Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The state of the Republican Alliance in Caracci

With the recent map reset, the map of Granado Espada once again starts on a clean slate. And with the map reset, we all know that the only biggest obstacle that lay in any faction's sight that night was about TIME.

Last Sunday's war was my first time to actually participate in the Caracci CW, after patiently waiting for my internet connection not to screw up on me. And so, together with the Outcasts army, we made preparations for the war up ahead. After previously saving in some spots in Katovic, Ustiur Uno and Dos, Scorching and Via Fluvial, the guys headed off first to the snowy fields up north, while I stayed behind to await the next target (I couldn't very well save a warp point to Katovic as I'm still a fledgling weakling XD).

The fight was fast because it was not long before Destiny faction claimed the colony as their own, as they've done so many times before.

We made our way next to Scorching Plateau, in which I was quite excited as I was able to help out in whacking the beacon. It was in this close enounters in colony breaking that I realized that the colony's HP can only last for a few short minutes before finally giving in. And trust me, if you have a deluge of Diegos spamming blenders, Feng Lings, Vikis and levitating Wizards to sweep the competition, you're going to have one massive and messy war.

Our initial targets were soon occupied by the Royalists, with only a few colonies left without owners. I can't very well remember our failed attempts, but I do remember that we got KSed a couple of times, but we eventually owned Bonavista and El Canon de Diabolica (kindly correct me if I'm wrong), that was, until after we were swept by 3 Royalist factions.

Seeing red in Bonavista

Another Republican faction by the name of WarGodz was able to claim Jezebel Glen (again, please correct me if I'm wrong ^^), only to be warred upon by several Royalists.

I may not know the whole political picture of the Royalists and Republicans in this server, but I am just amazed at how the Royalists manage to floor over the Republicans week after week. I may probably get flamed for this, but if ever there are any Republicans or Neutralist factions in Caracci who are reading this, I think it's about high time for a revolution. This goes especially to the Neutralists: make a stand. The odds maybe against the underdogs, but their time will come. It's just a matter of standing up and standing proud in spite of adversities.

Colony owned!

I've received word as I logged in to Caravaggio last night that †Legion† owned a colony last Sunday!

Wooohoo Rion Praire!

It may be a short-lived ownership, but nevertheless, I'm very happy and proud of my faction. Kudos to FL Spardo, Lekz and Leks (our dual expert brothers) for leading the group.

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