Friday, July 27, 2007

weekend action up ahead!

A lot's going happen this weekend with GE...just thinking about it makes my head swim. XD

Anyway, what's this stuff I'm yakking about? For one, we're having an i-Cafe event in Malabon, where we'll be having a tournament for new Pioneering Families of levels 5-20. Players new to GE can experience the action first hand in a PvP tourney of "newbies". Hmmm..a newbie PvP tourney sounds exciting, but unfortunately, I live in the far side so I won't be able to see that for myself. Hehe. CM Veya, however, is going there so GE players in Malabon ought to watch out for that.

Read all about the event and tourney mechanics here.

Also on Saturday, there's going to be a War of the Factions, in which we in GE PH are hosting. This is going to be one hot competition against factions from all servers, and this is one more thing to anticipate this weekend (wonder if the paps from CARNAGE are joining too...I haven't seen their names in the official list as of this writing).

Read all about the War of the Faction mechanics here.

RCM Hrin has announced that Colony Wars will become a weekly event starting Sunday, July 29. Oh. my. God. Weekly CW = Dedz Anne. LOL.

I'm definitely going online to at least attempt a more comprehensive report similar to the Mena Family's coverage of CW in their server.

Lots of action this weekend! Now, if only I'd have enough time for sleep...

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