Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The rise of Machinimasia + Faction exploits

I'd like to take this opportunity to invite GE players from PH to participate in the Intel Machinimasia workshop contest/workshop happening this weekend (December 15 and 16). This is different from the Fantazzztic Film Awards hosted by IAH, as this e-Games is partnering with Intel to bring about this particular contest.

The prizes in stake are just as exciting, so do sign up for this rare opportunity to score some great GE and Intel prizes!

For details on how to reserve a slot, head over to the GE PH site!


For the past few days, my mates from †Legion† and I have been helping each other out by doing fun raid missions. Thanks to this effort, I've completed the Escudo Pecher hunt of Alejandro's and now I've got his character card to add to my barracks pretty soon!

I'd like to thank our leader, Francis (Spardo), as well as Iris (Pleaides), Toshi (Alberof) and Boon (Jobon) for the funny discussions we've had every day. It makes the level grinding much more bearable and fun. Hehe.

And here are a few photos of our exploits:

I've likewise uploaded a short video of the little dance we did just outside Auch. Pardon the nooby editing...I will polish on those real soon so I can make more GE videos. ^_~

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