Thursday, September 20, 2007

GE Events: The tale of the long-delayed post

The 9-hour server maintenance today proved to be the right time for me to update this 'lil 'ol blog of mine. Anyway, most of you were either present in these events or have heard/read it from those who were. And since I was part of the team that organized these GE events, the following accounts are a bit subjective to some extent. Then again there's NineMoons' blog, Reclusion, and others who've blogged about these events.

GE Commercial Launch Party @ 1Esplanade

That morning was weird. For one, the weather seemed be uncooperative as it rained that time, prompting some of the folks to change the arrangement of the tents and the stage at the foyer. I arrived sometime at 12nn, and I already saw a handful of familiar faces and a long line awaiting the opening of the event. I was busy helping with the preparations, mainly in arranging the program script I wrote the previous night (huhuhu fried brains) as well as with pacifying the crowd when things started turning chaotic.

Sometime after we opened for registration (and when people started filing up to claim their angel wings), we heard a commotion coming from the crowd. Apparently our models have already gone out wearing their Scout uniforms, drawing attention from the predominantly male crowd. Meanwhile, everybody was busy flocking to the merchandise booth to get their hands on the much-coveted GE Limited Edition Box as well as other GE-related goodies.

'Bout some time that afternoon I morphed into Idge, while pCM Veya was dressed as Emilia the Sage. With a few perfunctory pictures (and a few remarks on how uber huge teh Castor Sword was), the program was in full swing. On my part, my attention was divided in making sure the program was going as planned and coordinating with my friends from the cosplay community.

And speaking of cosplays, there were only 3 GE cosplayers that day: a Brunie Etienne, a Female Elementalist and a cute little Catherine the Summoner. I'm actually hoping for more, but hopefully in the next GE events we'll have more great cosplays.

Perhaps what was the highlight of this event was the much-anticipated Liberty's Wrath 5 on 5 PvP tournament. A few friends actually made it to the finals, which was really great. I met some of the GE Team PH from Cebu and Cagayan de Oro who were here last June. Watching the matches in itself was exhilirating, as I unceremoniously cheered for my friends and rejoiced in their successful matches.

The matches following the semi-finals was truly nerve wracking. Each time a pair of teams would sit opposite each other to compete, tension was apparent, and everyone would watch with bated breaths which team will be the last one standing.

For those who'd want to know about the breakdown of the matches and the winners, NineMoons has provided an entry dedicated to Liberty's Wrath. Do check it out. ;)

I'd just like to personally congratulate the winning group, the Cebu team, for a straight win from prelims all the way to the finals. You guys rock!

Special mention to Welling and the Adeptas boys for placing fourth.

That night though, was the perfect time for me to par-tay along with my good friend (and Brunie cosplayer), Ligaya. The Bigfish party was packed and bursting at the seams past midnight, so we did what we could and partied like there was no tomorrow.

Too bad the CARNAGE boys, save for a few, preferred the booze rather than dancing. Arc and the boys from Cebu needed a jolt as well. But yeah, generally we had a blast at the night party. Wooohooo! Already got home at almost 5am, so fun fun!

e-Games Evolution roadshow

This event was held the following day after the launch party, which was why I surmised that there would be less people attending, but I was floored with the sheer number of people flocking the GE booth. And yes, I saw a couple more familiar faces who were there the day before.

Part of the GE booth activity was the Triple X Triple PvP tourney, in which some friends participated in. Kupz, who recently joined the Adeptas group, was one of the guys who won in this tourney. As for other activities, GE Product Manager Ivee Feria gave away some angel wings and GE merchandise in a trivia contest after her presentation on what to expect on the upcoming game patches.

I didn't stay that much long in this event as I had to meet someone *ahem* and cover the week's Colony Wars over at Caravaggio. As for my report on that, I'll post the details tomorrow.

But for's browser killing time!

GE Launch Party Pics:

Hanging out with Team Cebu & Cagayan de Oro

Mr. Victor Ngo from Cyberworld Corporation-Vietnam is a big fan of teh Castor Sword.

Teh scouts

The Adeptas boys (amp nawala si Kryz sa peekchur! XD).
Their motto? Manalo, matalo cute pa rin kami! XD

DeSanggria with Lord Darrick of Casa Reclusion.

Hanging out with the peepz from CARNAGE

GE Cosplayers: Brunie, Idge, Catherine & Female Elementalist

The Idge Brigade

Liberty's Wrath Champions! Spot teh Arc in teh pic!

Dance boys, dance! XD

e-Games Evolution pics:

Kick-ass GE insignia

Officemates looking dangerous. :P

NineMoons and Nate Reclusion quizzed by Ivee.

Never mess with a Wiz in Le Blanc.

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