Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Alaena's entry: Musings at Coimbra

Thoughts of home

Eyes lost beyond the horizon
I wonder if there's an end to its vastness
The sun dips low, purple haze turns crimson
Soon, everything will be wrapped in darkness.

For a while, I wish it will not end
Sadness creeps along as the day fades
This facade of strength must not bend
Yet inside there's an urge to break away.

This land fills my thirst for adventure
The burning urge to strike, a satisying feeling
But the endless onslaught seems like an overture
The essence of battle loses its meaning.

Still, I must keep this to myself
For I am the anchor my sisters' hold on to
I must never succumb to treachery itself
This steadfast heart will pull us through.

For now, let me wallow in this misery
Let my tears fall and merge into this emptiness
Tomorrow will bring a renewed spirit
And put away this feeling of loneliness.


Romance at Coimbra

mirrored on the water's surface
gleaming under the setting sun
with waves crashing
with the wind singing
the horizon brings forth a new view
gazing beyond
way past the haze and mist
unveiled by the sun's arms
i gazed at your beauty



All poems were inspired by the picture above.

Alaena, our tough and fearless fighter, reveals more of her soft side with her own poetic compositions. Contradictory to her moody and stern disposition, not even her sisters know she's quite skilled with the quill. I'm pretty sure she doesn't want them to know anyway.

This post was also inspired by the works of Lothlorien and Lord Darrick as well. Coimbra's perpetual sunset makes a perfect setting for an emo post. The place absolutely begs to be immortalized in poetry. LOL.


lothlorien said...

Aww, you write absolutely nice poetry. More please :)

DeSanggria said...

*^_^* thanks! coming from a great GE poet such as yourself, i consider myself honored. ^_~V