Tuesday, October 2, 2007

DeSanggria teleports to Davao

My apologies to everyone for the long silence for the past few days. A lot has happened ever since, and I'm just as excited to recount the story, first of which was the recently-concluded e-Games Evolution in Davao.

For the uninitiated, this event is a series of roadshows in which e-Games unveils its new logo as well as the addition of Granado Espada into its roster of online game titles.

I was sent to cover the said event and to generally help the rest of the group in setting up the place as well as in helping out in answering queries, hauling stuff and basically doing nitty gritty stuff.

DeSanggria was here!

Despite the hectic schedule, the best part of the event was seeing hundreds of our gamers enthusiastically joining contests and tournaments. And I was even more bowled over when I met some familiar faces in GE.

There were about 10 PCs in the GE booth in which the 5 on 5 tournament was held. Since I was rather busy going to and fro places, I wasn't able to monitor the matches that much. Although I was able to know that two of the members from the winning team were from Team Davao, the 3rd placers during the last tournament in the Commercial Launch Party.

I'm also happy to note that the some of my Adeptas factionmates made 2nd place in the Davao tourney as well. Great work, mga papi!

GE PH's Product Manager Ivee Feria likewise gave away premium GE merchandise from Singapore, which include cool posters, envelopes, postcards and doorhangers. These stuff can't be found here, so 'gratz to all who won these stuff in the trivia contests and raffle. Imma pilfer some for myself when no one's looking. Harharhar.

Big shout outs to the following people: Vallerious, Estrellante, Barredolicious, LuckyStar, †Gundam†, Procopio, LoveKoIto, ±inuyasha±, Ashendale, ClearCrystal and to everyone else I met but failed to mention (hehe). Oh and yeah, I met someone from the notorious MostWanted Faction. Hehehe. Unfortunately, I forgot his family name. XD

And now for a few perfunctory pictures (also known as teh Browser Killing Time™ mode)...

Team e-Games goofing off.

SM Davao's Activity Center prior to the event

Front stage during set up

GE PH Product Manager Ivee Feria in serious mode.

Peepz from Cervantes, with some CARNAGE Faction members.

Me with ClearCrystal and Ashendale.

GE Tourney 2nd placers: The 2nd & 3rd ones from the right are my factionmates in AdeptasFraternas, Caravaggio server. ^.^

P.S.: Watch out, Cebu! You're up next! ^_~

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