Friday, November 16, 2007

And the winners are...

Congratulations to Southernsky [Outcasts Faction] from Caracci server for winning the fanfic contest! He wins a pair of divine angel wings and premium GE merchandise!

Running 2nd place is Melode [Apostles Faction] from Pachelbel server. She wins GE premium merchandise as well.

And since I am feeling a bit generous today, I'll be giving out special prizes to 2 notable entries...and these came from Xilx and MuZu [LesAmis Faction] from Pachelbel.

Congratulations to all who won! My thanks as well to those who have submitted their stories. It was truly fun reading all your creative works. Do stick around...I may just host another contest sometime soon. ^_~

Winners, please wait for the email I will send you to ask about details on how I will give you your prizes.

And for the curious ones, here's Southernsky's entry. Read on and enjoy!

By Southernsky

He was brave…He faced a hundred enemies and seized a thousand battles…

It had been a year now and yet it seemed like yesterday. Oh my Jed, when will you come back to me?

Jed is my fiancé. He was a brave man. He never feared anything, even his death. He was a son of a noble person who served the government for almost his lifetime. His mother died upon giving birth to him so he never experienced any motherly love at all.

I came from a family of gypsies. My great grandmother was feared because she was known to practice the dark arts. People wouldn’t even dare to speak her name. Upon her death, our family tried to make a resolve. They tried helping people using good magic but still, people would run away. Nobody really wants to get close to us up until now.

When I was a child, I was often bullied. I never really got to have any friends.

“Oh look, there is that witch girl. Run!!!” shouted a boy playing on the street.
“No, please… I… I’m not a witch,” I grimaced.

Then I came home, mother was by the door, waiting for me.

“Why are you crying, my bundle of joy?” asked my mother.
“They don’t want to play with me. They run away whenever I get near them. Am I that horrible, mother?”
“No, Emily. But in their fairy tales, you are the bad witch that everyone would fear.” replied the mother.
“I don’t want to be that witch,” I answered.
“Don’t worry, for me, you are my princess.”

Ever since that day, I would just go to the woods of Rio Albi and play by myself. I grew up secluded from the society. Until one day, on the woods of Rio Albi, I met someone who would change my life forever.

“Mind if I join you,” said a man’s voice while I was sitting on the grass.

I never looked at him and all I said was, “Go ahead.”

“Know what? This place is beautiful. It makes me feel relaxed. And there are waterfalls there. Whenever I get near them, It feels like there’s a drizzle.” said the man.

I kept quiet. I was never used to talking with someone except for my mother.

“Hey missy, you seemed so troubled. C’mon, say something.” he said.

“I…” I was about to say something when he grabbed my hand as if he was shaking hands with me and gave me a sarcastic grin.

“Hi! My name’s Jed. What’s yours? Oh that’s a nice name!! You too. Where are you from? I’m from Cite de Reboldeaux. Nice meeting you, Jed,” as he pulled a soliloquy on me. I couldn’t help but smile since I found it funny. “There, there. Nice of you to be smiling missy. Seriously, what’s your name?” he continued.

“Emily,” I whispered.

And that day, I realized the reason as to why I was born.

Everyday, he would come to the same spot and there I was waiting. He would tell me about his daily acts of valour since he was an officer for the army. I get so excited to listen to his stories on how great the Princess Gabriella and I wished I was a princess too. We grew fond of each other until the day I heard the sweetest words.

“Hey, Emily, wanna go for a stroll?” he asked
“Ok with me.” I answered.

He took me to a spot and held me in his arms. My blood rushed all over my body giving me a warm feeling. I could even feel the veins on my head pumping so much blood. He stared at me and I accidentally crossed sight with him. I was nailed by his gaze. His breathe would touch my chin and give a ticklish sensation. It was a moment frozen in time. Suddenly, his lips started to move.

“Will you be my happily ever after?” he whispered to me.

It was like what I always wanted - A prince in my fairy tale dreams. I felt a sudden blood flush. It was cold and my palms are sweating. I didn’t know what to say. I just hugged him back and unconsciously said, “Jeff… I…” before I could even finish, his lips went their way through mine and started spit-swapping. That’s how we came to be.

One day, his deeds when honoured and I was so proud when he received his Hero’s Emblem as a sign of his bravery, only to find out that he would go…

“Do you really have to go?” I asked.
“This is for the new world. Please… Let me fight the Griffon.” he grimaced.
“I love you Jed. What if…” I answered back.
“Don’t worry… I’ll come back… We’ll have a family… We’ll eat together…”

I hugged him tight and bid him farewell. Then he left… And never returned.

Everyday, I come back to this place, waiting for him to come back, and wishing for my happy ending…

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