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Colony Wars (12/09/07): The return of the comeback

First up, here's an overview of the conquered colonies this week:

I was actually hoping for a similar intense fight like last week's, but I guess a few known factions were able to bask in the anxiety and excitement brought about by the war. For a recap on war declarations, here's the list (which may be incomplete as I had problems with my connection that night):

Reconquista v. Eclipse
EdeN v. AdeptasFraternas
AdeptasFraternas v. Reconquista
Revolution v. Fusion
Azyr v. Reconquista
Eclipse v. EdeN
RedstarAvengers v. EdeN
Azyr v. EdeN
Revolution v. AdeptasFraternas
BaRuRotBoYz v.SupperClub™
Commander v. Reconquista
BaRuRotBoYz v. Revolution
RedstarAvengers v. Revolution
Reconquista v. †RêßïrTh†
Fusion v. Reconquista
SupperClub™ v. Reconquista
BaRuRotBoYz v. Azyr

The first half of the war saw through a lot of conquests from various factions such as Reconquista (Diabolica), EdeN (Rion Praire & Bonavista), and AdeptasFraternas (King's Garden). Once again Reconquista defended against 5 factions simultaneously attacking their colonies, and even before other groups assembled for an attack, Reconquista's forces were already deployed to defend their territories.

Fusion defends Tetra colony from Revolution

As usual, I checked on Tetra colony to see if Fusion was holding up to their defenses against Revolution. At one time most of the defenders were slowly being decimated but nevertheless, Fusion put up a good fight and gave their opponents quite the time. Revolution, however, overwhelmed them and were able to claim the colony soon after.

Over at Porto Bello's Deserted Quay, a handful of SupperClub™ members were already assembling at Revolution's territory. Surprisingly, these people did not even touch the colony, until only after sometime I learned that they were standing by in defense for Revolution. I concluded thereon that alliances among faction were in the works that night.

Azyr attacks EdeN's Rion territory

The Rion Praire was also one of the contested colonies that day. As EdeN was the first to wrest it away from AF's hands Azyr likewise took a chance in getting the territory. AF was watching on that time, and so Azyr was able to grab the colony without much contest. But of course, EdeN did not go down easily and prompted several attacks on Azyr to reclaim the Rion.

Meanwhile in Pradera de Ceniza, newly-formed faction BaRuRotBoYz and a few SupperClub™ members were deeply engaged in a small skirmish.

SupperClub™ and BaRuRotBoYz skirmish in Pradera

All the while when these fights were breaking out, some colonies were already exchanging hands such as those in Bonavista, Katovic Snowfield, Rio Albi and Lago Celeste. Also at one point during the war, Eclipse was once again exchanging colony ownership with Reconquista. Eclipse was able to grab Hermanas colony, but Reconquista was quick to snatch it from them. With AF's case, Azyr was likewise whacking the colony simultaneously back in Rion once again, and so it was with the former that the colony fell ownership at the very last minute.

Other noteworthy fights that night were those of Commander and Reconquista in Jezebel Glen. Small attacks were launched at the Reconquista territory, but with such small number against the formidable defense of the colony owners, their troops were decimated easily.

In Diabolica, Eclipse members have gathered forces to launch a sneak attack on the defenseless Reconquista colony. A few seconds after they've started hitting the beacon, Reconquista members appeared by the score rendering the otherwise surprise attack futile.

Eclipse gather forces to launch attack on Diabolica

Revolution and Fusion likewise showed their mettle at the standoff in Topolo Durga. The fights were actually a few meters away from the colony as Fusion cannot get near the beacon to actually hit it. However at the latter part of the fight, Fusion was slowly gaining ground and were soon able to push forward to whack the tower. Not to be outdone, Revolution continued to defend and was successful in keeping their colony.

Commander puts up a fight against Revolution

In the middle of the rush to defend and grab more colonies, AdeptasFraternas and Eclipse bore the brunt of the combined attacks of Reconquista, Revolution, EdeN and SupperClub™. In the end, their previous colonies were seized by these factions. I've likewise noticed the absence of some faction leaders such as those of ZONE and Justice to name a few.

Anyhoo, here are this week's colony owners:

Azyr - 1
EdeN - 1

Revolution - 3

SupperClub™ 5

Reconquista - 11

And here's what some faction leaders have to say about this week's war:

"We teamed up with AF, RedstarAvengers, and Revolution to fight Reconquista and EdeN, so we attack them together and just kept going. There were lots of fighting in Rion; I think there was AF and some Eclipse people, Reconquista and EdeN too. We got overpowered when fighting Reconquista...there was just too many of them. But this week was really intense and we are happy to hold Rion."
- AzureRain of Azyr

"We had an agreement not to war Revolution, SupperClub™ and EdeN, so we concentrated on Eclipse and AF. I must say, they are strong, but we did very well this week. Allying with EdeN is the right choice for us because they keep their promises. I just want to say thanks to all my members for attending CW and EdeN for the ally."
- Century of Reconquista

"It was not as exciting as last week as Reconquista wanted peace with us. But well, the war with Fusion and AF was good too."
- Tine of Revolution

"It was challenging for us this time around because factions put up good defense. We gave King's Garden a try to fight Reconquista just a quick one to test the waters, but they defended well. Fusion had a great time in war today. Strong resistance from factions made war a nice battleground."
- Velante of Fusion

"Our plan was to wipe off AF and Eclipse from map, but in the end Reconquista benefited from this. However, this is the best CW we had in months. Eclipse and AF were clearing us this time, but unknown to them, Reconquista was already attacking them."
- Tsumura of EdeN (vice leader)

Hmm...a lot of my questions were answered by the leaders in this query, so I'd like to thank them for their time in answering my questions. Nonetheless, congratulations to one and all for putting up a good fight!

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