Tuesday, July 24, 2007

fun with squads & cosplay plans

Aside from my (very) obvious fandom for GE, I'm also a cosplay fanatic and have been a lot more active in the cosplay community since 2001. Most of my cosplayer friends are into games as well, and there's quite a handful of us playing GE.

Last Saturday, I invited some of my friends for an in-game meet up. The plan was to either engage in a mission as a team, or to just help each other out by squad level grinding. There were about 5 of us who met up in Cite de Reboldoeux Ch. 1, all excited for what lay ahead. Initially we were to have the Crowe family with us, who is also a cosplayer friend and perhaps the only high level player from among the lot. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to join us because of work concerns.

Find the DeSanggrias in the squad.

Inevitably, 5 families took on the Mission: Highway 1. The result? Disastrous.


Honestly though, I should've researched more on the kind of monsters in each mission to inform everyone on what kind of trouble to expect. Little did I know that this quest involved defending 2 towers, which happened to be on top of some platform of some sort. It was futile defending the bases if you had to contend with ground and airborne monsters, plus lag. Bad, bad combination.

Squadding in Porto Bello: The Cabin

In the end, we settled for squad mode and beat up a handful of mobs in Porto Bello: The Cabin. The girls leveled up 2 notches and earned quite a lot of loot which I sold to NPC merchants for a nifty price. Great stuff. Plus, it was great chatting with familiar friends in the cosplay community.

Speaking of which, I have to get started on the Idge cosplay project. This is going to be an exciting task. Time, money and effort consuming, but exciting nonetheless.

Many thanks to Lucido, SiegeVelentine, ╬▓eoulve, and Majeure family for last weekend's fun. Let's do this again another time. ^_~

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