Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Colony Wars (9/9/07): The brotherhood cometh + launch party microsite

Raquim DeSanggria: I'm too sexy for this server. XD

I decided to ditch the server hopping thingamajig in yesterday's Colony Wars in order to focus my sights on the war in Caravaggio, specifically for the newly-formed faction, AdeptasFraternas (Latin for Brotherhood of the Adept), headed by none other than Welling. The faction was a product of the merge of some Unholy and PasawayProphecy members who wanted to give ReBorn a run for their money.

And in this week's CW, they did just that. But then again, it wasn't going to be a walk in the park, since they were starting from scratch. And with a strong force such as ReBorn, it was definitely going to be a fight to the finish.

Although the DeSanggria boys were in no shape to join the war at that time, I nonetheless took them out of Al Quelt Moreza to focus more on what was happening in the faction's discussions. At that point, it was made clear that AF will try to take 6 colonies owned by ReBorn, which were in Rio Albi, El Canon de Diabolica, Porto Bello Quay, Desolate Cliff, Old Port of Coimbra and Katovic Snowfield. Save points were needed by each member who were to participate in the war.

An hour before the battle commenced, Welling was distributing high level valkyries as well as organizing squads and assigning members for each group. The Katovic plains was the first target, and with only a few minutes left before the official war starts, everyone was instructed to move to ch. 2 then wait for orders to go to ch. 1.

At precisely 8PM, the war notice sprang up all over Granado Espada, heralding the start of the colony wars. Contrary to NineMoon's observation in Cervantes, the war in Caravaggio saw a flurry of declaration notices as the first second of the war was announecd. The first 30 minutes of the action was rather "silent" in the sense that everyone had their focus on the colony target. A few moments thereafter, AF was successful in claiming Katovic, which then prompted the teams to head straight for Porto Bello Quay.

[On a funny note, someone broaded that colony takeovers took quite a long time, save for AF, who was the first to make a claim for more than 20 minutes after the war started.]

Checking out everyone's whereabouts, I noted that most of them have moved to the Cliff, which made me wonder if they've abandoned efforts in Quay. And all the while I was checking the map, I was surprised to find out that Katovic was once again reclaimed by ReBorn, although thankfully, the Deserted Cliff was branded by the AF name.

[And I've noticed once again that not many factions have become aggressive that day—everyone's apparently on a defensive position.]

Anyway, everyone in the group was just as shocked to have been KS-ed by Drow Faction who got Quay for themselves, thereby prompting Welling to declare war over their heads. At this time, the former tactic to overwhelm a particular location was changed. Squads took their places in various places to secure the sole colony as well as the other targeted territories.

ReBorn put up quite a fight as they once again reclaimed the Deserted Cliff, while AF suffered another KS in Rio Albi by the Zodiac Faction and in Quay by Ethereal.

Since I wasn't there to experience the action for myself, it was Welling who told me that the lag was completely and untolerably horrible. Faction and squad chats were delayed, which was probably the reason why I saw the faction scattering about in most places. And perhaps due to my stupidity, I missed the entire group's discussions as I was busy monitoring the System Notice, instead of the Faction Chat tab. *headdesk*

Nevertheless, AF was able to finally bring the Katovic colony, Diabolica and the Deserted Cliff under its wing. They made a rush to get to the Old Port of Coimbra and actually managed to leave 1/3 of damage before the end of the clock. When the excitement died down, AdeptasFraternas resounded all over GE with 3 colonies (27% HP boost), which was not so bad for a newly formed faction (who reached lvl 52 status on the same day the group was conceived!).

The Brotherhood on Caravaggio server.

Having said that, I have a feeling that Caravaggio will never be the same again.

Congratulations to everyone for a well-fought battle! And just for the record, here is the list of factions who declared war on that night:

TheUltimate v. Symphony
AdeptasFraternas v. ReBorn
AdeptasFraternas v. HeavyMachines
Zodiac v. ReBorn
YouWithWho v. Symphony
Ethereal v. Zodiac
Azyr v. Symphony
Exodus v. ReBorn
Rebirth v. Ethereal
Drow v. ReBorn
Eclipse v. Ethereal
Leviathan v. ReBorn
AdeptasFraternas v. Drow
Ethereal v. Drow
Justice v. Symphony
Eclipse v. Symphony
Exodus v. Symphony
Cynic v. Drow
Symphony v. DivineSociety
DivineSociety v. Eclipse
YouWithWho v. Eclipse
Cynic v. ReBorn
YouWithWho v. ReBorn


We've finally uploaded this really cool microsite for the launch party!

View it here!

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