Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Colony Wars (10/08/07): The biggest ever

Similar to NineMoon's observation, last Sunday's Colony Wars was one of the most shocking events ever to happen in Caravaggio server as well. This time around, politics played a great role in shaping the map of Granado Espada in this particular PK server.

What made this weekend war extra special? Oh, nothing much. Only that the entire factions in the server took matters into their own hands to go against the ruling group, Ethereal.

Ah, I never got to wade in so much politics, not even in Cervantes. Wars in Caravaggio are fought with much, much ferocity. This is what makes the squabbles all the more exciting.

Anyway, the peepz of AF got ready to head off to battle by targeting some of Ethereal's colonies in Topolo Durga and Pradera Ceniza. The initial attack on Topolo was met with no resistance at all, which was why they were able to get the colony with much ease. Moving to the next targets was likewise fairly easy for the group as other factions warred Ethereal, thereby splitting the group's defenses over their 13 colonies.

Meanwhile, other factions were gaining colonies within the first hour of the war. ReBorn, AF's nemesis, got its own share as well. For a while, it looked like everyone was getting their piece of the pie while Ethereal was busy holding on to their territories.

When AF got it's 3rd colony in Lago Celeste, it was essentially a defense tactic from then on. For a time, one or two colonies were under attack, but were easily fended off by vigilant troops. At one time, AF had nothing to do...and even took on a Diablo hunt in the middle of the war! Tsk..tsk..

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the DeSanggria boys were able to make a brief appearance in the war as resu medics for the fallen factionmates. It was kinda fun to be back where the action was, and of course, where there is action, there was...LAG. Good thing I remained immune from attacks despite my lowbieness.

Anyway, the two-hour war saw through 4 more additional colonies for AF. They were able to claim a total of 7 colonies, making them the ruling faction in all Caravaggio. Aside from painting a pretty picture in the map, the 50% HP boost wasn't so bad as well. 'Gratz to AdeptasFraternas as well as to all factions who put up a great fight!

Next week is going to be an event worth watching though.

AdeptasFraternas owns Caravaggio ^_~


Still about the war, I'm pretty sure NineMoons gave a hint on what we're cooking up sometime in the upcoming CWs. Anyway, We're going to leave it to RCM Hrin to spill the beans eventually, but all I can say is that it's going to be one exciting coverage for us and the Reclusion brothers.

Stay tuned, people!

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