Friday, August 17, 2007

I LIIIIIIIVEEE!!! + big news!

Panfilo's glad to be back in GE.

Finally! After last night's server fiasco, I was finally able to log in to the GE world. It's still a painful chore for me to level the girls, so I took them all for a nice stroll around Reboldoeux and Coimbra.

In doing so I encountered new sights in those areas. In Reboldoeux for one, a costume exchange chest was located near master couturier Andre Janzur. By putting in some costumes (the ones bought from Janzur and not the armors), one will get a random item. A factionmate tried exchanging one this morning and he got an Auch Return Scroll. Cool!

Oh and for those who are wondering, items in the Market Manager are steadily going back to their exorbitant prices. You might want to purchase some stuff now, and unless you're fully loaded with Vis, getting armors and weapons will be a major pain in the family coffers.

Moving over to Coimbra, we noticed the add-ons as described by RCM Hrin.

Hrin's new bestfriend, the Item Mall NPC stands near the notice board, already selling goodies for those who have their G-Points (lucky people ).

No G-Points for the DeSanggria family just yet.

And while on the way to a rendezvous with Gracielo (hehe), we spotted Jonathon, the new Coimbra Pioneering Officer. Cyradis went on to engage him in a friendly conversation and to check out the quest issued by this NPC. To her surprise, Jonathon replied tartly, "We do not need your help."

Jonathon, the Coimbra Trooper Pioneering Officer

Ouch. Darned ingrate.

The girls likewise saw the ballot boxes for the upcoming Party Elections! It's just across Captain Ricardo. Neat stuff really.

Cast your votes here!

Oh, and RCM Hrin has posted some nifty info about Barons in her blog. Go check it out! Just don't baron me...yet.


For those of you who've been curious for the nth time...

IP-Interactive will have the GE PH Commercial Launch Party on Sept. 15 (Saturday) at One Esplanade, near SM Mall of Asia!!!

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