Friday, November 23, 2007

Holy Crap!: v.2.4 updates and why it kinda sucks having RNPCs in your main team

That was quite a mouthful for a blog topic, huh? XD

Surprisingly, I was able to go home from work at a much earlier time, although I'm actually working from home as I speak. While browsing a few blogs and finally getting to the sGE site, my senses got tickled wih news from the upcoming Bahia Island patch (v.2.4).

One such feature is the Super Fight, as shown here.

Comments: It's good to know that the non-Veterans can enjoy what it's like to fight against raid bosses. GE is fast becoming a game for high levels and I'm excited to try out this feature that enables mid-levels like me to be a bit more daring not just with PvE, but with PvP as well.

Another thing worth looking forward to is Tropical Island, as shown here.

Comments: This is where the sucky part comes in. If you have an RNPC team, you're gonna miss half your life. I guess only my Elementalist can look hot, but not Bernelli and Emilia *le sigh*. Which brings me to a point that I have to revive my Cervantes girls. Hehe. Wouldn't want them to miss the action as well.

RCM Hrin has likewise put up a poll regarding the much-awaited RNPCs Karjalainen, Jameson brothers Edward and Gavin, Kurt Lyndon, Viki, Angie and Feng Ling.

Oh Gavin, my Gavin! *swoons*

Comments: Where are the freaking girl gamers of GE? I can't believe this low turnout of votes for Gavin Jameson. Well, for one this he's hot. Secondly, he's hot. And third, he's soooooo hot!!!! Hahaha. I just might erect a small shrine for this handsome dude. Too bad quests to get this hunk of an RNPC's going to be exclusive to Vets once again. *le sigh*.

And on a side note, GE Philippines is going to be at the Hero TV event happening on December 1 & 2 at the SMX Convention Center near the SM Mall of Asia. I'll be there dressed as Idge once again, so if there's anyone of you guys here in PH who wants a meet-up, lets! ^_^

DeSanggria's footnotes:

- I'd like to welcome the Yatsushiro family into the Vespanolan Times CW correspondent team! Yatsushiro will be reporting for Pachelbel! Yay! So we need one more brave soul for Vivaldi and our group is set! ^0^

- Just today, I got my first experience of being deleveled...and in the Forgotten Territories no less. Yep, not a pretty picture at all, and it's not even worth celebrating about. XD Now I've even got more reasons to get my @$$ to Veteran status. Mwehehe.

- Oh yeah, I'm in a new faction called †Legion†, under the leadership of Spardo. The group's a bit small right now, but despite that, all members are online almost every time I log in. It's been a great experience talking to these people and I'd like to thank Spardo for letting me in despite the faction's level requirements for members ^^. Hi and hello as well to my new faction mates!


filsimmer said...

You really like Gavin, eh? I'm looking forward to playing 2.4!

Well, I hope I can see you at the second day, since the the first day is my lolo's birthday (mandatory, cannot miss this!).

See ya real soon! :D

P.S. Want me to send more sounds when 2.4 arrives? Heehee! :P

DeSanggria said...

@fil: yep...gavin's such a dreamboat. LOL.

i'll definitely be there on the 2nd day, so i'll see you. yay! ^0^

sure! i'd love to hear gavin's voice!! *drool* hehehehe.

NineMoons Family said...

@ desanggria:

Yatsushiro's URL plz!

@ filsimmer

hey, can you send me the first batch of voices?

DeSanggria said...

@nine: she doesn't have a blog po.