Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Colony Wars (10/14/07): The tides have shifted + other updates!

Again, my apologies for the late CW update. And I'd like to apologize yet again because this report won't be that much detailed as I wasn't able to fully watch the events happen. Last Sunday's war also happened to be the birthday celebration of one of our faction mates, so please pardon the things I've looked over.

Anyway, I just learned (c/o AF's leader Welling) that this particular CW will be ReBorn's last hurrah. Note that this faction has once been an adversary of AdeptasFraternas for quite some time, and the news of the faction's impending disbanding caused such a ruckus all over Caravaggio. ReBorn is actually a known group in the server, along with Ethereal, who have held a vast majority of colonies for the past few wars.

And so, with ReBorn's final stand that day, Colony Wars in Caravaggio will never be the same.

As for the people in AF, defending all their 7 colonies would be a daunting task. With only 50 or so people online, I had expected quite a number of factions to declare war on AF, but such a thing did not happen at the first hour of battle. AF went for the colonies of other factions, particularly those with 1 or 2 territories on the map, particularly those of Azyr's in Tetra Hill.

The initial conquest of this colony was fairly an easy one, and afterwhich, EdeN's colony in Scorching Plateau was targeted next. AF had a pretty easy first hour during the war, and I kinda assumed that there wouldn't be that much problems.

But I guess I spoke too soon.

Perhaps it was about 45 minutes until 10PM when everything fell into place. The lag was starting to kick in and factions started declaring war on AF to reclaim their colonies. Azyr struck back, followed by EdeN. Ethereal likewise took a hack out of AF's colony in Porto Bello's Deserted Quay. Meanwhile, ReBorn got the Tres Hermanas colony, which was their last until finally disbanding.

The end of the war saw a few factions on the Caravaggio GE map: Ethereal (which was back in being the dominating faction), AdeptasFraternas, Eclipse, EdeN and SupperClub™.

I'd like to congratulate all factions for a job well done. My hats off to ReBorn for a the last good fight as well.


A very good friend and GE blogger, Reclusion, asked me to pimp plug his upcoming GE machinima teaser, of which the full movie will be available on the eve of Halloween. Do check out this fantazztic preview!


I'd like to take this opportunity to invite Pinoy GE bloggers for an unofficial get together on October 27 (Saturday), at McDonald's El Pueblo in Ortigas. We'll be talking about blogging GE and a few other stuff. Individual and faction GE bloggers are welcome to attend!

Please do drop a comment if you're interested! We'd love to have more people with us. ^_^

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