Monday, April 13, 2009

Domination III rules!

Late post is late. >_<
I’ve got about a dozen or so pics here about Domination III (pilfered from everyone else’s stash), so I’ll let the pictures do the talking. :D

All I can say is… Domination III rocked our socks off! It was great to meet some of the faces behind the family names!

For now, check out what vivid images. :p far as the eye can see...

There seems to be a lost soul...

Ah, there ya go.

CM Aethrin hosts the ABS Live activity. And no...there weren't watermelon skins, I swear!

CM Aethrin props up the stage for the PVP tournament.

Guess who wants to have an endless supply of watermelon skins. >:3

Ok, who wants a whole year's worth of Dried Maroon Grass?
I kid. This is teh trvia contest of doom.

But of course...Domination III wouldn't be complete without COSPLAYERS! GE had its fair share starting from those who just wanted to have fun on their own (or those who didn't join the cosplay contest)...

Yes. Cath's private stash of chocos was [this] big!

Cosplay. It. Be. Here.

Last year's Fire Elementalist got a wardrobe upgrade. the brave souls who mustered their courage to ramp up the stage!

Too bad Phoenix Wings were removed in the Premium Treaure Box. T_T
Still, the Fighter in Beachwear sizzles!

Sweet Leticia...who's manning the cash shop?

Just for teh lulz...

It's Cornholio cosplaying as Spongebob.

Hand over the!

Factions and friends alike had their own EBs.

The (incomplete) PH CCrew team. Yes, it's Hakkyu Kim in the house!
Wait, wut?

The lovely ladies of Les Faction.

After the event, everyone else either went home or stayed for a couple of drinks and late dinner.


The All Star Faction in an all star booze session. With them are a few Le Conquistador members.
(Patronum bullied me to edit this. LOL.)

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desmond said...

Hakkyu WHAT?!?!?!

Tagay na lang tayo, Pressie!

DeSanggria said...

langya ka dessie may araw ka rin! *shakes fist*

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

i'm in the sixth pic, ninja-ing beside Stiles LOL

and Darrick, Chad, and Michael are also milling in the background ^^

~chii-chan~ said...

That wasn't purely just ALL STARS at the last pic you know~~ got 15% Le Conquistador... ;p I DEMAND AN EDIT! LOL

(Yes, I was there.. ;p)

~ Chii aka Patronum

Mikee Stiles said...

Napansin ko lang, I smile with my teeth in all of my pics!

Grace Mulann said...

lol @ patronum's demand :p
(KJ mode that day, maybe next time)