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Colony Wars (8/19/07): Surprises and everything after

And now for the long overdue post...

This weekend Colony Wars was truly an unusual experience for me. For one, I encountered NineMoons in the same i-Cafe where I decided to play just to avoid the heavy lag. Quite surprising indeed. I even shot myself on the foot by covering the wars in both Cervantes and Caravaggio for the factions CARNAGE and PasawayProphecy respectively. Talk about utter martyrdom or what. XD

Caravaggio server: Pasaways go to war

I promised the peeps in PasawayProphecy that I'd be there to cover the faction's colony defense, and ultimately, their conquest of other territories.

There were about 34 people online that night and not everyone, I believe, joined in the war. Faction Leader Kerigan nonetheless was quick to issue orders for everyone to meet up in the Old Port of Coimbra Ch. 2. Everyone was asked to get ready to switch channels once the the war declaration was activated.

Upon the official start of war, the server-wide notice announced the clash between ReBorn and PasawayProhecy, thus prompting all members to move channels. Sweeping the enemy faction seemed to be an easy task for these guys as they decimated enemy ranks and brought out nasty valkyries to break towers and finish the job.

Factions all over Caravaggio were quick to capture colonies within the span of a few minutes. Luminaire was the first to broadcast its conquest of the Via Fluvial Colony, while PasawayProphecy's ally, Unholy, managed to snatch El Canon de Diabolica from ReBorn.

Utter pwnage by Pasaway.

Vice Faction Leader Kupz meanwhile, instructed everyone to have their Scouts set traps and be on their guard from hostile factions. It was at this time when faction member Anonymously informs everyone of sightings of Rebirth hovering near Ferruccio Junction, one of PasawayProphecy's territories. Not long, the said colony was under attack. Defending the colony however, was not a problem as it was soon declared secure by Kupz.

while all the skirmishes happened, the lowbie DeSanggria boys were busy hanging out at the entrance to the Al Quelt Moreza dungeons, painstakingly leveling while I paid close attention to the faction chatbox (how's that for CW reporting? XD).

Friendlies pass by.

At one point when the Ferruccio Colony was once again under siege, I was surprised to see some Pasaway factionmates appearing at the Al Quelt waypoint, obviously on their way to defend the colony. Not only did a handful of the good guys passed by, but unfriendlies as well. The boys got their first taste of PK from the hand of a Rebirth member, who I failed to take note, as his Claude Baudez quickly finished off my helpless Scout, Musketeer and Elementalist.

The Ferruccio Junction colony saw a lot of Rebirth members wanting to have a piece of the said territory, prompting Kupz to order everyone to move to defend the area.

The defense of all PasawayProphecy colonies turned out to be successful battles, despite being in a state of war against three factions (ReBorn, NeptuneWorld and Rebirth). With only a few more minutes left on the clock, some members were raring to claim another colony. Kerigan initially objected, saying that the defense of their colonies was more important as some of their territories were frequently targeted by hostile factions. He finally relented after much prodding from the others.

Owned: King's Garden Colony

The more pressing concern, however, was the choice of colony to be targeted next.

The Tetra Ruins colony was suggested, but was then changed to the King's Garden after difficulties in declaring war with the current owner of the territory (special characters in the faction's name frustrated Kerigan in the end, methinks. XD)

Getting the King's Garden colony was not actually a walk in the park for them, as another faction by the name of the RedStarAvengers wanted to get the same territory as well. In spite of the challenges brought about by an adversary faction setting sights on the same target, PasawayProhecy nevertheless obtained the said colony.

The 2-hour war saw to Pasaway's victory, getting additional 3 colonies and thereby boosting their HPs to 40%.

Congratulations to all Caravaggio Pinoy factions who did exceptionally well in last Sunday's war!.

*Red mark - PasawayProphecy colonies
*Blue mark - Unholy colonies

Special thanks to Kupz and Onigiri for the screencaps!

Cervantes: CARNAGE struggle

Thank goodness I made the right choice to play in i-Hooked as they had better (and faster!) connections. The lag was still there, but switching servers and warping in between areas proved to be less of a hassle for me. And since I spent most of the time monitoring the war in Caravaggio, I was particularly clueless with the happenings in Cervantes.

On my first switch to Cervantes (around 9PM), I was taken aback with the messages I found on the faction chat. Almost all CARNAGE colonies were in constant attack, some of which were under difficult strains. I believe it was the El Tejado Verde that was the most critical around that point in time.

I was able to take note of Overseer's orders to let go of the King's Garden colony and move to the Deserted Quay's defense. It was at this time that a 7 factions were at war with CARNAGE, but I later on learned that there we were actually up against 10 factions, making the simultaneous defense of all 5 colonies a difficult task.

Hermanas Colony in Yakisoba hands

With my intermittent stay in Cervantes, I resorted to have Cyradis the Scout resume her medic roles in reviving the fallen. Thankfully with the better connection, I was able to warp with much ease and dodge those AOE spells.

In the middle of all the busy war, I found out that our El Tejado Verde colony was snatched by Yakisoba, despite efforts to defend it. Obviously, Veteran Stances proved to be the deciding factor in this neck-to-neck battle.

In the end, CARNAGE managed to hold on to its sole colony, Porto Bello's Deserted Quay. Defending against 10 factions was no joke, though this was quite an experience for everyone in the faction. I'm pretty much sure to expect a mean comeback this Sunday, as this will also be the last CW before the wipeout in preparation for the game's commercial launch.

Nevertheless, I salute all CARNAGE members for a battle well fought!

Ok, that's the wrap! Back to GE for me.


Oh and before I do, allow me to introduce the first Veteran dude in CARNAGE.

Macho men, amfufu!!!

'Gratz to Estradz for reaching Veteran status!!! Libre! Libre! Libre!

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