Sunday, May 20, 2007

le pimpage

I haven't considered myself a serious gamer. True, I've played my share of console games, although I'm not that skilled compared to my brothers. I also do not spend countless hours finishing a boss stage, nor do I spend money in buying gaming titles. But that was before Granado Espada. In fact, I've become more like a chronic gamer everyday because of this. I look back on the person I was before and compare myself to who I am today, and I find a stark contrast between the two.

GE changed so many things in my life, among which is my blogging and cosplaying hobbies. I find myself blogging more about the game (and even creating this separate blog account for pure GEek talk XD) and posting a lot of GE stuff in forums. I like meeting fellow GEeks and learning useful stuff about the game. The NineMoons Family in particular share a lot of tips and useful insights about the game, now that it in the Pre-OBT stage. The game is so rich in stories that I enjoy taking screencaps of my family's exploit to write my own story amidst the GE backdrop. I haven't seen myself dedicated in such a task for a long time.

Cosplay-wise, I'm collecting loads of reference pictures for reference. I scour the Internet for all images I can get of a particular character. And I'm quite thankful that the game allows various camera angles as well as the diversity of the characters' attires. I did not have a difficult time looking for pictures of my first GE cosplay, the Fire Elementalist. I was able to get a hold of various pictures in many angles of the said character. It helped me conceptualize and explain to the seamstress how it's supposed to be done. The result was a fantastic real-life rendition of Verdandi's current costume.

While wearing the costume in the e-Games event, I was able to meet GE's Regional Community Manager, Hrin, in the
flesh! If it were not for my introverted streak kicking in that time, I'd have loved to talk to her in a better circumstance. She even said she loved my costume! W00t! That meant a lot to me, coming from the game's RCM no less.

I'm currently planning to cosplay Idge Imbrulia, who also happens to be my favorite NPC. I was able to do a bit of research about her & found out that contrary to her tomboyish look, she was actually a maid in Illier before moving to Granado Espada. I like her profession as well—she shows a lot of strength, skill and wisdom for someone who's in a job deemed to be a "man's world". The costume's going to be a lot of work though. The details itself look very challenging. I hope I can work on this as soon as I finish another priority cosplay sometime in July.

GE has totally made a significant influence in my life. And I've never been excited about a game like this!

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