Sunday, October 28, 2007

GE PH bloggers meet for the first time

For the first time ever, NineMoons and I extended an invitation to all GE PH bloggers for an afternoon of friendly chit chat as well as serious talks about GE and blogging in general.

There were just about 7 of us including me and NineMoons, Fixdotter, Welling, the Reclusion boys Nate & Darrick, and surprisingly, Mena. We were expecting the arrival of the others who were supposed to come, but got caught up in other stuff, hence the familiar faces in the group. What's monumental about this, however, was that most of the bloggers present have been blogspotted by RCM Hrin!

As we waited for the latecomers (ahem! ahem! :P), we talked about a lot of stuff, including the anticipated release of V2.4, which RCM Hrin has noted will be released before the year ends. I'm looking forward to the new RNPCs and other great features of this upcoming patch.

That's who we are!

Aside from which, we talked about each server's concerns and issues, most especially the cliques in the factions. We all noted in most of the represented servers (Cervantes, Caravaggio & Caracci) that no one would rather step up against the ruling political alliance. And of course with the diverse backgrounds of each faction and player, drama and all other hullabaloos ensue via /broad and other chat systems.

NineMoons and Mena

Fixdotter and NineMoons

The discussions were different, mostly tackling concerns we normally deal with in-game such as the dynamics of a PK and non-PK server when it comes to settling scores, the upcoming baron RNPC (which will be a tad bit unfair for most non-PK server players), as well as tips and tricks in the game.

I'd like to note (and welcome) Mena who was surprisingly present after being inactive as a player and a blogger due to PC-related issues. Although he may have gone on an unannounced hiatus, he was still able to keep abreast with updates from jGE.

Meeting up with fellow GE bloggers has been fun and informative too. For those who weren't able to attend, fear not because we will hold these meetings as often as we can depending on each one's schedules. So I do hope to see more faces in the meet as soon as we arrange for another one.

And here's something to leave you by...

L-R: Reclusion (Nate & Darrick), Welling, moi, NineMoons, Mena and Fixdotter

Many thanks to GE PH Product Manager Ivee Feria and pCM Veya for providing neat goodie bags for those who attended. ^.~


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