Thursday, October 4, 2007

Faction news, chizmiz and everything else in between

For some time now I've been shifting from Cervantes to Caravaggio, making friends and joining factions for work related reasons (hehe). I said it once and I'll say it again: factions add a lot of fun to the game. Even if you're doing good in the game by yourself, nothing beats good 'ol friends to help you enjoy the game a bit more.

Having said that, lemme just make a few rounds with the factions I'm currently in.

Caravaggio: AdeptasFraternas

My apologies for not updating the news in this faction regarding the last 2 Colony Wars. Two weeks before, AF lost all their five colonies to their nemesis, ReBorn. For that time, it was a game of catch and fetch with these two factions: colonies swaying to and fro from their contol. However, ReBorn's overwhelming number versus AF's forces. The group made an effort to defend their territories under such pressure not just from ReBorn, but from other factions as well. But then again in spite of such efforts, all colonies were wiped out.

However in this week's war, AF shot back up, showing their strength and persistence as a faction to deal with in Caravaggio. With no HP boost to fortify members, AF went head on to challenge the ruling factions in the map. Squads did their work in monitoring intended targets and in the battles themselves, but the full force attack of everyone in the group did wonders for them in securing colonies. Of course, once they've acquired a territory, these were simultaneously attacked by their opponents and for one time, endangering the very colonies they held.

But in the end, they've surpassed the previous waterloo and emerged to have three colonies in Katovic Snowfield, Porto Bello's Desolate Cliff and in Rio Albi. 'Gratz to the guys and gahls in Adeptas!

AF Colonies last 9/30 CW

Cervantes: Ravenloft

I've recently left Ravenloft because most of the members are always offline and I cannot get in touch with the faction leader after I joined the group. Anyway, I will still be featuring them for the GE PH website, though I do hope sotelo will get in touch with me somehow. T_T

Cervantes: Anonymous

Yep, I've moved from Ravenloft to Anonymous last Sunday and I'm very much excited to get to know these guys! And yes, the 2nd placers from the National tourney came from this faction! Many thanks to faction leader Anima for graciously taking me under their wing. ^_^

Cervantes: CARNAGE

I dunno what seems to be amiss in this faction, but I've been recently hearing sad news that most of the members have left due to the group's "inactivity". It saddens me to see good friends leaving and joining other factions. Of course it's but natural for people to ally themselves with a formidable group, it's just that I kinda miss the old CARNAGE and the usual fun interaction with the members.

I do hope the faction will stick it out to the end and everything works out for the best. ^^

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