Friday, May 18, 2007

our journey begins here

From the journal of Alaena De Sanggria...

And so, my sisters and I set off to this New World called Granado Espada aboard the Jaclina ship. With no less than the Queen of Vespanola commanding our family to join the other explorers into this new continent, it is but inevitable that we leave our family to adhere to the Queen's wishes. This edict came at an opportune time, for I have been growing weary of being just an ordinary noblewoman in Vespanola. I long for adventure and a more robust life than just socializing with the rest of the courtiers of my age. With this journey, I can finally put into practice my skills using the blade. I can already feel the adrenaline flowing through my veins...this is what I've been waiting for!

Verdandi's journal...

Augh. I cannot believe our parents set us out into this so-called New World without an entire staff of servants! I can't stand this wretched ship that reeks of salt water! I hate the sea! Why did our family have to agree to the Queen's edict...and with the Royal Ball less than a month away! I've planned for this occasion for so long! I cannot believe I will be missing an opportunity to visit the Royal Palace once again! Now I'll never see my friends' gowns, nor will I be able to look out for handsome noblemen who will be attending the Ball. I hate it!

Cyradis' journal...

Judging from the expression on both Alaena and Verdandi, I can definitely say who is the eager and vexed one from this abrupt journey away from home. My sisters are so transparent, I can read them like an open book! As for me, I have mixed feelings regarding this quest. I do not want to leave Mama and Papa, nor do I want to pass up the opportunity for adventure. Although I have a gut feeling that the other families who responded to the Queen's call are also feeling the same. Being uprooted from one's home is not an easy thing after all.

I wonder why the Queen issued such an urgent command? Why are we all venturing to this unheard continent?

That I must find out for myself.


I have finally gained access to GE's POBT! It took me quite a while before I was able to log on, given the fact that so many people were also ecstatic to get into the game.

Anyway, I changed my characters' family name from Moretti to DeSanggria. Why DeSanggria, you may ask? I
coined the name from one of my favorite soaps, Encantadia. They used the word sang'gre as some sort of title to refer to the four fairy princesses of the kingdom. In fact, I also coined the name Alaena from Alena, the water sang'gre.

As for the others, Cyradis is one of the characters in David Eddings' Malloreon series. Cyradis is a mystical seeress who helped the main characters in their quest. Meanwhile, Verdandi is actually a server name from the MMORPG, Supreme Destiny.

The DeSanggria sisters are an unusual bunch. Alaena, the eldest, is somewhat tomboyish and fierce in battle. Verdandi is the vain, spoiled brat who only concerns herself with snagging a handsome, rich nobleman. On the other hand, Cyradis is the quiet, introverted sister who loves mysteries.

The girls are currently at level 6 (the last time I checked). I was supposed to continue doing the quests, but with the serious lag problems and with work to do, I'll probably play again at 6PM. They're currently at the Stone Pit and killing a few more hornets before going back to receive the rewards from Andre Janzur and Panfilo Narvaez.

I just hope to be able to equip them with better weapons and armors once they've leveled a bit.

And oh, this blog will also contain not just my thoughts about GE, but a bit of "fanfiction" (if you may call it) about the travails of the sisters in this New World.

I'll end here for now. If there's anyone of you who'd like to meet up in-game, just look for the DeSanggria family and let's play GE!

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