Tuesday, July 3, 2007

faction EBs, quests, blogging and everything else in between

I have moved!
Okay, so I previously said I won't, but after Veya told me people had to sign up just to comment, I knew I had to move the DeSanggria abode to a more user-friendly host.

GE PH gamers have recently started conducting meet-ups to get to know their fellow GEeks (a term I coined to describe GE players XD). Talks among factions to have their own Faction EBs (eye-balls or get-togethers) are the buzz these days in the forums. GE PH Community Manager Veya has attended some of these and have written a post-event account in her blog.

Likewise I'm excited for a CARNAGE Faction EB sometime soon. Some of my factionmates have arranged impromptu EBs a few weeks ago, though I'd really like to see a huge attendance of the members in a grand meeting of sorts (although, I'm not too sure of a 100% attendance because some members reside in the provinces). I know for a fact that this faction is one bunch of crazy, funny gamers and I do want to meet them in person to put a face to those funny anecdotes I encounter in each of our faction chats.

The big question though is who will steer and organize this meet-up? What of everyone's availability?


I'm glad to say that some members of the Yakisoba Faction have cleared the air regarding the heated posts in the CARNAGE Faction blog. Apparently, some people have been using the names of the known Yakisoba families to spam and flame in other factions' blogs. It's a good thing some people condoned these flame wars, or else we'd have some serious problems in our hands.


I've been meaning to put up an Alaena entry, but I've been so engrossed in finishing the quests and leveling up to actually chronicle Alaena's exploits with her sisters. Oh, I've been taking screencaps and all, but some of them are not nearly as significant to merit an entry in this blog. I've been going to just 2 places in the map (Tetra Grand Corridor & Golden Road) so I can level grind and get more quests. I want to level faster coz I can't wait for Alaena to don the Heaven and Hell stance, which I've been rambling on for the last two entries or so. XD

Plus of course, I want to be worthy of being in CARNAGE, since this faction actually has a level requirement.

I guess I am taking my time to some extent because I love doing the quests as well. I've recently stopped doing Carlos' Escudo Pecher quest coz my slow PC puts the game in a perpetual state of lag, thus I can't complete the mission.

And I've finally acquired Gracielo! Hahaha. After 48 years of trying my luck, I actually beat the dude at around level 34. Some people have acquired his character card at a much earlier level, but as I've said, my PCs not cooperating so the girls die most of the time in combat missions. This is also the reason why I can't finish the stuff about Gracielo beating some three hulky fiends at the Coimbra Observation Point.

I've recently finished Brunie's initial request of Hard Chalcedonies, and I'm now doing her quest of obtaining the Golden Horn at the Tetra Golden Road. I've also taken on Idge's quest for some armor parts (yet again).

I'm just taking things one at a time. ^_^


filsimmer said...

Welcome to Blogger, DeSanggria family! Looks like we can keep in touch with each other now easily! :D

Oh yeah, I've included your blog in my RSS Feeds so I can take a quick look at your blog and comment when necessary. Have a great time! :D

DeSanggria said...

Thank you for the warm welcome! I've known about you in other blogs as well.

Let's exchange links, shall we? ^.~

Veya said...

welcomeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :D

it's blogger's adik mode XD

DeSanggria said...

korek mamu! hehehe. glad to be here. blogspot has added lots of new stuff compared to its previous features. great stuff indeed. :3

Ligaya said...

Oist mudracious, be linking you here too. ;P