Monday, December 17, 2007

Colony Wars (12/16/07): The last one

You all probably know that there will be a colony map rest come the v.2.4 patch, so this is technically the "last" Colony War pending the Bahia Island expansion. For starters, take a look at this week's map in Caravaggio:

Also take note of the following factions that declared war that night:

Revolution v. Azyr
SupperClub™ v. Revolution
Justice v. Revolution
SupperClub™ v. Reconquista
Reconquista v. Azyr
Justice v. Reconquista
RedstarAvengers v. Reconquista
†Legion† v. SupperClub™
EdeN v. Reconquista
Fusion v. Reconquista
Fusion v. SupperClub™
AdeptasFraternas v. Reconquista
BaRuRotBoYz v. Revolution
EdeN v. AdeptasFraternas
RedstarAvengers v. Revolution
Justice v. RedstarAvengers
BaRuRotBoYz v. RedstarAvengers
Azyr v. Reconquista
*‹‹€ª§tErñDrªgõñ›› v. Reconquista

*warred after the official CW time, but truced a few minutes after.

This war proves to be one of the most lackluster fights, with only so few waging war. For a while, everyone thought there wasn't going to be any war at all, as many were coincidentally offline. Nevertheless, the show went on with SupperClub™ taking down Revolution's colonies at the first half of the war. And since few Revolution members were able to defend, it was but inevitable that said faction was able to claim it.

SupperClub™ does its best in whacking Revolution colonies

Meanwhile in Rion, a mixture of factions such as the defenders Azyr, Justice and Reconquista were gathering around the said colony. For a while, I thought of an ongoing alliance with some of them, only to find the notice announcing Reconquista's war declaration on the current colony owners. Azyr put up a good fight against the aggressors, but such was the number and agility of Reconquista that soon, Rion fell into their hands.

In Rion: Awaiting before the battle starts

Speaking of alliances, a new one was borne out of RedstarAvengers and BaRuRotBoYz as they teamed up to take Reconquista's Jezebel colony, but was later on neutralized.

RedstarAvengers and BaRuRotBoYz in Jezebel Glen

At this time, EdeN faction made an appearance by conquering additional colonies in Ferruccio Junction and the contested Jezebel Glen. Revolution, who was previously wiped out from the map at the start of the war, was able to secure Tetra Hill after battling with Justice, RedstarAvengers and BaRuRotBoYz.

The previous no-war agreement between EdeN, SupperClub™, Revolution and Reconquista was not seen in this war as well. Pradera de Ceniza, which was long held by SupperClub™ fell to Reconquista after a heated battle.

Bodies litter the earth in Pradera

Towards the end of the war, AF faction leader, Welling, made an appearance and warred Reconquista, but was unable to grab any colonies with the time constraints.

Surprisingly though, Eclipse was a no-show in this war.

For a recap, here are the results this week:

Reconquista - 11
Revolution - 1

EdeN - 4

SupperClub™ - 5

And now let's hear it for the faction leaders on what they had to say for this week:

"We (EdeN & Reconquista) were allies from the start. They had too many colonies so we just took some for HP boost. Anyway, it's going to be short since reset is on Thursday. To put it short, we call it political strategy planning."
- Tsumura of EdeN (vice leader)

"We are sister factions together with AF and PasawayProphecy. It's a kind of fellowship of the 300; if we merge, the ultimate number is 100. We all stay autonomous, greatly relying on trust.

This week we started by attacking Reconquista, but we realized that they had the whole faction. LOL. Towards the last 15 minutes, we kind of decided to change battle plans by attacking Revolution, but too bad the lag killed us all."
- RedstarAvengers of RedstarAvengers

"It was fun! We teamed up with RedstarAvengers to challenge good defense of Reconquista, but unfortunately, EdeN got the last hit (in Jezebel Glen). It was cool. We had great time with RedstarAvengers. Next time prepare for trouble, and make it double."
- CityJailerz of BaRuRotBoYz

Right after the end of the war, Revolution's leader, Tine, broaded that he will be passing on the leadership torch to another member. Here are Tine's words in my short interview with him:

"It was fun. Although we have lesser colonies, it was nevertheless fun. I'm leaving GE for the better."

We wish you all the best, Tine! ^_^

This is also the last Colony Wars report I write for Caravaggio. It's been a pleasure meeting all leaders and interacting with everyone; it's been fun and a great honor as well. Congratulations to everyone and see you all in v.2.4!

This is DeSanggria, signing off. ^_~v


spardo said...

Do not let e jerk in this server to bring u down..hopefully this wont be ur last war reporting.
Watever path u chose..we legion will support u.:)

DeSanggria said...

@spardo: thanks your leadership! it's much appreciated. ^_^