Monday, July 16, 2007

disappointments, going 40 and new friends

Okay, so I just missed this Saturday's unannounced and unpublicized (note the emphasis) Colony Wars. However, thanks to NineMoon's update, I learned that CARNAGE got at least one colony despite the sudden announcement.

And knowing that the next day meant another day of war, I made sure I was there to witness it. But the thing is, a large number of the faction's members did not know about the impending war. And so with still a few families present, the group had to make do with whoever was online.

While observing the guys talk about their next steps, I read some of the peepz brought up the idea of not participating at all, given the fact that we were lacking in troops. I for one thought that it would actually materialize since some of the guys voiced out the same sentiments.

But at 10 minutes before the war started, Overseer decided to deploy all troops for the defense of the single colony in El Tejado Verde.

Dunno what happened after that, though I was only able to get snippets of the discussion (was busy leveling to reach the 40 mark), which included some requests to Overseer to declare war on some factions and the usual talk about strategies and all.

I was just surprised to find out at the end of the stipulated 2-hour war that our one and only colony was swiped from us by Yakisoba. And to even add insult to the injury, I found out that Estradz was banned for 5 days for...botting?! WTF?!

Why o why do they resort to surprise CWs? *head desk*

The New World's not the same without CARNAGE on the map.


And I'd like to interrupt the drama with this announcement:

Alaena!! Heaven and Hell!! WAAAAH!!

Finally, after 48 years, I finally did it. However, I've noted that this particular stance's kinda inhibiting in a sense that I'm having a hard time dealing with mobs. Verdandi does most of the job in eliminating the ugly hordes, but Alaena's stance doesn't have that much against multitudes of monsters ganging up on you. Well, perhaps I need to work on leveling the stance itself, but jeez...I don't want Alaena dying every now and then when I go to the Porto Bello Cabin.

So right now, I've resorted to using the Plow Guard stance, using the Castor Sword as the weapon. The Skyliner skill works like a charm against mobs. Always.


Oh, and Idge makes a new friend!

Do introduce us!


Cyradis canoodling with unknown Fighter

I can just see the look of indignation on her sisters' faces. >:)

And I just went on another mission with a faction mate. ^_^ Thanks for letting me tag along, Max!


filsimmer said...

Heaven and Hell stance, already have it but I'm still sticking to Blandir Cruz.

However, I want my fighter to learn all the stances he can utilize! :D

Oh yeah, I rely on my spellcasters (and my Double Gunning Musketeer) to do the dirty work of cleaning out 5-10 mobs when grinding.

I'm rooting for ya in getting better in Granado Espada! :D

DeSanggria said...

@filsimmer: for some reason, H&H doesn't seem so good for mobs. i dunno. this is why i'm still using the plow guard stance because of its sheer ATK power. i'll probably lvl H&H, but not use it so often. i plan to use the epee guard stance since i heard it's a rather reliable one for fighters.

and you're's nice to make use of all the stances available to the fighter. so far it's the only class that has the most stances.

thanks for the encouragement! i wish your family the best in GE as well!