival of the colony's defenders.

After the said skirmish I was able to witness, the silence throughout the whole server was uncanny: no faction was declaring war against another and colonies stayed virtually safe from unfriendlies. Such phenomenon carried out for almost an hour, prompting people to broad about the seemingly lackadaisical war.

Somewhere back in Tetra, however, other factions were currently settling their disputes. SupperClub™ and EdeN as well as Justice and RedstarAvengers were busy whacking each other while paying scant attention to the colony right before them.

Factions had a PvP of sorts while paying little attention to the colony ahead

I surmised that factions will start the ball rolling at the final minutes of the war. My speculation did not fail me because as soon as the 30 minute notice flashed before the UI, a deluge of war declarations were soon simultaneously announced.

Ethereal was yet again the target of most factions as they attempted to wrest colonies from Caravaggio's leading faction (based on their consistent hold of territories every week). Most of the people knew of Ethereal faction leader's absence this week, and so they've taken this as a golden opportunity to get some colonies for their own.

Ethereal's formidable defense in Rion Prairie

Seizing these colonies was no walk in the park though. Despite the absence of their leader, Ethereal put up a good stand against hostilities and even managed to grab a few more.

Revolution clashes with Ethereal in Topolo Durga

Meanwhile, these factions started getting into action by ending the long drought of takeovers during the timespan:

  • Scorching Plateau by EdeN
  • El Tejado Verde by Eclipse (but was seized by EdeN in the end)
  • Tetra Hill by Ethereal
  • El Canon Diabolica by EdeN (and later on by Eclipse)
  • Lago Celeste by Azyr (but was claimed by AF at the last minute)
  • Ferruccio Junction by Ethereal (in which Justice likewise took a shot of, but failed)
Saved by the bell: Revolution gets to keep Hermanas colony

Factions such as Revolution was saved by the bell as Ethereal made an attempt of their Hermanas colony. AF, meanwhile, was able to get a colony at the last minute as well.

Although Ethereal made a formidable defense of their territories, EdeN certainly made a mark as they claimed the most colonies that day.

Eclipse - 3

AdeptasFraternas - 1
Ethereal - 5
SupperClub™ - 3
Revolution - 1
EdeN - 8

Congratulations to all factions who have successfully claimed and defended their colonies! Stay tuned for next week's war report!

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