Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Colony Wars (10/28/07): A shaken alliance

Last week's war saw to the formation of the triumvirate of Ethereal, Eclipse and AdeptasFraternas as their names populated the entire map of Caravaggio. This week, however, tested this alliance's mettle as it faced several factions who wanted a piece of the pie as well.

But before we get to the nitty gritties of it all, here's the list of the factions that declared war that night*:

EdeN v. Eclipse
Azyr v. Ethereal
Symphony v. AdeptasFraternas
AdeptasFraternas v. EdeN
SupperClub™ v. AdeptasFraternas
Revolution v. AdeptasFraternas
BloodPact v. AdeptasFraternas
Ethereal v. EdeN
SupperClub™ v. Ethereal
Eclipse v. Ethereal
VietnamIdols v. Ethereal
RedstarAvengers v. SupperClub™
ThousandNeedles v. Adeptas Fraternas

*My apologies if the list seems to be incomplete as I may have missed a few notices in the height of the exciting battles that ensued.

With 15 minutes left on the clock before the official start of the war, several factions have started declaring war in efforts to lay claim on some colonies once the war commences. News had it that the Trinity alliance will be warred by most factions, and the first to have made known the challenge was EdeN and Eclipse.

Once the war started, everyone in AF awaited for any news about an upcoming seige. They didn't wait long though as their colony in Lago Celeste received the first brunt of attacks from Revolution, the new faction founded by ex-ReBorn members.

Revolution comes back with a vengeance in Lago Celeste.

AF was under quite a fix that time, as only 28 families were online to defend 7 colonies from unfriendlies. Revolution was quite aggressive as it sent a formidable team to bring down the colony. Those from AF who went in defense of the said territory were only able to do so little, thus, it was inevitable that the colony fell to enemy hands.

Following this swift attack, SupperClub™ likewise went to Rio Albi to claim the said territory towing a number of their best members to efficiently knock down the small contingent of AF troops.

SupperClub™ siege at Rio Albi

With AF still under heavy attack from the aforementioned factions, Symphony seized the opportunity to go after the Deserted Cliff colony with only a small contingent in tow. Yet despite their number, they were quite able to fend off AF as they quickly put to use the valkyries and turrets on the undefended colony.

As more of AF's colonies fell under heavy attack, faction leader Welling announced the reclaim of their territories in Lago Celeste and Rio Albi. In the latter location, AF showed promise of getting back on their feet as they slowly diminished SupperClub™'s forces, although reinforcements soon arrived to thwart the group's efforts of regaining their territory.

Meeting at Auch

Tension was definitely in the air. In the City of Auch, the group converged to plan an all out attack at the Desolate Cliff. The plan worked out really well, as reinforcements from the alliance came in time to help.

A full force attack to reclaim the Desolate Cliff

The next efforts to reclaim Rio Albi and Lago Celeste proved to be a Herculean task. Despite the full force of AF warring Revolution and SupperClub™, opponents made use of faction-less families who did the medic's job of reviving the fallen.

The end of the war saw AF's loss of 5 colonies, though they were still able to successfully hold on to two territories. On the other side of the alliance, Eclipse was down to a single colony, while Ethereal managed to add another conquest up their list, thus raising their total number of colonies to 10.

[I've noticed Ethereal's unbreakable streak when it comes to attacking and defending. Post-CW comments at the forums remark at their swift response at threats to their colonies. With such a reputation, Ethereal is definitely one faction to reckon with.]

[Meanwhile, I learned that the Rebirth faction managed to get a colony but subsequently lost it to another group. RedstarAvengers and Azyr likewise put up a good fight and I'm pretty much sure these factions will most likely rise up to challenge the big guns in the long run.]

Congratulations to the alliance of Ethereal, Eclipse and AdeptasFraternas for holding their ground, as well as to the victorious challengers, SupperClub™, Revolution and EdeN!


GrImRiPpEr said...

Nice article~!

Rebirth managed to get 2 colonies: rion pairie and el canon, but was taken down by ethereal and eclipse during the last 5 minutes.

Sad but true.;)

Ethereal are getting more colonies as they receive little or no competition at all. Though i must say their flying wizzy troopers are a hugh menance...:\(tried before @ old port when i was still in ReBorn. Got 2 musk to BF also nt fast enuff..X( )

This week's colony war will be a thriller i suppose..;)


Anne said...

hi, grim! thanks for the great insights! it's good to know that you told me about this coz i can only see the war through my faction. thanks for that. i'll try to monitor other factions now that you've mentioned this.