Sunday, December 9, 2007

Getting there...

...has been one heck of a ride!

So much has already happened to my Caravaggio family and I'm actually enjoying the ride. Thanks to the F2P Package we all got, I didn't have to buy combat manuals when I ran out of stock yesterday.

On my travails, I found that I could already board the Pinta to sail off to Ustiur! No less than Grandice herself was one of the welcoming committees, so my family took the liberty to take a souvenir photo of the famed warrior.

Oiled body Grandice anyone? LOL.

Although I cannot proceed further into Ustiur as I need to reach 84 before taking on Romina's quest inside the jungles.

I've likewise finished the tedious quest of Andre's and I was just thrilled to add him and Catherine to my barracks.

Andre & Catherine like their men hot. ^_~

Incidentally, I wanted to name Andre as Gaylord, but it was quite inappropriate (hehe), so I named him after Carson Cressley of the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame. I actually thought it was a nice fit since Carson was the fashion guru in the show and Andre is after all, the fashion icon in Granado Espada. LOL.

Meanwhile, I named my Catherine as CeNedra. For those of you who're into the Belgariad and Malloreon books of David Eddings, you'd find the name quite familiar. XD

And just this morning, some of the peeps from †Legion† took the time off from their leveling activities to indulge in a faction in-game meet-up-slash-photo-taking-spree. Hehehe. The guys were even gracious enough to dance for a short video.

†Legion† people show some love

Shout outs to my mates in †Legion†! I'll put the video up real soon. It's quite nooby, so pardon the rusty editing to it. Hehehe.

Anyway, see you guys later for another Colony War session! ^0^

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Iris said...

Erm, how come my fighter is outlined in green??

*twilight zone music playing in the background*