Monday, November 19, 2007

Colony Wars (11/18/07): Win some, lose some

Taking a close look at this week's world map in Caravaggio and comparing it to the last, one can observe the fluctuating control of various factions of the colonies. Yet, despite this, it is encouraging to see the return of a few familiar groups as well as noting the growing strength of some.

This week, however, Ethereal was on the spotlight as almost all factions declared war on them. For a brief rundown, here's an incomplete list of factions who declared war:

Ethereal v. EdeN
Ethereal v. BloodPact
Ethereal v. Eclipse
Revolution v. SupperClub™
Symphony v. SupperClub™
RedstarAvengers v. Ethereal
AdeptasFraternas v. Ethereal
EdeN v. †Legion†
Justice v. RedstarAvengers
Symphony v. RedstarAvengers
AdeptasFraternas v. Symphony
Justice v. Symphony
EdeN v. AdeptasFraternas
Revolution v. Justice
ZONE v. Justice
*Justice v. Ethereal (as added by GraveBorn)

*Said list is incomplete because I had problems with my internet connection. Please feel free to let me know the declarations I've missed.

Revolution v. Ethereal in Pradera de Ceniza

Despite the predicament Ethereal faced, they nevertheless made the first conquest at Tetra Hill in less than 5 minutes. It did not take them long to claim their second colony in El Canon de Diabolica. At 45 minutes after the start of the war, Ethereal put on a good fight against the majority of factions going against them. They still continued to take a few territories, and one significant skirmish (which I gleaned from the forums), was their notable defense of Via Fluvial against SupperClub™ and Revolution. The said colony was also conquered by †RêβïrTh† for a certain time, though it was SupperClub™ who claimed the colony in the end, and such fight was deemed by many as a good one.

Other factions such as RedstarAvengers likewise engaged Ethereal to claim the Tetra colony, while Eclipse was able to wrest El Canon de Diabolica and Scorching Plateau. Ethereal was still on a roll as they managed to get Porto Bello's Deserted Quay, Pradera de Ceniza (from Revolution) and Diabolica (from Eclipse).

In most fights, one or two factions battled it out with Ethereal for domination. One such area that I was able to observe was in Pradera, wherein SupperClub™ and Azyr fought against its current owner, with the former finally claiming the territory.

The fight for Pradera: Ethereal v. Azyr and SupperClub™

Factions who were able to snatch Ethereal's colonies were likewise engaged in a constant battle to defend it. Ustiur Zona Dos in particular changed hands from Eclipse to Ethereal during the war. Other notable conquests were those of Azyr's (Deserted Quay), but they eventually yielded to Ethereal thereafter. Revolution as well as SupperClub™ made a bid to get the Old Port of Coimbra colony, with the intense fight later on yielding to SupperClub™ as its owner. It was quite noticeable to see 2 factions contending for a colony, and so each group's forces rained a lot of skills, valkyries and turrets to make the last hit on the beacon possible. Such scenarios were seen in Pradera and Ferruccio Junction to name a few.

Revolution makes a bid for the Old Port of Coimbra colony

Another brawl I was able to witness was that in Tetra Hill, which was currently under Justice faction that time. A few Symphony members made an attempt to get through their defenses but was neutralized. The victory was not yet celebrated as Justice's leader commanded his troops to stand by for defense as news of factions Commander and Revolution's impending attack became immiment. In the end, it was Symphony who eventually won the spot despite their earlier defeat.

Justice defends Tetra from Symphony

At the annoncement of the 5-minute notice before the end of the war, factions started trucing each other, showing a great deal of sportsmanship after a heated competition.

Ethereal - 3
EdeN - 7
Eclipse - 4
SupperClub™ - 3
AdeptasFraternas - 2
Revolution - 1
Symphony - 1

Congratulations to all for a battle well fought. Until next week!

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