Monday, August 20, 2007

the idge project (part 1)

W00t! I just got home fresh from the Colony Wars event a while ago. I just went and made my life more difficult by covering not just one, but two CW happenings in Cervantes and Caravaggio servers, specifically for CARNAGE and PasawayProphecy factions respectively. But since I'm already digressing, I'll talk about that in tomorrow's post.

Anyway, I've been feeling quite giddy over the prospect of an Idge Imbrulia cosplay. Not too many people appreciate this particular RNPC, so I've decided to immortalize my fandom of the Illier blacksmith by cosplaying as her on the upcoming GE PH Commercial Launch Party on September 15.

This is the Idge version I'll be wearing, complete with the huge ass Castor sword.

And here are just but a few developments of the costume:

Idge's breastplate and..uhh..a wrench XD.

We all know Idge looks kinda boyish in her getup, but her armor does flatter her nice figure. The breastplate for one, hugs her top frame. I'm particularly happy with the actual turnout of this, considering that the paint applied on the rubber foam made it look like an old piece of metal. The engravings on the armor are actually strips of rubber foam and glue gun painted in silver.

The tools of the trade.

And this one shows Idge's essential tools for enhancing items: the hammer, chisel, and a nifty wrench. Again, this stuff's made of just rubber, but the effect's as good as metal. I've assembled them to look like the ones in the picture.

The striped pants of doom.

I hope I don't look stupid wearing these pants.

I'll be updating this blog with more info on the Idge Projectas it progresses. Meanwhile, I really ought to hit the sack.


filsimmer said...

May this project come into full bloom, lady DeSanggria.

I hope I can get this chance to see you dressed as Idge! :D

DeSanggria said...

@fil: omg..where have you been? O.O

and thanks for the vote of confidence! ^^

kat said...

I thought the first picture of the armor was a screenshot ahaha. Nice work. Is it done by your usual?

DeSanggria said...

@kat: thanks! hmm..nope, i'm having another trusted person help me out on this. ^^; i'm kinda excited to assemble everything.