Thursday, September 13, 2007

Shopping craze + useful tidbit

Look who just got a makeover!

Discounts on female costumes (for Elementalist, Adelina Esperanza, Grace Bernelli, Emilia Guliano) end today! I'd probably be expecting a lot of these RNPCs decked in their pretty regalia. Monsieur Janzur's bound to be traipsing on his dreaaamzz and fantazzzieezz~!


Oh, I'm not sure if the contenders for this Saturday's PvP finals know about this little tidbit:

If you've been monitoring the sGE site, it was announced that our counterparts in Malaysia will also have their own launch party from Sept. 14-16! Whoever will emerge as the Philippine Champions in the Nationals will challenge the winning Malaysian team on the 15th!

I'm hoping that our local champs will give their opponents a hard time. Mwehehe. Good luck to all on Saturday! And yes, good luck to us.

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