Monday, August 13, 2007

Colony Wars (8/12/07): Suicidal tendencies + GE server maintenance

Yay! I've finally finished updating the CARNAGE Faction blog! Please do check it out for my report on the Faction-wide event as well as yesterday's Colony Wars.

And since re-writing the CW report here would be tedious, I'd just like to point out a few things I didn't mention in my update on the Faction blog.

First off, I took the plunge in actually wading in the bloodshed without the benefit of a squad. I was standing like an idiot in Coimbra minutes after the war has started, and I suddenly felt the urge to see the action in front of me instead of just reading stuff in the Faction chat. Good thing I was able to save at least one warp point nearest to a CARNAGE Colony. From there I used the Faction's Colony Manager to warp to King's Garden.

Of course, I was expecting to die after I warped to the territory. And true enough, I was taken down by some guys from Norgard. While lying there, I realized that even if I did manage to skittle away from the mob, I'd have died still, as I was the lone CARNAGE family facing a dozen people or so.

Norgard taking a whack at our King's Garden Colony.

I figured I probably won't be able to much of help anyway, not when majority of the people rain on Photon Splashes and Holes of Darkness on everyone, so I thought of just letting Cyradis the Scout do the medic work in reviving the fallen.

But nevertheless, I kept dying, but thanks to one friend from Dominion, I was revived and in turn, I helped out one faction mate. Just one. Damn stupid lag for making things extra hard for a lowbie like me.

One particular thing I've observed was the ingenious strategy of Yakisoba and its allies to retaliate after we've left a given Colony. These attacks were simultaneously launched, thereby splitting the troops in the defense of the territories.

A friend from Dominion revives Cyradis.

With all the major hoopla happening in-game and in the Faction chat, I wasn't able to list the Factions who declared war, but nevertheless, it was a fun and action-packed day for me. I might even do this suicidal coverage thing again. LOL.

'Gratz to everyone who participated! Until next week's war!


And even greater news!

GE will have an early server maintenance in preparation of the version 2.1.18 patch. As such, the game will be inaccessible starting tomorrow, August 14 at 1000 hours (GMT +8), until Thursday, August 16, at 1200 hours (GMT +8).

So I suggest we all take advantage of the few remaining hours! Grind, grind, grind beybeh!


lothlorien said...

I thought I saw you at Rion Praire!

DeSanggria said...

@loth: yes i was there. i saw you too! ^^

lothlorien said...

And so we finally met in game! XD

DeSanggria said...

too bad we met at the most unusual places (war + lag = dead puppy). XD hope we pass by in a more comfortable scenario. hehehe.

lothlorien said...

Haha, true. I was focusing on resurrecting and casting my AOEs on red names when I was in Rion. Super laggy! But it was fun. :)