Friday, September 21, 2007

Colony Wars (9/16/07): The game of "tag"

DeSanggria boys reporting for duty!

Still in Caravaggio, the AdeptasFraternas faction has already made a bold statement in last week's war, branding the Granado Espada map with three colonies under their name. In this week's war, the boys have decided to wage an all-out war with ReBorn and their ally. With save points in Topolo Durga, Rio Albi, Old Port of Coimbra, El Tierra Blanco and El Canon de Diabolica, faction leader Welling had members save on only two locations.

A few minutes before the start of the war, people started going online, which was a good thing, for the Adeptas force grew to as much as 56 families participating in the war (except for me of course :p). And like the usual routine, valkyries were given out, squads were formed once again, and reminders on coordination were regularly noted.

Finally when the clock struck at 8pm, all three AF colonies were simulataneously attacked by opposing factions, prompting all squads to mobilize their forces in defense of these territories.

The AF peepz certainly strived to live up to the moniker as they once again made their first colony takeover in less than five minutes.

However, just as the boys were fast in getting a colony, two of their territories were likewise snatched in the same breath as they gained two more colonies. ReBorn's colonies were under heavy threat at this time, and it was kinda weird to see a few ReBorn families defending a colony under such threat. However, the guys were able to fend off reinforcements quite easily, as some were divided into battling enemies and whacking on the beacon. Great coordination, if I do say so myself.

All throughout the 2-hour war, AF colonies were under constant attack. Despite it all, the group was still able to get two additional colonies. At this time, the peepz resorted to an all-out defense of their 5 colonies, in which ReBorn took and AF retrieved for like 3 times (correct me if I'm wrong with this XD).

All opposing factions tried to sieze AF territories, but to no avail. Time got the better of their opponents, which was why at 1 minute before the end of the war, the boys were already elated with yet another victory. The Brotherhood has once again risen up to the challenge.

This Sunday's war, however, will be a different story altogether.

The Brotherhood mark on the New World


Zyg said...

wow wars in your server sounds fun ^^; not like carracci's lol

DeSanggria said...

@zyg: i'd like to observe the wars in the non-pk servers though. i might drop by sometime to do that. ;)