Sunday, August 26, 2007

Gpoints and the impending prospect of splurging

If you've been around the City of Auch Ch. 1 (Cervantes), you'll see a lot of walking advertisement: players strutting around in Bear and Croc suits sporting various hairstyles and accessories, back costumes, gorgeous dresses, Veterans looking dangerous...

God, being one of the firsts to get their hands on Gpoints must be a fine thing.

For quite some time now, I've been thinking about the stuff I'd want to buy from the Item Shop once Gpoints become available here. I've had some careful thought and here's what I've drawn up so far:

Naharurosa - 9,900
Combat Manual Expert (30D) - 6,600
Pioneer's Kit - Strategy Package - 14,300
Battle Smith Costume - 7,700
School Look for Scout - 11,000
School Look for Fighter - 11,000


Okay, buying the initial 30-Day GVC (without game time) will only give me a measly 5,800 points. Even if the Battle Smith and School Uniforms are still unavailable to date, buying that Naharurosa costume for the Elementalist as well as the nifty Andre Costume Box is going to blow a nice hole in my wallet.

And that freaking 60,500 Gpoints will force me to buy a 1-year GVC plan.

Oh my Lord...have mercy on my pocket.

This will only be the first time in history that I will splurge money on virtual items. Go me!


Oh and I just remembered that today's Colony Wars will be the last one before the impending wipeout of faction names on the GE map prior to the commercial phase this August 30. So to all those participating tonight...



filsimmer said...

I too need a stable income for me to finance my GE account. My priorities would be barrack and warp slot expansion! If I can burn money on the side, I'm going after the costumes next. But maybe I'll invest on Soul Crystals, Hrin's Ampules and Trinity Fillers for Irawan.

I love Naharu Rosa, Noblese Costume and the Student Costumes! :D Let's hope we can enjoy these stuff in the future, lady DeSanggria!

DeSanggria said...

@fil: i'm also looking at the barracks slot as well. perhaps the mercenary contract too. gahd..that's a growing list of gpoints T_T.

i dunno, but those vanity items just keep calling to me. XD the soul crystals for irawan and other items can be obtained in a quest afaik, although i think you can't have all ingredients. investing on those is going to be a worthwhile thing, that is, if you're really intent on leveling this npc from scratch. ^^

goodluck to us then, mena family!

Ligaya said...

Tangina panalo yang mga emoticons mo sis!!! \^0^/ Where do you get those?