Saturday, May 26, 2007


Late yesterday evening, I went back to the office after a game of badminton with my officemates. My Dad was going to pick me up after a few minutes, so I decided to play a quick round of GE. But I estimated his ETA a bit off...I was only able to play for a few minutes until he texted me, saying he's right within the vicinity of Buendia.

I've always wanted to try out what it's like to go away from keyboard (AFK) in GE, as most gamers have been doing in order to curb the impatience brought about by the level grinding. I was hesitant to do it before, as I had insane thoughts of the PC blowing up after being left open overnight. But yesterday night was different, so I took the plunge.

I switched on the electric fan and pressed the auto attack control on the keyboard. Satisfied in see my girls randomly killing monsters at the Tetra Grand Corridor, I turned off the PC monitor and crossed my fingers. Then I headed out.

I was supposedly not going to work today, as I was feeling really sick with this virus I caught in the office. But I knew I left my PC open the entire night, and I was getting anxious to see the level the girls have attained. Despite my sickly disposition, I was excited to get to the office (the first of it's kind, really XD). When I got to my station and brought the monitor to life, there it was...

My DeSanggria girls were still at the same level I left them, with Verdandi and Cyradis dead at Alaena's feet.


I figured they died after being mobbed by the monsters (the Tetra Grand Corridor is notorious for those monster mobs appearing after opening a suspicious-looking box), and they couldn't very well go on auto attack mode again with no one hitting the controls to activate it.

Oh well, my first AFK experiment...a MASSIVE FAILURE.

But still, there's a next time for everything. >:)


I've created another family in the Caravaggio (PK) server, and this time, it's an all-male team. They're actually the cousins of the three sisters, and they likewise share the same family name of Alaena, Verdandi and Cyradis. I took on creating Kahlil (Scout), Raquim (Musketeer) and Armeo (Elementalist), coining their names from my favorite GMA fantaserye. I actually wanted to have a male elementalist in my lineup, because his gay-ish voice cracks me up all the time. I decided on having a musketeer then, because it would look drab if I had the same lineup of characters, only of a different gender.

The boys are still at level 7 and are currently doing Idge's old armor quest at the Feruccio Junction (which also happens to be a boring quest in my book). Hopefully I'd be a bit more inspired to help them attain higher levels, as I'm currently busy improving the girls in the Cervantes server.

Too bad with the server separation, the DeSanggria cousins wouldn't be able to meet face to face.

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