Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rendezvous in Port of Coimbra

Over a week ago, my cosplay friends (also GE players) and I finally pulled off this small project that took almost a year in the making.

The girls already had their costumes done waaay before, and the reason why this project has ben delayed for the longest time was because of me. LOL. I wanted a new costume, so I took my sweet time getting Selva's clothes and props done.

I originally wanted to cosplay Selva back in last year's e-Games Domination II, but due to some circumstances, the costume was pushed back at a later date. In the end, I'm glad it was delayed because I had more time to hammer down the details to this really intricate but beautiful ensemble.

Anyway, our little photoshoot escapade was scheduled on the same day as the GE PH 2nd Community Gathering. I was forever anxious that day because the skies were overcast and there was an impending gloom with the weather. I certainly didn't expect Mother Nature's unpleasant disposition, and this made me nervous to the core.

We all planned to meet up at Lucido's (Brunie) place to have an early shoot in their lovely living room for the Barracks setting. But we all got there late, so we just stuck to the original plan, which was to shoot in Fort Santiago in Intramuros.

I'm glad I booked the place for our pictorial. RCM Hrin has been there before, and I highly agree with her that Fort Santiago can be likened to Port of Coimbra. The magnificent landscaping and awesome ruins make for a great Baroque-inspired setting.

Anyway, we arrived late again in the location (LOL Pinoy time XD), which meant we had little time left for the actual shoot. Dressing up in costume can take too much time as we had to make sure that everything's in place.

We met up with our other friends who are also our photographers, CryptSealer (an ex-Cervantes player) and Azartras (ex-Carraccian). Our long time friend, who I shall herewith dub as Anonymous Photographer-san, was also there to help stormseeks (Bernelli) and be photographer for a day as well.

Let me just say that it was so much strain for me to be cosplaying and taking photos at the same time. The costume didn't allow me to move around that much, hence I was limited to just shooting from a few angles. Thank God for photographer-friends who had awesome photo taking skills.

And since Fort Santiago is first and foremost a public park, we had scores of tourists fishing for their cameras and taking snaps of our group. There was quite a number of Korean tourists in the area, though we weren't sure if they're familiar with GE.

All in all, we had so much fun! Much thanks to the Intramuros Administration and the Park Administrator of Fort Santiago for being so gracious and accomodating. Much love as well to my cosplay buddies Lucido, Gatoblanca, stormseeks and to our awesome photographers!

There will most definitely be a part 2 of this!

And now, may I point you to this direction where I kill your browsers with photos. >:)

The Pirate Adelina

The Mistress of Pistols, Brunie Etienne

The bitter soul, Selva Norte

The Queen of Rifles, Grace Bernelli

Now we're done with the serious shots, let's take a look at the scenes we messed up. XD

Selva gets tips from Bernelli on how to properly wear the armshield.

This is how you do the poledance pose, noob!

Bernelli endorses Duty Free made lamp posts!

Photobombing is srs bsns.

OMG it's Man-Selva and Man-Bernelli!

The local Auch Infantry person-san looks clueless with all the ruckus.


Kat said...

I love the last picture haha. Congrats on a successful shoot!

DeSanggria said...

thanks mare! hehe. next time sama ka naman sa peekchur teyking. XD

gmraven said...

Maybe you should consider following a stricter diet Lady Selva hahaha.. Peaceeee~!

Anonymous said...

This is nice!