Sunday, July 1, 2007

trouble in paradise?

I dunno if anyone has noticed the trouble brewing over at the Pachelbel server. One of my friends who plays in that server has told me about the strife going on between this Jowin family sowing discord amongst PH and SG gamers. I do not know the entire story of this issue, but as far as I've known, it all started when Jowin sent a message in the world chat using the vernacular language. Some people reacted to these series of Tagalog shout outs, which resulted to a "chat war" of sorts among PH and SG gamers. Again, I don't know if I recounted the tale correctly, so if there's anyone who knows the true story to this, please feel free to correct me.

It seems that the issue here is language, and with GE being hosted in an international server, debates on whether to use English or the gamers' native tongue while chatting has been the topic in the forums. Some have raised valid points on the pros and cons of the issue, and I just personally would like to add that playing with such diverse people calls for respect in cultures. There's no need to sow hatred amongst gamers just because some people feel more comfortable speaking in their native language. I think patience and respect are needed to help each other enjoy playing the game.

On a related note, there were some Yakisoba Faction members who allegedly posted a few rude remarks over at the CARNAGE Faction blog. It has particularly irked me in a way, but then again, one of my faction mates pacified the issue by saying that these people may have just used the names of the known Yakisoba members just to spite our faction. This may be true, but I do hope that this will be resolved soon. I dunno why there are some who seem to have a big grudge against GE PH gamers, but I hope this won't escalate to a bigger dilemma. I believe that the Yakisoba Faction gamers are honorable people who would not stoop to such level of mudslinging against other factions.

Let's just put this behind us and enjoy the game. Or better yet, let's have a nice, good, and clean fight in the next Colony Wars. It's just a game and we shouldn't take it over our heads too much.

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