Monday, August 27, 2007

Colony Wars (8/26/07): The last hurrah + complete & utter pwnage

This is still the suicidal colony wars reporter, DeSanggria, filling you in on the news on what happened at this week's faction battles. Today, I'll try to recap the stuff that happened in Cervantes for CARNAGE Faction and Caravaggio for Unholy Faction.

Let's just hope I do this right. XD

The last OBT colony wars prompted me to hole up in Cervantes to see CARNAGE's last stand. With only 1 colony on the map, the guys decided to go in for the kill to become more aggressive than ever.

Anyway, I won't go into details on the war in Cervantes as I'd be posting the nitty gritty stuff on the CARNAGE Faction blog. Let me just comment on a few things though.

For one, the lag was utter crap. I think I wasted quite a lot of warp scrolls moving to and fro maps and then dying along the way because I can't very well skittle to a safe place while Yakisobas rained skills on poor, helpless Cyradis.

The competition to gain colonies was fierce even at the start of the war. Yakisobas were tailing us every step of the way, thwarting our efforts to defend and seize more colonies. Surprisingly though, this "last" war saw through the appearance of new factions on the face of the Granado Espada map. They're not exactly "new" to begin with...I've seen their members in my travails in towns and in dungeons as well.

Again, Veterans tipped the scale of the fights. Elite weapons and special skills made the difference in tearing down defenses and building offense. Nevertheless, CARNAGE got two colonies after the gruelling battle. It wasn't an easy job so these guys deserve one big kudos!

Cervantes Map: CARNAGE's mark

Meanwhile in Caravaggio, I was teamed up with Unholy Faction. It was a good thing Welling was there in i-Hooked as well so I was able to more or less know what was happening in this server while wading in Cervantes.

One of the more shocking discoveries I learned that day was that Luminaire's colonies were wiped off the map due to some hacking incident that disbanded the group. I'm not sure as to how this happened, but feel free to lay down the facts just in case I misconstrued some things.

The thing about this particular war was the lack of Unholy members who were to go against the forces of TheCore, ReBorn and HeavyMachines Factions. The initial plan, as Welling informed me, was to get the former Luminaire colonies while their ally, PasawayProphecy, were to defend their territories.

I had less details on what happened on this battle plan as I spent a considerable amount of time in Cervantes, but when I did manage to get back to Caravaggio, most of the Unholy colonies were under attack. ReBorn was quite on a roll in warring Unholy that the latter's forces were scattered in the defense of Diabolica and Rio Albi territories.

Welling, who was clearly so engrossed in his sole efforts to defend, was definitely not to be disturbed so I just watched behind his shoulder as he single-handedly took down enemies, of course, with the help of a few factionmates. Up until now, I still cannot fathom how he managed to do all that with the lag and all. XD

Anyhoo, Unholy was able to claim the Scorching Plateau colony, adding to their Lago Celeste and El Tierra Blanco territories. Of course, it did not take long before these were attacked as well, thereby foregoing plans to go on an offensive mode.

Colony defense took quite a heavy toll on Unholy. The end of the war saw to their hold on El Tierra Blanco, while the rest withered away to ReBorn's hands.

Caravaggio Map: Unholy's mark

And that's it, folks! Open Beta Colony Wars officially ended yesterday. On August 30, Granado Espada will officially go commercial, and thus, the entire map will be wiped clean of all faction names, as Hrin mentioned previously.

Congratulations, one and all! See you again in war come commercial phase! ^0^V


By now you've probably read in NineMoons' blog how she completely pwned me in a PvP match. Hehehe. Since we both haven't tried getting into PvP matches, we took it upon ourselves to try it out. Note that NineMoons was 4 levels short of my girls, not to mention that I had a 10% HP boost that time.

We agreed on a best of three match, heading for the first time in the Duel Colloseum. I must say that I did manage to knock Tuon and Aurana out of balance, although she finally knocked me out twice in a row. XD

Nice game! We must arrange a rematch soon. ^.~

Oh and I got quite a few funny remarks from CARNAGE after finding out what NineMoons and I were up to. XD


Also yesterday, NineMoons and I went on squad mode at the Reception Hall in Dr. Torsche's Mansion primarily to hunt for Catherine's parts. We saw quite a number of bots there, and on mixed feeling of whim and curiosity, we decided to Baron bots.

Squadding up with NineMoons

I must say that hunting bots and baroning them got to my head. It was nice getting baron points off those scums, but my fun was spoiled when they just logged off...right when I was on the verge of my second kill!

Die, die, die botters!!!

I managed to baron two bot families, after which, I decided to pay Mr. Johnny a visit in Los Toldos. Sadly, I wasn't able to claim my grave stone as I didn't have those Soul Crystals with me when I went there.

The visit to Mr. Johnny in Los Toldos.

But as NineMoons would say, we now have a new quest in GE...and that's hunting for bots! :3 Hehehehe.


NineMoons Family said...

next time maglaro tayo, more fun with bots di ba? ^^

and, now I want a mutation costume TT

DeSanggria said...

@nine: haha oo ba! let's gang up on them. hehe.

mutation is at lvl 100 pa. huhu..layo pa sa atin. Y_Y

lothlorien said...

Oh wow ... I think it's time for me to start too. So far, I have never activated baron mode against anyone before!

DeSanggria said...

@loth: you haven't baroned anyone? wow! peepz like you are hard to find in a pk server. ^^

lothlorien said...

Tell me about it >"<, I have actually reached vet status without ever initiating baron at anyone ... maybe I am in the wrong server? Haha.

DeSanggria said...

@loth: the time is now! <--i sound like that fighter dude in the GE comic LOL. hope to see you one day wearing baron items. hehe. go loth!

Ligaya said...

...Nyeta ka sis, pinagpalit mo na ako for PJ. T~T {mock-tampo mode}

Hahahaha. I'd love to read about those comments though seriously! ♥ v^.~v