Thursday, March 13, 2008

[Part1] Tete-a-tete with the FFA grand winners

As previously mentioned, the grand winners of the recently-concluded Fantazztic Film Awards all came from the Philippines! It's such a big honor indeed to be a GE PH gamer, with these people bagging the honor and glory for our country!

And as my way for honoring these fantazztic people, I took the liberty to interview them about their experience before and after the harrowing process of creating their films.

Without further ado, here's my interview with Fetuccini's team!


Cervantes Server

DeSanggria (DS): What was your reaction when you learned that you won 3rd place in the finals?

Fetuccini (F): Zaleski (a friend/factionmate) told me about the results but I ignored him at first cause he usually jokes about it, then when I checked IAH website...I was happy!

DS: What was your inspiration why you came out with the movie Perdonato? What does "Perdonato" mean, btw?

F: Perdonato is an Italian word means "forgiven". I was surfing that time looking for a good short story. Then I read Leo Tolstoy's "God Sees The Truth". I asked Mortreux to read it, then his reaction was..aww sad. Then I got this feeling that we should submit a different FFA entry since we already did a comedy film that won in IAH week. [FFA entries: Everybody Loves Viki and Mr. & Mrs. G]

DS: What was the contribution of each member in the making of the film?

F: Mortreux did the shots/video editing. I arranged the story and the sound editing, and mostly did the finishing touches. Weisswritter did most of the morale support, since he was busy with his school. XD And yeah, he always suggested to use his fave character, Jack, to be the star.

DS: How long did it take you to make the movie?

F: Two weeks ><. We actually planned to get it with voice overs but Mortreux got busy with his masteral.

What was the most enjoyable stuff that you experiened while making the video?

F: When we were almost done doing the video, we were all laughing cause Weiss was joking about the ending, suggesting a different way Jack died. But when I got the sounds done, we were like silent for a monent. We were touched by the story + music.

DS: What were some of the difficulties you encountered while making the video?

F: Shooting was the hard part. First, my HDD was goin full, then we had to adjust and plan when to shoot cause we have to borrow Gyges (Cervantes) and Familier (Cervantes) accounts for the Grandice and other characters. We almost ran out of ideas on how to shoot every scene. XD

DS: Do you have plans to make any more films now that FFA is over?

F: Yea.. but not too soon.. just waiting for an insipration and good ideas..

DS: How are you guys going to split the loot? >:)

F: I think it's already by "Possesion of a prior Family" option already. :D Though my mom was asking my bro (Weisswritter) that they split his share of the prize money.

DS: Do you guys have plans of joining the next FFA?

F: YEA!!

DS: Any message to your teammates/other FFA participants?

F: Congrats to all~ Everyone did a good job! Continue making movies and get inspired. We are all winners.. Gpts FTW~

(l-r) Weisswritter, Fetuccini & Mortreux


Due to the length of the interviews, my next post will include the interview with Reclusion's team, who bagged the first and second top spots!

Stay tuned, Pioneers! ^_~

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