Monday, October 15, 2007

Adieu, CARNAGE + DeSanggria in GAME! Mag blog!

As constant as the setting sun in Coimbra, we shall remember the memories with much fondness. Adieu, CARNAGE Faction...

...and so we bid farewell to one of the power house factions in Cervantes, CARNAGE. I was particularly saddened at this news, but such a thing is but normal in the world of GE: factions disband in order to create stronger alliances. With the merger of CARNAGE and Anonymous, I do hope for greater things for this faction in the wars to come.

This faction is particularly close to me as it was the first guild I ever joined in Cervantes. I remember congratulating Overseer in their tournament in Singapore, and after which I received an invite to join his faction. From then on, I enjoyed the game even more with so many fun people to talk to and to get a few tips as well.

CARNAGE has been admired as a strong, solid faction even before the game's CBT days. I know a lot of people were equally disappointed as the group has finally bid its farewell on the map 2 CWs ago.

As they say, change is for the better. So I'm reaaaally hoping for great things from ASA Faction. ^.~


DeSanggria featured in NineMoon's column in GAME! Magazine Online!

Many thanks to NineMoons for the opportunity. And to everyone else, do check out her column for the interview. ^^;


In next entry, Caravaggio Colony Wars results!

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