Thursday, July 12, 2007

working on GE PH site

I've just finished writing the article for the website which is about the featured faction, CARNAGE. It took me quite a while to finally type the last word, but all in all, I'm proud of my handiwork. Blame it on the fact that I know these guys well enough to tell their story without the usual hassle.

We hope to launch the beta version of the GE PH website by tomorrow. This is the reason why I've been neck-deep in work since yesterday, foregoing all other stuff that I need to do for other projects.

I'd like to share with you a sneak peek of the article. Enjoy!

Perhaps one of the more evident instances where one can see CARNAGE’s synergy at play is during Colony Wars. During this in-game event, everyone discards their carefree selves to become full-fledged warriors. Their mission: to conquer and defend as many colonies as possible.

At this time, Overseer turns into a stern commander-in-chief, grouping members into platoons with their designated leaders for easier information dissemination. Platoon members quickly respond to their leaders’ commands in assisting other members during War Declarations.

After the battle, everyone switches back to their lax and funny selves. “I think what sets CARNAGE apart from other factions is the members’ diversity. We also have a few foreign members, but majority of us are Pinoys and with Pinoys, there’s a different kind of interaction. We may have different personalities and professions, but we all get along. We’re like one big barkada even if we haven’t seen each other in person,” says Stormrage.

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